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In the Creation mode, you can create an abundance of fighters, which I'm damn good at, but when creating characters of smaller stature they always end up the same height when fighting normal characters. In the Arcade or Story mode certain characters(Astaroth, etc..) are huge in comparison to regular characters. Can this be changed, or is this something they fixed for the domestic release of the game? I'm at Level 46 and climbing, but this just bugs me that I can't pit smaller fighters against larger ones. Would create an interesting dynamic for the game. Extra hair styles and faces for the male and female characters would've helped as well.

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Finally got a 60gb PS3 through a trusted friend of mine. He tested it and said it plays the Blu-Rays, PS3 games and PS2 games, but didn't try any PSX games. It came with a power cord, AV cables, 2 controllers(1 sixaxis, 1 rumbled) and I have the PS2.P23 memory card adaptor and a USB cord for the controllers. My question is...How do I get a picture when I don't have a flatscreen HDTV? I have an HD convertor box(Digitalstream) and I'm not getting any picture.

Any thoughts, troubleshooting tips, etc..?

Thanx in advance.

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I was lucky to score a 60gb PS3 from a friend of mine. It was used, but he tested it and said it worked great. I knew for the longest about its backwards compatibility with older PS systems/games and for $290 it was a steal. Mind you, I don't have a 42" or higher flatscreen TV in HD. I have a standard flat panel TV that's currently hooked up to an HD convertor box. I was told by the friend who tested it that it would only work on a HDTV, but can't I get it to work on my flat panel with a convertor box? I have 2 wireless controllers, the power cord, AV cables, PS2/PS3 memory card adaptor and one USB cord for charging the controllers. Everything works and the system turns on, but no screen on the TV shows up.

Anyone have any troubleshooting tips? Do I need an S-Video cable or HDMI cables? I'm pretty sure the HDMI cables are if I do in fact have a flatscreen HDTV, which I don't(sadly). I'm a longtime PS2 gamer, but new to the whole PS3 thing.

Help a brother out.