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Weak Launch for PS4

I would have figured that Sony would have lined up all their ducks in a row and would release a very strong launch lineup for the PS4. Apparently I was wrong.... Knack received at best lukewarm reviews and Killzone was the only other PURE PS4 games to garner decent praise. There were also 2 indie games; Resogun and Contrast available for the PS4... free if you have the PSN which they provide also free for 30 days. But I fail to see how a "timed" game will draw more consumers once the XBone is released.

For starters, you get the free PSN for a month, but unless something crazy happens in that month chances are you will find that not many people will keep the PSN after the trial period.

I also just looked at the PS4 release date for December and the only other game of note was Doki-Doki Universe which is also coming out for the PS3 and Vita.

Now this is where I have a strong problem on the PS4. The Wii U already taught us that its not enough to simply have a great launch, but you also need consistent release of AAA titles to sustain growth. The PS4 is already in hot water because the launch ,for all its hype, was extremely weak. The only other launch I can recall that was worse was the N64 with TWO GAMES at launch.

What MS needs to do is essentially go for the jugular. Speed up the release dates on their exclusives and keep pushing out quality AAA games that decimates the PS4 lack of them. If they can do this, they would repeat what happened last generation. Sony would then be playing catch up once more.

New Gamespot!

Wow, this is going to take some getting used to! With all changes, there is always going to get that weird break in period where you have no idea where everything is at and this is EXACTLY what I am going through right now.

I lost my old Avatar and pic so I had to upload a new one; not cool. You think if they would port over trophies, old blogs, GS would have given me my old pic. Now I can't find it online anymore..

The new site does look clean! Its not so..rigid as before and the colors do match. Like I said, it will take me some time to navigate.

Wii U a Failure?

I really wanted this console to succeed, but I think it may have been TOO early. The specs are JUST as good as a PS3, but the games are missing.

I believe that this console has the potential to be a success, but where are the games. So far there have been only 9 AAA titles released for the Wii U and only ONE, count 'em, ONE AAA release on March. This doesn't bode well for Nintendo and it is now showing on NPD, or whatever people use to generate sales figures.

I keep telling everyone this, but ideally you want to have at least ONE AAA product a month for your console. Stagnant games is never a good sign. You can't ask consumers to "Please wait!" Its just stupid, consumers will feel like they wasted their money. Its like buying a car and having to wait 4 months for Blue Tooth service or Air Condition to kick in. No one wants that...

Nintendo's window of a successful Wii U is closing FAST. Its not to say that the system will never be a success, but then its going to be a hard road UPHILL from the top of the mountain top they held last console. A lesson Sony knows too well when they were sitting at the top with the PSX and PS2. Releasing the PS3 a year behind 360 was too costly... Releasing a next-gen a year earlier than your competitors is peachy, but for crying out loud, support the damn thing.

PS4 Announcement

Sony "unveiled" their next-gen console yesterday at an event in New York City. A week leading up to the announcement of the PS4, Sony released videos highlighting past console success. It was a trip down memory lane for myself since I forgot some of these events that shaped my childhood; Crash Bandicoot, RE, Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid, etc. 

Sadly, the event itself was quite disappointing. For those of us who read gaming websites, most of the news regarding the PS4 were already released out to the general public. The new dual-shock controller was leaked last week and it really didn't show us anything different. It weighed more, touchpad, share button, etc. 

The games being planned for the PS4 were also announced. New Killzone, which looks impressive. Knack, some weird Lego/Centurion hero. These games look impressive, but are not mind-blowing must have games for 2013! I don't think these games even truly show off the potential of the PS4. If I can go a step further I think these games could have been released for the PS3!

I was expecting an actual PS4 to be unveiled. I think the entire tech world was expecting the PS4 to be unveiled. Instead all we got was a controller, a few games, and tech demos -_-. What was the whole point of this event!? If it was to announce that there IS a PS4, a collective "DUH" could have been heard from everyone present. However, this event was personal. There were no celebrities, no booth girls, no excessive noise from the booth next door to compete! Sony had room all to themselves and they showed us NOTHING that we already didn't know.

If this event was to simply say, "Hey, there is a PS4 coming" you didn't need to hold an event to say that! A simple video and more tech demos would suffice! You could have saved a few thousand dollars since Sony was saving for E3. 

I was expecting more and I got less. Sony had everyone's attention and they blew it. Now at E3 they are competing with MS and Nintendo for the spotlight along with 100 other developers. Way to waste the limelight Sony...

Maingear PC Complaint

So after literally two months since I sent my PC back for repairs, I finally got it my baby back. It turns out that it was only a busted power supply. So my gripe was why the hell did it take 60 days to diagnose, repair, and ship?!

