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I Hate new GS interface -Wide is ugly

I purpose here a motion to prey to GS administration to go back to the old format If you agree whit me leave here your protest If not write your praise yo this new abject interface

MGS 4 game of the century or at least the best new gen game

After some joys and some deceptions finally i got a wonderful reason to have buy PS3 MGS4 simply genial nothing more nothing less PS3 won the console war whit a single game ,even if it sells less units than Wii Really since a long time i never had so much pleasure in gaming

Got it ! GTA IV

The waiting was long but from the first impression it worth while ! A perfect 10 in gamespot HOW

PS. sorry if in the next couple of weeks i would not be much present but the case is that i am start gaming the best game ever

34 years have past since the Portuguese revolution

I was 11 years old back then and it was one of the happiest moment of my life.All revolutions are betrayed and our was no exception Did it worth while? everything worth while when your soul is not small .Thank you to the brave captains that risking their life's overtrhow the fascist regime Thank you in particular to an hero Captain Salgueiro Maia

It is just me or GS is changing ?

The past 3 months many editors went away ,many community members were permanently banned ,some mods were no more ( JPL and MAILER_DAEMON ) and it seems to me that we need to be much more careful about what we say in all boards ( not only SW ) .Even a free thinker board such as OT is not as free as it use to be .Really ! am i being paranoid or something new is happening ?

God here's come the flood

Today's in Lisbon region it rains more in 12 hours than in a regular month of February .After a long unusual dry winter the doors of heaven open out and chaos was launch all over this region .This extreme weather conditions big dry seasons follow by biblical floods seems to be more frequent as the time pass .I do not want to blame anyone in particular but please do not tell me that Global warming is not to blame in this and other cases around the world

Some good(economical ) reasons to fight the global warming

-If nothing will be done about it the warm of the planet may rise 5ºC and the economical growth will decrease between 5%and 20%

-if the temperature raise 2ºC the GIP (gross internal product ) may decrease 3%

-Each ton of CO2 launch in the atmosphere today will cost about $75 in the near future

-To avoid all the catastrophic consequences of the global warming the world governments just have to spend now 2% of their GIP

Boring hein !:) this will maybe win the most boring blog post of the year:?

But these days this seem to be the only kind of speech that can reach the rulers of the world ears and wake up their minds

Sony forbids manhunt 2

This is what i call hypocrisy A shooter where you can kill zillion of ´´foreigners´´ or ´´aliens ´´ is an OK game

A game that shows the dark side of human society is ban .Why ? Because we live in a world where nobody really care about the substance but whit the look

Well i am a bit mad whit sony but that is nothing new