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Insulting your customers is a good way to lose them, I've put a decent amount of hours into original xbox titles, like the splinter cell series,fable and more, and on ps3 I've re-beaten the older MGS series at least 10+ times ontop of the 8+ times I already beat them on ps2 and playstation 1, games like these are story-rich and someone who plays a game for more than just graphics will turn to older games, cause back then they relied on a deep story cause they didn't have the technology they do today, and if you want to experience that story again you have to play that backwards-compatible game, it's not like game devs are re-making original games with new graphics. It's VERY ignorant for anyone to arrogantly say that anyone who plays older or backwards-compatible games is "backwards", MS also said their target age group is 21 - lmao I'm 21 and because over 200+arcade games I've bought won't transfer and the new xbox isn't backwards compatible I'll skip the new xbox and go with a ps4. I've had XBL and org xbox since first release I was only around 12 then and have been a devoted member, they're losing my money now, at one point or another I've bought almost every single 360 game with over 83k gamerscore, all the money I'll be spending on games and consoles now goes to PS3/PS4.