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Greeting from Bangkok, fellow gamers. I am a gamer from Thailand. I started playing computer games 18 years ago in my senior year at the university with games like Pacman, Digdug, The Ancient Arts of War, Crusade in Europe, Romance of the Three Kingdoms etc. Of course, my first computer is a 8086 IBM Compatible equipped with a Hercules graphic card and a 14 inch monochrome monitor. So I think I can call myself one of the first generations in computer gaming.

When I was in the US to study in a Master Degree, I also played console games on my Nintendo (NES) Super Nintendo (SNES) and Sega Genesis systems, games like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy I - III, Dragon Warrior I - IV, Lufia I - II, Soul Blazer, Shinning Force I - II etc. Even today, I still enjoy playing these games in ROM format on my Pentium IV machine and have about 70 ROM files on my hard drive.

Computer games today are a far cry from those back then with improved 3D graphic and sound, in dept detail and higher horsepower. However, the fun is still the same. I still remember playing Master of Orion I and Civilization I for 24 hours consecutively without sleeping and eating. Why? Because it was fun and is highly addictive of course. Well, that's it for a little chitchating.

Thanks for looking. Cheers.