Not only did I NOT RECEIVE A SINGLE CALL FROM THEM DIRECTLY, but I had to be the one to initiate a phone call after I told them that I sent my PC over a month ago. If I knew it was simply a power supply issue, I would have done it myself and save me the hundreds of dollars to ship and insure my PC.

I will probably not go back to Maingear in 3 years when its time to upgrade my PC once more. I believe in the 6 year plan for my PC and though I had heard excellent reviews from their company intially, their Customer Service is lacking.

End of the Year

My local Game Stop had Wii U (stupid name for a console may I add) and I seriously contemplated buying one, but I held back because I just couldn't comit to the system. I looked at its Upcoming Release page and it was a disappointment to say the least. It looked like a PSP's Upcoming Release page where it was only took up 1/2 the page. The most notable games were Bayonetta 2 (that will probably get a PS4/Xbox 720 upgrade when those systems are released) and Monster Hunter Ultimate. Sadly both those games are next year and not just next year, but Apr/May 2013. Thats a long time from now just to play New SMB.

I'll be honest, but it looks like the video game industry is in bad shapes. The boom of the 1990's early 2000's has long since been over and companies that defined the industry either have merged with others companies to stay relevant, been bought out, or in worst cases have long since gone the way of the Dodo bird. This console generation lasted WAY TOO LONG in my opinion and it was expensive for developers to create games.

I bought a PS3 for $600 when it first came out, what the hell was I thinking! I bought a Wii 2 years later and I barely touched that system. I got an 360 only God knows why... With the economy once again about to take a dump on the nation, I am going to hold onto my bank accounts this time and wait to see how the next generation turns out before comitting.

The Return?

I am slowly counting down the days until Black Friday where upon the end of my Thanksgiving meal with my Mom I will line up at Best Buy and ATTEMPT (hopefully with some measure of success) to buy a PS3.

Personally, I thought that I was done with the whole BF thing, but if my brothers will be lining up I too will join them. If I won't get a PS3, then maybe I will just get a Samsung smart (?) Blu-Ray player.. whatever that is. Also I need another external HD from Western Digital.

I'm still bummed that I no longer have a PS3, but I have been quite content on the PC side of gaming. Still interested in getting a Wii U but I learned my lesson from early adopting.

Wii U

Still undecided about this one. I would love to have a Zelda game in time for the launch since that is the only title I would actively support. Admittedly, I felt burned on the Wii. I didn't really support it as much as I would have liked. This was partly due to the lack of AAA games. With the exception of all Nintendo home grown games. I would have loved to seen more Silent Hills, Final Fantasy, and Last Story. They were too few and far in between.

Sold All My Console Games

Well after the debacle that I had to endure on August regarding my now defunct PS3. I have decided to part ways with my console library. This means that as of now I have absolutely zero games on my PS3 and Wii.

My decision to sell it to GameStop was for a variety of reasons. First and foremost is that I don't think I could buy another USED or NEW PS3 for roughly $220+ since the next gen would be in two years. Secondly, I am interested in WiiU... I am flipping back and forth on buying the WiiU simply because I didn't truly support my Wii library.

There was a lot of HYPE surrounding the Wii and people gobbled that up. However as the years passed they soon realized that the software was relatively weak. With the exception of Nintendo and few select 3rd party software, Wii didn't have that many quality AAA games. And No, I do not count Mario and Sonic At the Olympics a success...

Overall after selling all my games, I raked in $190.00 in store credit. Coupled with my Power Rewards Card to give me that extra 10% boost, I now had $220+ in store credit. Not a bad haul considering I no longer played ANY of those games with the exception of Disgaea 4 (I had 100+ hours on that game before it crapped on me)

So what is next? I wait, I wait and see what am I going to do. I may end up getting the WiiU but for sure I am getting a PS4 or XBox720 or whatever their new names will be. Is this it for my gaming? Nope, I am quite content with my PC library. As a proponent of all things DIGITAL I have quite a collection of Steam Games as well as other digital formats! Right now I will be in Guild Wars 2, Torchlight 2, and Diablo 3!

PS3 Died

I have a CHC 2000x serial PS3 and it died earlier in August. I didn't back up any of my saves and I had over 80hours logged in under Disagaea 4.

I salvaged my PS3 hard drive, but apparently I cannot place that on ANY other PS3 but the one that died.

I took it to a repair shop and they could do nothing for it.

Now the gripe I have over this is that, in this day of age why can we not just take our HD from one PS3 and attach it to another without formatting it. I find it insanely stupid that we can track people through GPS, take photos of cells, but we can't swap out hard drives -_-.