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my new love for GTA

For those who do know me, I am a fan of GTA. The first 2 never to appealed to me, I was like 9 when they were out. Anyway, when I was about 12 or 13(cant remember) my stepfather , at the time, decided to buy GTA 3. I remember being very reluctant due to previous experiences with GTA. I remember playing through that game and being amazed at how the story played out. I still remember the cheats for the game lol.

I then moved on to Vice City. Vice City is my personal favorite. In terms of story and music it is just so good. It was also the first GTA I completed without using any cheats. I remember running the streets as Tommy Vercetti and doing all the side missions. At the time, I had never seen the movie Scarface so I of course loved the story(w.o knowing where it came from). Also, one of my most favorite missions ever was the mission where you post the pictures of Candy Suxxx's boobs on a building. I must've beaten Vice City over 5 times already. 2 times with cheats and 3 without cheats.

I got San Andreas for my 15th birthday. Overall, i felt that it is a great game, but my main problem was the endless countryside. I just felt like it wasn't GTA anymore at that point. Once i finished up that section of the game, the story took off again. I remember being fascinated with the ability to fly planes. The Hydra jet was my favorite. I remember the countless hours doing performing aerial stunts, jumping out the jet, and taking on other hydras. It provided me with many hours of entertainment. Also feeling like a genius because I was able to see the connection between San Andreas and GTA 3 (with Catalina and the nameless hero of part three). I was never able to beat San Andreas w.o cheats, but I am currently attempting it. (edit: beat it in 2012 without cheats)

(Need to continue editing) Moving on to GTA 4, I was stoked when I found out about Niko Belic. I'm Puerto Rican and Dominican. I'm also, from the south bronx, NY which are the slums of New York City. I don't know why, but Niko kept me very entertained the whole time. I never really heard a Russian accent and found it to be very believable. I am very into other cultures so to be exposed to that through a game was very entertaining. Also playing through the game and seeing some familiar parts of my borough was definitely fun. The guns and gameplay were good, also i enjoyed the of my only issues with GTA 4 is that there are no airplanes. Of course the game developers understand we have morons in this world who would use planes and reenact 9/11. As a New Yorker, this would understandably offend me. The next one is that the city was very big but i wasnever able tomemorize the place unlike the previous gta's I loved the fact that they included a reggaeton station made me feel as if the developers were acknowledging that they have plenty of Latinos playing their games. Also it was the only gta that i never used a cheat for. Mylast pet peeve was how they change the driving mechanics. Made it very difficult to adjust because i had mastered the driving systems in the previous ones.

Fast forward to today. I recently attempted GTA 3. It was the first time i beat it without any cheats. I forgot how good it was. I mean compared to todays standards it is not aceptable. From the aiming and shooting, to the driving, the mute protaganist, the facts that you coldnt see facial expressions. Also the cars broke down way too fast. Even though there are all these problems i cherish the game more then ever. The nostalgia is something i loved. ALso the music was really good. The way the missions were and i mean some of the missions were the most difficult ive ever played in any of the GTA's. The mission when you have to get the R guy to shoreside vale so he can escape. Also the final mission would have been an impossible attempt if i didnt find all 100 packages. Overall i was very satisfied with the game and suggets everyone to revisit it.