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The power of the Soundtrack in a game

Well it's been a while since my last blog post hehe. Anyway, this time I'm about to tell you guys about some experience I'm having while playing a game.

Since I was a kid I always loved music and games as well, so it may not be a surprise to say that I'm a big fan of video games musical score. I've listened thousands and thousands of games OSTs throughout my life, knowing and respecting every music composer that had step into my gaming life.

I'm a big retro gamer, I love to take a nostalgic trip to my past and play on my old SNES, that's why most of the soundtracks I like live in the SNES console. I had the pleasure to play every kind of game on the SNES, RPGs, Beat'em up, Adventures, Sports among others. I've experienced almost every kind of SNES soundtrack and I loved it as I still love it today. Most of people have a tendency to think that the most famous music composers are the favorites of everyone, like Nobuo Uematsu or Koji Kondo, but in my case I liked an unfamiliar one, Tommy Tallarico.

Games like Earthworm Jim, Cool Spot and Robocop vs. The Terminator had soundtracks that were like a blow of flawless to me. Earthworm Jim was one of my favorite games, not only by the game itself but also because of the music in it, I used to rent it every weekend.

Enough of introduction, let's get to the point.

I just bought Advent rising on Steam, many reviewers said the game was a crap but the soundtrack was one the best ones ever to be seen in a game (composed by Tommy Tallarico). That always intrigued me and a few days ago I decided to test the game. I'm not gonna lie, I bought the game almost because everyone told me the soundtrack was a masterpiece.

The game is a bit old for now and as soon as I began playing it I felt a bit of disappointment, and old game, graphics not too good for the time it was released and not much video compatibility for video graphics cards nowadays. But I've decided to give the game a chance, I spent money on it after all.

In the beginning, in the first half hour of the game I was like "damn this game sucks, but at least the music is nice, but not that nice…I don't know what everyone was thinking", but I kept going. For my surprise, it didn't took long for me to be abducted by the game, it was so sudden that I didn't realized that I spent hours playing the game and I didn't even noticed. I felt like I was playing a generic game at first, but a game worthy of being a movie for it's great action package and terrific and fantastic musical score. Yes, at this time I was completely engaged with the game's soundtrack.

The soundtrack of Advent Rising is simple amazing, it fits perfectly in every scene, atmosphere and everything else. For now I've already created a bond with the game and that's why I came with the question. The soundtrack of a game can make you mislead your judgment about the game itself, can the music involve you to the point where you forget the game flaws and make you start praising it more than it deserves? I don't know if this is happening to me while playing Advent Rising, but now I can say I loved the game and I don't know if it's because of it's own merits or just because of the soundtrack. All I can do is congratulate Tommy Tallarico and his team.

What's the power of the soundtrack in a game? You guys tell me!

Thanks for reading and sorry for the poor English. See ya.

Post Xmax and New Year of 2010

So, many many presents from Xmax? Well unfortunately I didn't get any presents from anyone. But I bought some stuff for miself with the end of year bonus money from work. Clothes, good food and some games for sure! Seriously, did anyone check out the Steam sales for Xmax, there are things like 80% - off! There's still time guys!

Anyway what about the new year?! I don't know what to look foward to. My girlfriend left me and I still like her (damn, love is a crap), my work is not going as good as it used to be and I still have some year and a half to finish college. Life is good I can't deny it, but I'm really not a guy of hope anymore, but I guess i'm cool for now.

2010 is coming, let's at least try to forget this kind of problem and play a lot of nice games, drink many beers and who knows...maybe I'll find another girl out there. Late Merry Xmax and a very happy new year my friends!

Gordon Freeman and the civil game revolution!

I just really wanna know, is Gordon Freeman a true hero or is he just a guinea for the revolutionary non nintendo fans? Does he deserves the first place in a hero contest? In any case, the revolution is there and Mario, the oldest pope of video games is losing it's place!

Rate my reviews and give me ideas!

Hello everyone, just started this blog to know your opinion! If you have read any of my reviews, did you liked it, hated it, have some ideas to improve it? Any ideas of games I should review? Hehe. Anyway, just say something, thanks and see ya!