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Turn-based fun

First, let me confess something:


Now, to the point:

I got Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic two days ago. Since then, I haven't been able not to play it. That game is just absolutely fantastic! At the first glance it's just an ordinary standalone expansion pack for Age of Wonders 2, but they've changed so many things that game has become two times better! There were 12 races already, and with the new three races, customizable magic, a new dimension and some new units and spells the gameplay has changed pretty radically. That's what you call a perfect expansion pack.

It proves the TBS games genre isn't dead, as some may want you to believe. Moving units in Shadow Magic is more exciting than in most RTs. Well, maybe not quite as exciting as in Dawn of War, but you get the point.

*takes some AntiFanboy pills*

Hmm, I guess I can end the rant now. I'm considering buying Civilization 4. The third part refused to work properly, so I still haven't played what some call the best TB series out there.

I've also watched Blade Runner. The movie wasn't quite as good as the book, but it sure was something special. I didn't they could produce FX of that quality in the 80s. Guess I was wrong. I needed to watch a good movie after Bloodrayne :D