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I am done even talking about this subject because I know there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I can do to stop the death of physical media so I have instead resolved myself to just hoping that I live long enough to one day laugh at people that have been clamoring for an all digital media when they see and realize that it only gives companies more of a leverage to take advantage of them.

I remember back in 2005 when DLC came on the scene and people were hyped up for it and (while I won't say that DLC is 100% bad) but look at where the current state of DLC has headed now with things like microtransactions, loot boxes, content being held and later sold as part of the "complete game" and people are complaining, whining about it but of course it's too late now ;-)

One day in the future the cycle will happen again. Not sure when that will be but it will happen

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@xhawk27: crazy to think that it's 2019 and fanboy's panties can still get bunched up when someone is having a complaint about a personal matter just because your console of preference is being talked about negatively.

Did you give me money to buy my 360? No? well I can complain about it all I want without having to mention the anything about Sony

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I have a love/ hate relationship with this system but ultimately I have to admit that hardware wise this has got to be one of the most poorly constructed console of all time. My 360 isn't reading discs and I even bought one of those DVD disc cleaner but since it can't even read discs in the first place that disc cleaner is essentially just paper weight at this point.

In comparison I have an original Xbox system I bought day 1 LAUNCH DAY that still works fine without any issues or problems. With the 360 I've lost 2 consoles due to red rings and this is the 3rd I've now lost due to not reading discs.

Laughably I had a chat with my sister yesterday because she bought a new 360 console a few weeks ago and out of curiosity I asked her why and she said......................... her xbox 360 isn't reading discs and I revealed to her mine as well.

I mean Microsoft should be forever ashamed of themselves building a fine a console but doing it dirty with poor design. Trying to call xbox customer service felt like playing one of those old adventure games like Mist or Riven, had this dumb automated lady on the phone.

And while it's not relatively super expensive to buy a used 360 that's still an additional $60 (what gamestop is currently charging) that I have to pay that I shouldn't be. With a console like this that is known to have a high failure rate I don't know that I can feel comfortable buying from just a regular person on ebay or amazon (although I guess they do offer returns and stuff) *BIG SIGH*


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If this wasn't so close to April 1st............................. I would've believed it

but at the moment color me a skeptic

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The best year in gaming is usually often the year in which games you got released :-l

out of the games listed in 2004 the only ones that I liked were GTA:SA and MGS 3 so..........

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@Juub1990 said:

@Macutchi: Or how about if you let the guy run off some other thing happens instead of a mission failed?

Ummm are you confusing real life and video game??

There's no WAY in hell something like that can happen in a video game.... unless it is meant to happen by design, meaning you weren't supposed to have caught up to the character running away by design in the first place.

the ONLY game that this kind of thing comes close to happening in is in Elder Scrolls and Fall Out games where you can kill or not kill a character and the if you do and that character is vital to quest then you just won't get that quest.

But even that only makes sense with characters involved in side quests because what happens if you kill a character that is essential in for a main quest to progress.... then what happens?? You just never move forward and keep wandering the wasteland forever doing nothing?

And that' more fun to you?

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@Ant_17 said:
@Juub1990 said:
@Ant_17 said:

Pointless justification, but that's what you want so not my problem. Those are my thoughts.


@zappat said:

Lol good luck with that, companies need to make money.

And I believe a subscription based model would make a lot more money than the traditional one. By all means they can increase the price to 20$ if they want. Would still be beneficial to me. People pay 10-15$ for WOW.

You're justifying why you like gamepass, not sure what else to tell you but check what's happening with Netflix and all the other sub based stuff.

What will happen if they made a Gamepass exclusive game? What if all 3rd party make their own gamepass and also make exclusive games? And remove their games from MS service?

Not only that but if in the future this is the only way you can play games then what happens if say a game gets pulled off due to (insert reasons), then there's probably no way of playing that game. For example not too long ago the Devs that made the game Too Human lost a lawsuit and couldn't produce and sell the game anymore or something like that.... in a digital only age once that game gets pulled off the "shelf" then there's really no way to go play that game if you haven't already.

I have never played the game personally although at one time before release I was hyped for it but then the bad reviews killed it.

Now if for whatever reason I'm feeling crazy and saucy some day and decide I have nothing better to do, I can track down used copies of it and get it.

I know some times people don't have the foresight and ability to think ahead into the future but when you give 100% power to companies, guess whose best interests they will ALWAYS have in mind first... ours? haha, yea right! Look at how DLC first started and look at how it has evolved and what it has turned into with microtransanctions these days.

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would I be weird if I bought a ps5 strictly only to play ps1 games on it?

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Glad to see getting hyped for the 20th Assassin's Creed game........ feels like it's 2005 again!

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Guys haven't you gotten the memo yet!!!????

EVERY PC gamer and their grandma and pet have a gaming rig equipped with triple 2080ti and an extra one in the closet for just in case purposes and runs their games at 8k with everything maxed out.

Of course it costs $5000 but hey, at least it's better than a $400 console though ;-)