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dicemanclay Blog

Gears of War 2 - the wait - Any tournaments from Gamespot????

Nearly been a year since i last blogged, just after winning the gears of war tournament, but i'm still playing the game and excited to play gears 2 soon.

I'm a little worried about some of the changes, inc. the slower rate of fire on the shotgun and also the enviromental damage. I heard there is still some host abuse but we'll see...

,,i hope gamespot uk set up a tournament for gow 2?????

,, in the mean time, check out our scrim-tage on youtube:


The Brushes Win Capital Punishment Uk

Me and my team won fairly convincingly against the Murkalidges, but a good fast and fun game guys considering you've only been playing a few months ...We've had a good laugh watching the video... the 'prolific' Thugamatic -what happened to the 'silky moves on lock'?... haha

Please watch the video:

Also if anyone wants to catch a bit of the semi-finals and The Underdog's quarterfinal game, cruellordsoth1 filmed it and uploaded it on youtube,,, it's from their team's point of view,,,

Kafka Juice

throu' to the GOW Capital Punishment UK final

Well, my first ever blog post... I promised 'The underdogs' I'd post something after the match...

We're through to the final, and I'm pretty confident we can take The Murkalidges... I hope somebody out there is supporting us...

Like to say we had a great time playing so far, we don't like to take the game too serious, but we were worried in the first match against Caddy06_88 , cesare d_black.

They had us against the ropes and I thought we were out but we managed to make a come back once we stopped getting chainsaw'd - There were a few nice sniper shots too in the game.

Hard luck to The Underdogs... the game was over pretty quick but it still had some hard shotgun battles... hopefully we'll see you in another tournament...