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Games I Still Need To Beat

Dont mind this, this is only a list for my own benefit.
1. Devil May Cry(finished 1/26/07)
2. Shadow Hearts Covenant(finished 1/6/07)
3. Ico(finished 1/10/07)
4. Frequency
5. Viewtiful Joe(not mine)(finished 1/16/07, now playing as Dante)(now finished 1/19/07)
6. Black(finished 1/22/07) GAME SUCKS!!!
7. Resident Evil Outbreak(1/31/07)

8. God of War 2(4/3/07)freaking awesome


1. Oddworld Abe's Oddysee
2. Final Fantasy IX(3/25/07)
3. Raystorm
4. Resident Evil 2-Claire Scenario
5. Silent Hill
6. Tomb Raider 2
7. Tomb Raider 3
8. THPS2
9. WWF Smackdown 2

Devil May Cry 5th Anniversary Collection

I didnt even know this collection came out but i found it today and bought it. It's all three DMC games in one pack for $30 which is a pretty good deal. I played all three but havent really owned them so im glad that can own all three.

Beat Legend of Dragoon after 2 months

well LOD was one of the games i was playing and well i finally managed to beat it after 2 months. Well due to school and whatnot it was kind of difficult to be able to play as much so thats how it has become. While this wasnt the first time i passed LOD, it was still pretty cool to go back and play the game again.

Timesplitters 2

well on my visit to a local pawn shop i happenned to get Timesplitters 2. Now i havent played the first but i thought that i give this game a chance and i really have shortage of FPS. I also obtained the demo disc for the Nov. issue of Playstation Magazine which features demos of Guitar Hero 2, Billy and Mandy and NFS: Carbon without buying the magazine if u know what i mean.

well its been a while

i havent made a post in quite some time with school and what not. On top of that i havent bought a new game in a while. Well i did get DDR Supernova at Gamestop after trading in a few games and stuff. I still want to get FFXII and a few others but i have to wait, so enough about that, what has everyone been up to?

what a day

 as we all know, Sunday is suppose to be a day of resting and whatnot before the next morning to school or work what ever comes first. For me, that wasnt the case today. I was doing a bunch of moving from one room to another. U see my sister has been taking her stuff and buying new stuff to move to here new apartment but it wasnt up until this past weekend that she officially moved and i was able to move my stuff into her room. The reasons for this move was 1. her room is much more bigger, plus i get her old bed which is also bigger and 2. my computer is in her room because there wasnt enough room in my room so now i have both the comp and my PS2 and whatnot in the same place which is cool because now i can acess stuff for a game without having to leave  my room. So there was alot of moving around and well it really got tiring but im relived that im done and my new room is officially complete. I was going to put up the posters i had in my previous room but i'll leave that for tomorrow. I havent really been playing that much this past week, just Guitar Hero but i want to try getting on that track but with school and HW coming my way, its going to be difficult.

school wasnt bad

actually it was better than i thought, i got to see most ppl i knew. My classes atleast most of them were find but i already knew who i wsnt going to get along with too much. Namely ppl who try to act really ghetto which i hate, overall not bad. I forgot one thing, ok this is weird but i know ths person who i knew from before and the weird thing is that he has all the same classes as me which never happened to me.

MMX Collection and LOD

well since i beat Shadow Hearts the other day, i finally decide to give Megaman X Collection which well lets say i have left it on haitus for sometime since the last time i played it i have beaten MMX1,4,5,6. Currently it will be MMX2 and then X3 and then that will give me the hidden Megaman racing game that never came out here in the US, but if u dont care about Megaman then well heres something, I also decided to play Legend of Dragoon again because the game is so awesome and well back when i first beat the game i didnt know about the extra boss or gotten the 100 stardust in the game which i have listed on paper from a faq on Gamefaqs. And CLEAR!

finished Shadow Hearts

probably one of the few underrated RPGs out there, i dont know but i really like it. Its somewhat different from many RPGs out there and the battle system is cool. If u havent had a chance to play this then u should. I'll have my review done, im not sure yet but i will.
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