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deathragnarok Blog

New Layout Is Crap

I hate it and as far as GS is concern, Im not here anymore and dont have a desire to come back. Dont care if anyone reads this since at this point, it doesnt matter

Just Here And There

Let's just say that im getting that feeling that alot of people get around here and thats not really coming to Gamespot as much. Even though i received a new computer after my old one died, I still dont feel myself coming here as much as i used to. Oh well, cant be satisfied with everything to be honest. Like I mention, new computer I have and its way better than my old one.

Dont Know What To Say

Honestly i came here to probably write something but i cant think of anything. Usually i do but in this case not today. Aside from not being online for a few days and school nothing much is going. Obviously this seems to be turning into a random blog which honeslty you reallly shouldnt read since it really has no significance at all

Start Of 2008=A Very Tragic Occurence For Me

Start of the new year is suppose to be a happy and peaceful time but for me it is not this year. Just half an hour ago I learned that a friend of mine who i care for and i havent seen in 2 months has passed. Im extremelt shocked for this happening. When i learned that she was at the hospital, i prayed that nothing serious would happened and the last hing i wanted was to lose someone i cared for. But in life you cant get what you want, you cant change fate but its just painful that this occur. Worst part of this is she died at 22 and i feel this way because she has been the only person i have known that passed so early in her life, its painful really:cry: I wouldnt write about this anywhere else but i feel that this would be a good place since i feel that i can be open to those who have known me for some time

Happy Freaking New Years

yes at the time i write this im about 2 hours too late oh well. 2008 is upon us and well lets just see where it takes us. The only activity i have here is doing a bit of clean up with unions and maybe some friend clean up so yeah. Anyway i wish all of you a happy 2008 and hope it doesnt suck. I didnt get to see the ball drop, that blows :D

Merry X-Mas To All

For those who celebrated atleast so for that case Happy Kwanzaa, Hanukah and other holidays i cant remember now. Well there you go :)

11/4/07=Worst Day Ever!!!

What happened on that Sunday i hope will not happen again. It doesnt involve any problems with anyone or anything, it mainly had something with my health. You see on that Sunday morning I was watching this show on DVD which is called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Seasons 1 and 2(BTW funny show, should check it out)and well i decided to eat some Corn Pops with milk of course 2 servings to be exact and well some time afterwards i get a bad feeling in my stomach. Because of this i drank some Pepto Bismol which would eventually start off a series of vomiting ranginf from around 1:00PM till 10:00PM that day. It was really bad and painful for me since it was just constant. I swear i vomited around 10 times that day. You dont know how much crap came out of my mouth, it even at one point came out my nose. As a result my ribs hurt after all the vomiting and i went to the doctor instead of school. I was checked and given medication for stomach and pain. I was given another day off today and will return tomorrow. Fortanetly the only good thing to come out of this is that i only have to attend school tomorrow since here in Jersey there is a teacher conventions so school is out for students and on top of that there is Veterans Day in America on Monday so thats five days there which is pretty cool :) Other than that the moral of this blog is to be careful of what you put into your stomach because it migjht turn your back on you. I forgot to mention that the milk that i drak was suppose to expire the next day so it may have something to do with what happened to me, just throwing that out there. If you read this then i hope that it may become somewhat informative even though it probaly wont. Thank You.

P.S. I know that my past blogs have not been video game related even though this is a video game website so for this i will just make a quikc summary of what im playing. GH3 has kept be busy for the past week and besides that my main game is Medal Of Honor Frontline which is a pretty cool war game. I also bought Dark Cloud this Saturday which is old but im willing to check out

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