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Level 21 Finally!

I usually dont make a blog about this but i have been Level 20 for so long that i never thought i make it so yeah. This is just one random blog that had no significance so if took ten seconds from what you were doing to read this then i thank you. Later

Fourth of July is Sad When There Is Rain

I will try and make this of July was yesterday and it wasnt what i expected. Sure i went to a BBQ at a relative's house but the problem was rain. There was clouds in the morning when i woke up but it didnt mean anything until it started to rain later in the day. Sure i had a good time at the BBQ but this is like the first time i can think of that 4th of July was like this. Raining, not even hot temparature and not even fireworks. Hopefully everyone else had a better one but it sucks that it had to rain here in Jersey. Thats all for now. Later

School is Over, For Now.

I know that im late in this since well the only reason i came out of school so late is because of missing days as a result of a flood that happened in the east around April. Anyway as of today i finished my junior year of high school and im a senior with good marks and i knew that i would not fail now i start summer vacation which should be ok i guess.

Also yesterday and today i had moments that were totally out of nowhere but didnt really affect me as a result of mistakes. One is game related while the other is school related. The yesterday one is game related and what happen is that for a brief moment while checking one of memory cards, the stuff on that certain card was gone and i was really pissed for a moment since i blamed my nephew for doing this but then i went to check again and all the data was still there which i found odd it looked like a glitch or bug and then later realized that it was in my case where my cards are so it really couldnt be him since i had put in a place where he couldnt get it.

As for the school related one, my teacher gave me summer school slip and i saw it and was pissed but then saw it to be a mistake since it was for English III and of all my classes, that one was one i didnt fail in since im good in this class. Then one of my classmates pointed out and ask if i had this teacher and it seemed that the slip was for another person with the same first and last name as me.(first name is Brian BTW) I was relieved that i didnt go to summer school, that would have sucked so yeah thats all i have to say right now. Until anything else come up, see ya later:)

Something That I Need To Get Off My Chest

I usually dont make blog post about personal matters ut this really for me to get things off my chest by admitting what i have and write it down so i can let go. It starts off like this, I have had for quite some time a problem about being too self conscious and the problem is that i never really brought it up or ever admit to it, it just was locked away within me never to come out. A friend of mine who i walk home with from school(since i dont take the bus)could see it clearly and told me that i really need to change my ways and not care too much about what other ppl think about. In a way he says that ppl around you dont give a crap what you do(referring to who dont even know you) so i shouldnt be worried about being judged. I took into this advice and i thought that afterwards i was over this whole ordeal but that didnt happen. I felt for some time in a really down state and with my mother, sister and nephew away on vacation(considering that they are always in the house and my father works)i had the house to myself since last week, i had time to think about stuff but could not find the answer to what i wanted. But then the answer came to me today.

You see my friend who for the past 3 days(starting Friday) he has been in a very jokely and annoying asking me "Why dont you take the bus?", I really didnt answer much since he is a joker and eventually it started getting annoying, but today he told me the reason why he kept asking that even if it was in an annoying way. He felt that the only reason i walk with him and another friend was just to be there. Mainly because the fact is that him and another friend walked home from school longer than me since last year and i only started walking around the end of the school year last year. And the main problem is that when they engage in conversation, i rarely say anything and he felt that i wasnt being friend material or something like that, so without hesitation i told him that sometimes when communicating, i dont know what to say to someone. I also said that i somewhat have a problem trusting ppl because i fear that they will screw me over and whatnot. Most important, i keep alot of things to myself and it seems now it is really affecting me and i want that to stop. On the way home, he told me alot of things that related to my problem and he even said that he was in the same situation as me but he has gotten over it. He told me that if the entire world was just me than they all would be thinking the same thing so i should not be thinking about someone looking at me and judging me.

So regardless of the way he did it, my friend really opened me up to the truth and im glad. I plan to try to change this behavior of mine one by one and i hope that eventually i will feel better about myself and not take into consideration on those surroundung me because the reason we are in this world is to be happy and i want that to fufill myself and become the best person that i know i can be. Writing this down was something i felt that needed to for myself and regardless of whether you read this or not i feel better right now and hope that things will go better for me.

Suspended From Youtube(Updated 5/9/07)

First off, today wasnt one of my better days. Now it wasnt really problem in school or anything but the condition in my area. The pollen count around here has been really bad and i have had allergies since Saturday and you think i be better by now, well im not. Also on my way home, my eyesy were bothering which sucked bad. So you are asking what all this have to do with anything. Well after eating something, i come to youtube login in and find out that my account has been suspended. So i went to my hotmail account to see why and apparently i have been suspended because of my two Aqua Teen Huger Froce videos i uploaded a few days ago. Apparently, its due to copyrighted infringement. Well now i cant access my account because of this but what really bugs me is how they decided to tell me a bit afer i uploaded the video rather than taking it down right away. I mean if they did that with me then they might as well do it to the other videos. I swear youtube at times pisses me off!


Update: Just when you think that things couldnt get worse, they do. Due to my allergies i have an infected eye which is red and the side of my eye is swollen. I went to school this to get it checked just to make sure and i was told that i needed to go home so my parenst had to pick me up from school to get me(fortanetly they werent working so it wasnt really problem). Anyway, i spend the day home and around 10AM i went to sleep up until almost 1:30PM but it still hasnt healed all that much. I have to take a bunch of antibiotics to get this cleared and it sucks because this is really irritating. I also forgot to mention that i had my hand was rammed by the steel door in the kitchen of my house that leads to the basement. This week seems to be worst than last week even though last week i had two of my teeth pulled out. Man i hope i get better and hope that all of you are having abtter week than me.:(

Out of School Again

As i had mentioned on Monday, i was on my last day on SPring Break because of weather problems here in the East, in my case New Jersey. But just when you think it was all behind, it comes back. On Tuesday i did have school and such but then fast forward to Tuesday night and there is no school for Wednesday. It seems the whether has finally effected my area and well schools had to be closed. But here we are on Thursday adn still the schools are closed. Who knows if Friday will  be the same but this flooding is really taken a toll around here. In gaming news, the only thing i can say is that beat The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction on Tuesday. I have played since Saturday which was when i bought it and i can say that it is really fun and good. Its kind of short but its really good even if you dont know much about the Hulk universe.

1 More Day

well officially my spring break ended yesterday but i have this last day today because well there is alot of rain happening in my area and alot of schools are closed today including mine which is in another area. I thought that it wouldnt be closed but last night my parents told me i could stay regardless of the school being closed and just found out my closed was really closed on it website since the news didnt say anything. So yeah one more day.

Games To Beat V2

1. Frequency
2. Final Fantasy X(2nd time)
3. Metal Gear Solid 2(7th time i think)
4. Grand Turismo 3
5. Sonic Mega Collection(kind of)
6. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction(4/17/07)


1. Oddworld Abe's Oddysee
2. Raystorm
3. Resident Evil 2-Claire Scenario
4. Silent Hill
5. Tomb Raider 2
6. Tomb Raider 3
7. THPS2
8. WWF Smackdown 2

getting banners

just a simple question but does anyone know of websites where i can get banners for my profile because i have had this banner for quite some time and i want to change it. I had a website but I forgot what it was.
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