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I never played the first Assassin's Creed, I jumped in with the release of the brilliant AC2 and while I hear AC1 was a good game, I also understand it had it's fair share of issues. I would like to hope that Watch Dogs plays out like that for it's sequel because the potential for this brand is limitless. I personally had a good time with Watch Dogs. I have always been more of a Splinter Cell fan than most, so the idea of playing a hacker themed GTA/Splinter Cell hybrid sounded like a dream come true. On paper it sounds like a great idea, but they failed to really take the concepts of either games (Splinter Cell, GTA) and take them to new heights. That being said I still had a great time with the game and I hope the sequel really takes it to another level like Ubi did with AC2. They have the opportunity to build a game that takes the opposite direction of the GTA series, that as a whole is based around humor and goofiness and infuse it with their own style, Ubi-Juice, or whatever you want to call it. I personally would love to see the sequel take on a very dark and twisted sci-fi noir feel wih a cast of interesting characters straight out of Johnny Mnemonic, Ghost in The Shell, and maybe even a bit of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Characters that can bring the techno-espionage-thriller feel to life, and who knows? Maybe even take a little inspiration from The Matrix and Inception with a "is this really real?" feel to it. The 'Focus' perk would defiantly take on whole new property that's for sure. Speaking of which, gameplay wise I would want them to take everything for "on-foot' from Splinter Cell Blacklist and EVOLVE it. Not devolve it like they did for watch dogs(better 'on-foot' than GTA though.) Stealth could have been a LOT better and Blacklist should be the very MINIMUM bar they aim for at the very least. Blacklist may not have been very memorable story wise, but it damn sure had the best stealth/action gameplay of any game before it. As far as the 'vehicle sections' well......just make the damn cars handle better. It's not rocket-science.

What do you think? Where would you like to see the inevitable sequel go?