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Metal Gear Solid 5.....The two Ishmaels

Metal Gear is definitely not short on conspiracy theories, so it's safe to say that there are more still on the loose in which we still have not found. Remember that Phantom pain trailer. You know, the one that every one was screaming out Metal Gear on? Well I found something a while back which can totally be nothing or have been debunked by now, I thought I would write about it anyways.


Well you see there's this guy in the trailer next to our hero Snake (aka Big Boss) named Ishmael or so he calls himself. He goes on to lead snake around the hospital to try and find a way out. What disturbed me the most was that in the Phantom Pain trailer at one point, Shmael gets gunned down. The camera turns fast around but not fast enough and we are able to get a glimpse of another Ishmael hiding in a doorway. Starting at 2:08 in the video you can see Ishmael. Shortly after the soldier open fire hitting ishmael and others around him. Right after that, the camera starts to turn around. Pause at exactly 2:11. There he is.


Now, Metal gear is also known for it's Sci-Fi. Though can all of this can be just a dream perhaps? Maybe he was just another patient in the same room for 9 years thus "looking out for him"? Hallucinations induced by medication? Very very unlikely. Can't be a dream because we see Ocelot in the trailer so unless Big Boss can now see the future through his dreams...Yeah.... Can't be another patient in the room and here is why. He sounds just like Big Boss(Keifer Sutherland). Compare the two voices...Identical. I had to go watch some 24 video interview of Sutherland to compare and match. Staggering to say the least. So is it a hallucination by medication? Here is why I don't think so. It's been 9 years so pain medication for the arm and other bits is unnecessary. I don't think he was taking anything, unless something happens that we have yet to see.

 Thoughts? Maybe some one can point me in the right direction?