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After getting burned out with all the sports arguments i took a 6 month sebatical. Now i'm back and better than ever so beware!!! Shoutout to Saruman1719 who noticed i was missing for awhile, much love! Alright peace!


The Suns (now up 2-1 on Dallas) are making this town go crazy! This is the first time i have ever lived in a city with a perfesional team and people here are FINALLY waking up to the Suns! Everyone is talking about this team and if they can match the 92-93 team that went to the finals! Really makes being a fan that much more fun! Game tonight 6:30 PST, GO SUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spongebob Squarepants

OK, so i am a 21 year old married man who loves spongebob, is that wierd? Not only due i love the show but i am addicted to the games! I beat Flying Dutchman a little while back and now i am playing the Battla for Bikini Botttom, what a great game! I recomend to everyone! Well back to the Goo Lagoon...

Jak II

I never expected the way Jak II would be SOOOOOOOOO much better than Jak and Daxter since i loved the original so much! I love the new dark look and the fact that Jak finally talks (even though they joke about it to often!) I'm in love and now i need to go play some more, Peace!


My wife and I moved to Phoenix from NH in October and i must say best decision ever! 84 today and back home...SNOW STORM!! Hahahahaha i love it!

Need to get a B-Ball game!

I Know i'm way behind but i'm just realizing i need a new B-Ball game!! I'm just not sure i would be able to acurately recreate the Suns monomental success! Then again maybe i could...waorth a shot so i'm off to the store!

San Andreas

Well, i finally got off my butt and ordered Grand Theft: San Andreas! Took me longer than i thought, especially since i had lll and Vice City preordered months in advance but hey, better late than never right? Well it should be here end of the week so i'll be calling into work for awhile! Maybe i should just take my week vacation???? Anyway hope my wife is ready to not see me for awhile, lol!

Catch y'all later!

My boy JAK

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy has fallen to my gaming might!!

On to Jak II and more hours of Eco fun...

Sports discussions

WOW! I just found the forum for sports discussions and it blew my mind! I couldn't stop posting my thoughts most not even related to gaming! Anyway i need to take a break my head hurts!

Have a good one and enjoys the sports discussions i highly recommend them!

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