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Or What You See Is What You Get. It's strange how so many of us GSers don't use that function. It's very useful when you want to make a link or make the text look different. Besides, it looks clearer and has a better spell checker utility. I wonder why it isn't set as the default mode.

P.S. Why can't you make uppercase titles?! Frustrating!

And he is back!

My Moscow trip ended and I must say it ended well for many reasons. I hope I'll now start playing HoMMV and some other games I haven't played yet, but own (like Gods: Lands of Infinity and Project: Nomads). I also just visited my girlfriend's island and swam in cold (so cold... but she made me do it!) and stormy Finnish sea. And sailed a little. Ooh... you could say it was fun, but now everything is spinning around me for the second day after sailing. A really weird feeling that. PS: Having a mobile phone in Moscow isn't expensive at all if you buy a local phone operator's SIM card. If you don't you'll still pay some to the local phone operator you'll be using and also pay to your original operator. That's expensive.

Woohoo, freedom!

So, finally I have something to do. Even though that "something to do" includes only taking my friend to see Moscow. But well, methinks it's a good thing, anyway. Besides, it means I'll have good-looking company for a couple of weeks. And finally get the last five or so parts of Dune. That series isn't too popular here in Finland. And - hopefully - be free from the grasp of boredom. I just hope I won't end up in hospital like that other guy who decided to be mean to her... :D Hmm, GS thinks I spelled woohoo wrong. It's either woo hoo or woo-hoo!

Shocked by The Longest Journey.

I just played through The Longest Journey, added it to my collection, gave it 9.7 and wanted to go buy Dreamfall, but the shops are closed today. Dang. Well, I'll buy it tomorrow, then. The best thing about this game is that it's so well-written. The sci-fi and fantasy worlds blend together and created a truly unique universe. The voice-acting is probably the best I've heard, the music is fantastic and... and.. Well, that's about it. I love it!
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