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2013, year of the greedy devs

seriously game devs are getting way too greedy, I understand making a living but when you charge for content that use to be standard, it's ridiculous, so I'm going list some games which charge for basic features and/or, are just greedy



1. Defiance, I was so excited for this game and then I actually played it it doesn't have good customization, classes are pointless cause you can pick a sniper and go machine gunner, there's no bonuses to picking a class, same with races they have no point, no bonuses just appearances, only a few abilities, not too much clothing and if you purchase with real money it'll cost a arm and a leg, you can buy in game weapons with real money, and with all the stuff that usual mmo's have they are selling dlc to add the stuff that should of been with release, which shows the devs are just using the game to fund the show, it isn't even as good as some of the other shows.



2.NeverWinter, I thought for-sure neverwinter was going to be the next big mmo, I was wrong, the whole game is a cash-grab, they charged 50-over 100$ for beta and it turned out being generic and not at all like a D&D game, armor looks the same from like levels 1-20,20-40, they didn't even bother with it, the good armor costs money character slots cost money,respec costs money, good mounts cost money if you want to have a bad-ass character you're going to have to pay a lot money.




3.sleeping dogs, - I know this was released in 2012 but it still apply's. so It was pretty good but the devs got greedy, not as much sandbox and options available that doesn't make sense why they didn't add like being able to store a car, or a cop car, you can get a ability to get a firearm from the trunk of a cop car but you can't store a cop-car ect, they added dlc which was very mis-leading, they made it seem like if you bought one of the dlc's that you unlocked a pimped-out cop car - nope, it was just a very short mission that's your character in a high-speed chase, and you don't ever get to use the car outside of that one mission, I know I wasn't the only one pissed cause other people were complaining in different forums, there's also a ton more dlc which is the content should of been released with the game, they still charge about 40$ and it's been out for a while, and barely got any credit for trading it in when it was still new.




4. APB reloaded, this game had so much potential, now it's pay to win and it's almost entirely filled with hackers, don't believe me? youtube APB reloaded hack and sort by date uploaded, some items which can only be bought with real money like vehicles can cost from 15-20$+, most of these people are kids who use their parents money to buy items, and use hacks cause they have low self esteem and can't take losing, I've posted links proving the game is full of hackers and I got banned for speaking the truth on steam and APB forums they have never tried to get rid of hackers cause they are their main source of income, the tyranny!





5. Age of wushu, every item that's purchased with real money is only a rental can you believe that!?! a non-VIP is limited to the point of gimped, and VIP is still gimped, the game has too many limits even when paying, so they want you to spend more money on in-game cash, they limit how much a person can spend, they limit how much you can craft, and it uses a dual-currency system which screams we want your money, in order to buy stuff from other players you need taels, you can either buy taels with real money or sell something, the problem with selling something is they don't have a marketplace, instead they have stalls and even if you sell multiple items under-value they still won't sell cause it all comes down to: a certain person has to be at a certain place at a certain time and just happens to look at your stall, and you can't do other things while selling in your stall which makes it super boring, standing there for hours with a few or no sales at all, ore has a static spawn so players will camp there waiting for ore and you could be there all-day just trying to mine it once cause they keep getting it first, and when you do manage to mine it they kill you for the ore




6.Warz, do I really have to explain the obvious? just google "Warz scam"




7. FINAL FANTASY® XI: just let it die already, charging 40$ for the same game with some new stuff.


I'm sure there's a ton more games but these are the ones that I first think of when I think of overly-greedy devs, I'd rather pay the full price of a game and get what I paid for than a F2P that's pay lots to have fun, or a game that you buy that wants you to pay even more for basic content.