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My Now Playing List

As of now, i still need to beat FFVIII but now that kind of got interrupted when my friend let me borrow God of War so I'll be playing that but it shouldnt take that long and once i finish that then i can continue with FFVIII. Right now im on disc 3 and i want and im doing final preparation before going on to disc four(in case u dont know, u cant do any of the extras once u get to disc four). In terms of new games, i purchased a copy of Frequency and so far Im impressed with it. Tommorrow me and my father are going to this palce where they sell DVDs and hopefully the store will still have that copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 that i saw two weeks ago that cost very cheap so then i can buy it and then sell it along with some other games i want to sell. Also once in a while im playing Guitar Hero, I still playing of medium but im almost ready for hard. Well thats about it for this firts edition of what s going on, i'll keep updated as soon as possible and BTW i didnt get to say this earlier but Happy 6th B-Day to FFX.

UPDATE- 7/22/06
Ok so today i beat GOW and i can say that this game is pure awesome in everyway, it defenetly earned as Game of The Year. So after beat GOW, i went back to FFVIII and well right now i was able to finally obtain Doomtrain(for those who played FFVIII, u know what u had to do)and now i went to Centra Ruins to get Tonberry King after killing 6 Tonberries i had to go online to find out whether or not the Tonberry kill count resets if i leave to save the game, i found out and im ready to go, i also learned about the Angel Wing manipulation trick so once i do all of that i guess i'll have what i need to get Bahamut. Other than that yesterday i went to the DVD place i mentioned in my previous post, unfortanetly i wasnt able to get MvC2 since it wasnt there. I did manage to get Onimusha 4 for $15 bucks used and Xmen Legends also for $15 bucks. It would have been FFX non-GH instead of Xmen if it wasnt for the fact that the disc condition was bad. I knew that it really wasnt going to play at all so i returned it the minute i found out which was right around the time we left so i didnt wait too long. So thats about it for this intallment of The Now Playing List. Well i guess right now the list consist of FF8 and Onimusha 4 whic i want to start and also Frequency. So thats it

UPDATE: 7/27/06
I beat FFVIII today and i finished with 64 hours. I also beat Omega Weapon before fight Ultimecia. In comparison to Emerald Weapon from FFVII, Omega cant touch Emerald, just wanted to say this. .