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Start Of 2008=A Very Tragic Occurence For Me

Start of the new year is suppose to be a happy and peaceful time but for me it is not this year. Just half an hour ago I learned that a friend of mine who i care for and i havent seen in 2 months has passed. Im extremelt shocked for this happening. When i learned that she was at the hospital, i prayed that nothing serious would happened and the last hing i wanted was to lose someone i cared for. But in life you cant get what you want, you cant change fate but its just painful that this occur. Worst part of this is she died at 22 and i feel this way because she has been the only person i have known that passed so early in her life, its painful really:cry: I wouldnt write about this anywhere else but i feel that this would be a good place since i feel that i can be open to those who have known me for some time