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Changes to Gamespot.

I hope JRPG's get there own genre category, there a lot different from say a Mass Effect RPG.

Another thing I would love to see is in my collection of games list I have a large backlog of games I own but haven't played much yet, or finished. It would be cool to have a finished list and a backlog list as part of my collection some how.

Another thing I would like to see return to the forums is a dislike or thumbs down option for a comment. The way it is now people have to leave a negative comment or a disagreeable comment to voice their dislike of a comment. I think the lack of that tool has had an effect on the problem of vile negative comments rising.

More RPG's and SRPG's on the Vita.

After playing Persona 4 golden and reading all the positive talk about how great it was to play it on the Vita. I am even more convinced that sony needs to market the Vita more to the RPG and SRPG gamers. It can't hurt and Sony needs all the help they can get.

Why the psp go failed.

For me it was one over whelming reason, I couldn't play my UMD games on the system. There is no way I am going to go spend around $1000 dollars to get digital copies of all the games that I already own. If Sony had come up with a way to copy the UMD game on to the psp go internal hard drive I would of bought it and started purchasing new games digitally. That's why the psp go failed.