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top 5 video game "Bad A##'s" of all time

Everyone knows that the characters make or brake any game. You can have the greatest storyline ever but if you dont have the proper characters to sell the story it doesnt even matter. So i am here today to bring to you the top 5 most bad A## characters i have ever seen in a video game. so without further adieu lets start off with number 5

5) Fierce Diety Link

I dont care that you could only play as him for 5 minutes, it was the most fulfilling 5 minutes i have ever experienced!!! for the life of me i dont know why they didnt put him in Majoras Mask for a longer period or make other any other games were he was a useable character. It was a short lived life for fierce diety link, but it was a great one

4) Carl "CJ" Johnson

Definitely an overlooked bad a## i my opinion. Come on just look at the photo foe petes sake!!! he's riding a bicycle (Which he stole from a helpless little boy) while performing a drive by with his weapon of choice, the uzi! The man will do anything and say to represent his hood and will kill anyone whos gets in his way!! if thats not a bad a## then i dont know what is...

3) Dante

ummm hello the guys a demon slayer!! oh and did i forget to mention that he's half demon as well!!! thats got bad a## written all over it!! Anyone whos got the cajones to challenge lucifer and his minions is a bad a## in my book

2) Sepiroth

Alright ive been hearing a lot of bashing on sepiroth lately such as "he's a mama's boy" or maybe " kefka would beat the crap out of him" but ive heard enough of it!!! Good ol sepiroth here doubles over as not only one of the best bad a##'s but also as one of the best villains of all time. He's a man of few words but when he does it sends a chill down your back. dont even get me started on the sword....if i saw someone holding that thing in real life i would have keester cakes (poop) in my pants for months

1) Kratos

ahh the god of war himself. anyone whos played god of war can surely agree that this guy is the number 1 bad a## of all time!!! lets be honest here, the guy kills gods for a living!! he is the definition of "Bad A##). I tip my hat to you kratos and can only hope...that one day i am able to acheive the level off bad a## you have obtained.

well theres my top 5 list of bad a##'s so i hope you guys all enjoyed them

Top 10 games of all time 4-1

Alright im continuing my list from last time starting off on number 4

4) Dark Cloud 2

Man this game is a hidden treasure i think!!! there are so many people that have never played this game and r missing out tons!!!! Building towns is the funnest thing ever. of course you can do that in the first one 2 which is awesome but the ability to ivent things plus a way better story makes this on emuch better than the 1st. plus the fighting is amazing!! if youve never played this game i strongly urge you 2 go out and get this game right now.

3)Super Mario Galaxy

Call me childish but this game is amazing!!!!!!!!! ive always been a fan of the mario series but this game just took the series to a whole new level!! Ghost mario, Bee mario, Spring mario all of them awesome new additions. plus who rembers the sting ray surfing level? now that was sweet!!!! If you liked any of the marios before, you will simply fall in love with this one!!! oh i almost forgot how awesome the graphics are to so yeah...its pretty sweet

2) persona 3

Let me just say that i am a big fan or rpgs and this game in my opinion is the best one i have ever played!!!!! unfortunately i have not played 4 yet but i hear thats amazing as well but thats besides the topic. Ive never been a fan of jrpg's but this game is the cream of the crop my friends!!! what an amazing story that sucks you in like no other!!! and the fighting system may be turn based but its still amazing!! dont even get me started on that twist that happens in the middle of the game!!!! i dont think ive ever seen a twist that big before in a game!!!

and finally the number 1 game of all time

1( The legend of Zelda: Ocanina of Time

nothing more need more be said

well thats my top 10 games that ive played up to this poit in my life i hope you guys enjoyed it. heres some honorable mentions that almost made the list but didnt quite make the cut

*Shadow of the Colossus

*Metal Gear Solid 4

*Gears of War


*Metroid Prime 3


*Pokemom Red/blue

*Donkey kong 64

*Banjo Kazooie

*Final Fantasy 10

*Persona 4 (ive never played it, but i hear that its even better than 3 so i imagine that i would love it!!)

Top 10 games of all time!! 10-5

So lately ive seen a lot of people on here making top 10 lists of their favorite characters or video games so i decided to do the same. So here is the official top 10 games of all time up to this date 4 me. keep in mind these are only the games that i have played. there may be a better game out there but i may have not played it so that is why it did not make my list. But anywho to start it off

10) The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

10) the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

really do i need to explain this one? to anyone whos a fan of the zelda series can agree that this game was amazing!! fighting on horseback?! i mean come on!!! thats the kinda of stuff i would dream about back in the day!! and the final battle...priceless

9) God of War

who remembers their first time playing this game? I DO!! truly a gift from the heavens!! right off the bat with the legendary hydra fight i knew this game would be great ...and i was right!!!! So much blood and gore!! i love it

8) Final Fantasy 8

Now i know theres a lot og ff8 haters out there and i can honestly say i dont know y!! great game, great story, awesome summons what more do you people want from a game!! this final fantasy was a personal favorite of mine and if any of u disagree well u sicken me...

7) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Im gonna come out and say it right now... this game is the best in the grand theft auto series!!!!! sure 4 had its perks such as better graphics and better overall better control but there is one thing it didnt have...A BETTER STORY!!!! Of course 3 was a landmark in gaming and i nearly sh**t myself the first time playing it but San Andreas is far better so i had to throw this one up. This game was made for the gangster side in all of us and Carl Johnson will go down as a legend in my book!!!

6) Falloutt 3

And i though elder scrolls 4 was good HAH!!! this is easily the best game that has come out of bethesda in my book!! everything that elder scrolls does... Fallout 3 does it 10 times better!!!! its a must play game for anyone that is a fan of rpgs!!!! in my opion the story was a little weak but the gameplay more than made up for it!! and dont even get me started on the graphics...

5)Final Fantasy 7

I like final fantasy ok Sue ME!! This is the last final fantasy going on the list though so dont worry to much. Without a doubt this game is the best in the series!!! the best characters, the best story, the best battling system, the best final boss man this game had it all!! gotta give my props to the summon "knights of the round table" if it wasnt for that i probly wouldnt have beaten this incredible game

Alright well thats my personal 10-5. i'll be coming out with the top 4 very soon so be ready for that. Its gonns be awesome i can tell you guys that much!! i hope you enjoy them and if you disagree with any of these so far feel free to speak your mind

Dice099 version 2.0

So in the last 3 weeks i have done more activity on this account then probably the entire 5 years i have owned this account! What is the reason for this? well i'll tell ya. I just graduated from junior college about 3 weeks ago over in arizona, and decided to move to cali 2 live with me papa. well since i dont really know anyonein the area,i have been extremely bored the last 3 weeks!!! im talking ridiculously bored!!! I play college baketballso i go to the gym and lift weights and play but i can only do that for so long.So to battle this boredom aside from basketball and lifting weights ive been teaching myself piano, reading books, and playing tons more games with my gamefly account!! Ive also been coming tothis site much more often and ive decided to really use this account to the fullest. Ive got tons of ideas for blogs but ive never really had many friends since i never used this account. And what good is posting a blog if you dont have anyone to read them right? So ive decided tosend TONS of friend requests to anyone and everyone i see on here hoping that they will add me and actually look at my contrutions i put on this site. Chances are that if your actually reading this (which i highly doubt anyone will) you are one of those people i senta request 2, in which case let me take this moment to properly introduce myself... im Dyston Madsen, i love to play basketball and am a fellow gamer just like you guys. I plan on lots of blogs to help me pass the time and i hope you actually take the time to take a look at them. most of them will cover topics like my top 10 favorite games or my favorite villains of all time. Im going to try to not post any blogs involving any religous or political views to avoid arguments on my page. im a pretty open guy so dont be afraid to bash on my blogs, beleive me i can take the criticism. In fact i encourage bashing if anything. Well thats me in a nutshell. probly tomorrow i will start up my top 10 favorite games of all time so be ready for that!!! But until then, dice099 version 2.0 is now officially up and running

Xbox's Project Nadal vs. Playstation's Motion Controller

This year at E3 both Microsoft and Sony showed new motion sensor hardware which is basically coping the Wii but as well as the Wii is doing you can't really blame them. When i first saw the "Meet Milo" video i could not beleive me eyes! Its amazing to think that there are actually softwares that can read human emotions. I was also impressed that it the sensor was able to scan items and transfer them into the game. But as impressive as this is, it almost sounds to good be true. For instance, i do not like that microsoft showed this presentation behind closed doors whereas sony actually gave a live demonstration on what was available. Another question i have about Project Nadals "Meet Milo" is how much can this software actually understand or comprehend. I dont know if anyone remembers "Hey you Pikachu" for N64, but it was very similiar. I was very excited for that when it first came out back in the day, but once i started playing it i soonrealized that it wasnt all it was cracked up to be. There were tons of things it didnt comprehend! it got a little frustrating to tell you the truth.It also wasnt able to have a full conversation with you as the "Meet Milo" software claims to be able to do. i know that pokemon can't talk but my point is, can software these days really produce AI that intelligent? I realize that, "Hey you pikachu" was realesed about 9 years ago and the gaming world has grown a ton since then but i dont know. Im a little skeptical about Project Nadal until i actually see a live demonstration with the Xbox. Maybe im wrong though i dont know...what do you guys think about these two projects and which do you think is more dependable/likeable?