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Feel the yayness

Today I read the GS preview of Witcher, and holy cow that game looks like it's going to be the first good CRPG to come out in years. I just hope that the freedom of choice presented in it will be different enough from the "you can kill him with a sword or an axe" present in "RPGs" like Oblivion.

I've also read other great news. Majesty 2 is coming. Even better, it's being made by Paradox. The 1% who have played the original Majesty will probably backflip right away, as for the others... oh well, let's just say that it wasn't a game you can easily forget. I'm glad that a capable studio will make the sequel.

I'm going to Denmark tomorrow. Will be back in two weeks. No Internet there, so I guess GS will have to survive without my marvelous personality for a while :D