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finished Onimusha 4

well last night i beat Onimusha 4 and i got to say thats its a really good game, just like the last three. What really was crazy was the last stage when u have to use each character to fight someone who they hate and then like 4 more battles afterward. The thing that made this crazy ws that after fighting Ophelia, i thought it was all over but then here comes Fortinbras(the original final boss of Onimusha), i was really surprised that it was him the whole time. Anyway i defeat him and now i say its over but yet again i was wrong, now i have to beat him in human form(that bastard all along, if u playd this game u know what im taliking about). Anyway he wasnt really hard if u know what u are doing, just takes long because he take alot of hit, of course i didnt have anyones final weapon so i wouldnt know how much they would have done. To my surprise, Tenkain all along was Samonuske and Arin was Ako. I didnt really find out until 20 minutes ago and i saw the true ending to Onimusha 3 so yeah. Anyway long story short, game is great. I'll have my review of this game sometime this week or maybe today, whichever comes first