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Jagged Alliance 3!

Jagged Alliance 3

I've read an interview about Jagged Alliance 3 in a Russian mag. It looks pretty promising, although there's not a whole lot of info available. Yet. Here is the most important stuff:

- There will be 4 factions

- The game will have missions, no conquering/defending areas

- Some old mercs will be back

- An improved version of the Silent Storm engine will be used

- The team consists of Nival (Silent Storm), G5 (a small studio IMO, have made some crappy games) and Akella (Pirates of the Caribbean) members

- Currently the game looks like a mix of Fallout and Jagged Alliance 2

- Some maps are ready and everything looks cool when it blows up

- The game will take place in South America

You can find the original article and some screenshots here .