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The police raids are dynamic and affected very strongly by how many hostages you have. The most hostages, the better. Shorter raids, longer time between raids, and forces that aren't as difficult to overcome. The secret to not being swarmed by a team of shields right off the bat? Take as many hostages as you can, keep as many as you can when police attempt to rescue them. Play your cards right, and you'll have some really great heists under your belt.
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I play on the xbox 360

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Sup folks! A buddy and I have been playing this largely against each other, but against others it is usually a painful, brutal beat down.


We aren't totally useless online (only mostly useless), but it would be cool to find a few others who are also working towards figuring out or mastering their characters for some Room matches.


If you're finding your online experience to also largely be beatdown after beatdown with a smattering of wins in between - and want to find some decent people to fight and learn your characters with, hit me up at my GT: Lighter02

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Unfortunately, only those who also have purchased DLC will see your custom outfits. I only get to see the default A costume on people with custom outfits - though I can see they are using one because it will display, "Costume D" or "Costume C", etc.


Which really sucks - almost like Sega is punishing those who have not bought the costumes, while inadvertantly devalueing their own DLC to those who have.


I'd have loved to have at least been able to see people's outfits - it may have enticed and amused me all at once; but 15 bucks is a lot to spend to play dressup on half the roster - let alone the whole crew. Especially when only others who've also made the choice to buy can see your custom dude(ette).

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I could be wrong, but doesn't one of those indie knockoffs have unlimited map size?
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Fixed by uninstalling and redownloading. In case anyone else ends up with this bug.
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Playing with a buddy over xbox live - and whenever I press 'Y' to access inventory, suddenly no controls work. I am stuck looking at my inventory while my buddy walks circles around me in a sort of minecraftian mocking ritual. The only way to get out of this is to exit the game entirely and restart it. Unfortunately, bringing up the inventory menu just does the same thing again.


Any one else having issues with accessing inventory over box live? I didn't have this issue in the tutorial...

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I don't own a PS3, but am a 360 owner. I started putting funds away towards buying one because I would love to own Demon's Souls, Infamous, and LBP; and some others that I hear are pretty decent - such as Uncharted 2/MAG.

But, I moved in with a new roommate who owns a PS3, and he owns the first three and I've gotten to play 'em finally. Awesome games, but overall have gotten a feel for the system and it's menu layout and such. I still have to boot up the 360 to watch stream Netflix, and the last time I did, my roommate goes, "Go-Go Gadget Xbox," in reference to the menu layout on the new dashboard. That brings me to my main issue with the console - I'm not a fan of the PS3's system menus. Silly, right? The unfamiliar layout and look don't do it for me, and I can't just plug my ipod in and have all my music displayed easily for me to listen to as it does with my 360. Can't stream netflix unless I get that DVD from them sent to my house, either. I haven't seen any Blu-Ray films, so I have no first hand experience with them - and I don't think my roommate cares enough to own any Blu-Ray discs... but due to the novelty of a new system in my hands, I have spent most the time playing on the PS3.

Truth be told, at the end of all this, I can't say I'm in any huge rush to get the console. There is a feel I prefer in the 360 than the PS3; even though some of those exclusives are really telling me to just do it... but $300 is alot of dough just to be able to buy a few games I really, really dig LBP though! RAWR! :(

Guess I'll play some more LBP while I still can. *le sigh*

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An open world biker gang game? Whoah, that sounds great! I hope this turns out alright.