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Level 21....FINALLY!!!!!

Yeah this may not constitute as a real reason to blog but my god I have been at level 20 for 3 or 4 months....so I am finally at 21 and I am fricken happy!

Well I met barb_girl

Well over Christmas I ended up meeting a buddy of mine from gamespot, barb_girl.  She was up here from down south...I only got to talk for about a half an hour cuz I was working but she is totally cool.  She's funny and has a good sense of humor.  She's cool as hell so don't diss her or piss her off ever.  Barb if you read this!  You rock and I wish we could hung out longer!!!  Maybe next year!!!  

PS3 & Wii Launch

Well since I work at good old Walfart I got to see and talk to the people in the lines for the PS3 and the Wii...I must say the Wii had more people and they were more defensive of their system.  Talking crap about the PS3 didn't really bother the PS3 fanboys accounting most of them were skipping school and having mommy and daddy buy them for them and coming and waiting in line while their son would go and shower and stuff...but the Wii followers...crap you say one bad thing about them and they would get so defensive and crabby and start cussing you out...my lord it was funny...but out of the 2 systems there I would rather have picked up the Wii.

Now I have heard a few people complain about the PS3's and not getting one and blah blah blah and it really pisses me off because all these PS3 people were bashing on the 360 people for complaining about not getting their system.  Now it looks like the role is reversed and sony couldn't deliver like everyone thought they could.  From these generation launch systems we can suspect that there will never be enough systems ever again at launch...

now this is all my opinion but heck I thought I would throw it out there for fun

My new blog post!!! After a month and some change!!!

Well yesterday Gears of War came out and I scored a Collectors Edition copy for $60 bucks...best $60 I ever spent on a game...that game is so awesome...so bloody....so sweet...I love playing that game and I will be playing it for awhile...I can't wait to play it some more today...awwww its soooo beautiful...ohh I feel like such a nerd!  Who cares right now if you have played Gears of War you would know what I'm talking about and I suggest you all go play it!

Hello to all those people who actually followed my blogs (for some crazy reason you did...you guys rock!) I would like to know how you are all doing.

Gears of War F*$%ing ROCKS!!!!

my life part CXVI

Well good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!!!!  Woohoo...yeah I gotta go to work l-10 today I am sooooo looking forward to it...NOT!  Just watching the Wisconsin vs. Michigan game....GO WISCONSIN!!!  but yeah nothing really going on except working and that crap....you all have a good day!

my life part CXIV

Well I gotta work 1-10 today so that is where I will be residing this afternoon and evening.  The graphics cards were pretty good but not as good as I thought they would be.  But I can't complain accounting my other one was fried and could only pull about 2 frames per second and now these can pull 30 on the 3D Mark...but they will do so I can't complain...Except I still can't run F.E.A.R. on maximum settings without a little stutter :cry:

my life part CXIII

Well my graphics card arrived around noon today and I just finished reformatting and installing the drivers...now I'm downloading the newest directx then I'm going to run a 3D Mark 06 on the one card and then both in crossfire...YAY!!!!

my life part CXII

Well I just got word that my graphics cards are on their way and that they should be here tomorrow sometime....awesome birthday present to myself lol...oh well thats the way it goes sometimes