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The Gamepad Podcast

Lots have changed with us here at

~The GAME pad~ were constantly working away to try and create a kickass but professional podcast.

Our official date for our first podcast will be June 8th, so keep checking in!

You can visit us at

Hopefully in the near future we'll have a domain to call our own.

If you guys are looking for News,Reviews,Cheats and weekly giveaways

then look no further.The first weeks giveaway will be GTA IV Collectors Edition! and more prizes to come!

Check us out!, we'll be more then glad to see you guys!

We just believe it's our turn to give to the gaming community, and we love doing it!

Thanks for all your support,

Keep on Rockin~


Heh this is gonna be Late News....

This is really late to say this but i got a 60 gig PS3 in March :P

I'm not regretting it!

I have Virtua Fighter 5, Resistance FOM and Sonic the Hedgehog.. gamespot really underrated the ps3 version, it should deserve a 6 or a 7 atleast ha ha ha

anyways My PSN I.D is KingAdrian

Talk to ya soon and Ja Mata!

when i get the wii...

when i get the wii when the console is common like the cold, i am gonna buy lots games but the one i want to get with the virtual console is banjo and kazooie 1 and 2, if anyone know when they r coming out for wii, please send me a message on this entry please!!!
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