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Are the VGAs really for developers?

The show has never made sense to me, now it continues down that path even further. I have some questions pertaining to the show that I hope someone reads and can answer to the best of their ability.

How come multi-platform games get put in best Wii, 360 and PS3 games of the year? Why did Batman get best 360, but not best PS3 game? Gears 3 should have won that honor because it was an exclusive that received the same AAA status, but more sales than AC.

On the flip side, CoD didn't even receive AAA status, but sales and managed to beat Gears 3 for best shooter!? I want an explanation! Yes, I don't like CoD at all -- I never really have. It's a refined cash-cow. Some people will say the same thing about Gears, but Gears delivered in every way it should have. And it's for the Hardcore.

Gamespot got it right with their reviews this year. An average Zelda, an amazing Gears, non-AAA CoD. I hope ONE game website has the right mind to give Gears 3 what it deserves.

MVC3 Quick Review

If you like fighters, insane cross-overs and iconic casts, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 by Capcom might be worth checking out.

Marvel and Capcom characters such as: Ryu, Iron Man, Chun-Li, and the Hulk are ready to slam fists and throw projectiles once more after a long, gregarious 10-year hiatus. MVC3 is a hardcore, tag-team fighter that pits three of your chosen Marvel and/or Capcom characters against another three in a battle of vibrancy and madness. It's one of the more complicated fighters on the market which is a rare nod to the hardcore audience, which is slowly being diminished by the ever-growing casual market.

The storyline offers an incredibly engaging experience: Galactus wants to destroy the Marvel and Capcom worlds. Stop him. Now…

Stringing combos, and learning how to perform:Ariel Combos, Snap-Backs, Advancing Guards, Crossover Counters, Team Ariel Combos, Ariel Combo Counters, Hyper Combos and other various mechanics take a long time to master. Capcom tried to make the game more inviting (unlike previous installments) but largely failed at giving it the accessibility it needed to obtain a wider audience.

However, this isn't a bad game at all. The colorful combo madness that occurs on the screen is candy to the eye, and rewarding to any player that takes the time to accrue the skill. A couple nights ago I pulled off a 97-hit combo. That's right, 97 individual hits before the string died. Did I get this done because of luck? No, it all takes skill. Button mashers will find themselves overwhelmed by AI and by the online community, and it isn't recommended in any form. You have to decide before even buying this game "Do I care about mastering this game?"

If yes, you've probably just purchased the most rewarding game of 2011. If no, it's easy to understand why you would make that decision, because this game is the Karate Kid of video games.

Score: 8/10

Finally Got Every Achievement in Fable II + Fable III

Since I bought Fable 3 (which is a HUGE disappointment) I've be thinking of Fable 2, and that rubbish "colourist" achievement. In order for it to unlock you must collect 10 different dyes in the cursed worlds, and while this may sound easy -- it is. Until of course you have to venture to the coliseum, where you may attempt getting an overall score of 1895. I've tried for hours and it never seemed to work out for me, so the achievement haunted me for years.

Thankfully, a glitch has come to the rescue! YES! YES! YES! I unlocked the achievement last night and can now truly say Fable II will never come out of its case ever again.

Fable 3 makes me sad. Peter definitely didn't hype this game up as badly as he did with Lionhead's previous installments, but that's probably only because he knew in the midst of development that he was making an incredibly lackluster title. He has some ambitious and intriguing ideas scattered throughout the course of the game, but everything feels so hasty and rehashed that it's hard to appreciate anything good the game does have to offer.

I think one thing I can appreciate most about the game is its primary focus on being a Queen or King. The responsibilities you face are quite stressful to take on, and you have to accumulate a lot of gold to stay true to the promises and hope you instilled into those poor little dwellers looking for someone to look up to in their perpetually awful lives. It's never that I can ponder on and enjoy though. All I can focus on is the direct problems I see in front of me. My annoying dog that freezes and gets lost and sees a treasure that I saw seconds before, the uncomfortable atmosphere, the incomplete look, the abysmal frame rate, the recycled graphics engine and of course Jasper's consisting advertising campaign.

A legendary video game designer once said that the little things are what make a great game. Boy he was right.

Goldeneye Wii is TERRIBLE!

I know that this was a re-imagining of the original hit on the N64, but I'm glad I've got nostalgia goggles on and can realize the original is a much better game. While the passing years have damaged my favorite multiplayer game, its level design, simple nature and fun gun play has kept me coming back for many years.

Goldeneye is a personalized Call of Duty for Wii owners, and for that -- it's incredibly mediocre and barely makes the grade. For me personally, it's a slap to my face just as Goldeneye Rogue Agent was.

Oh, and it seems they would have at least gotten the level design right, but it fails on every level.

E3 Burned My Wallet! - My Official E3 Wishlist

I'm not talking about that motion sensing bull crap in this blog, just good old fashioned video games. E3 was a busy event, I missed school to see Microsoft's stuff and regretted it. I thought Sony had the best press conference overall because they showed GAMES and original games, unlike Microsoft they have different games to bring to the table.

Here are my MUST buy games of 2009-10:

1. Metroid: Other M-Team Ninja is involved, I'm buying.
2. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2-Once again, Team Nina...
3. The Last Guardian-Looks like a fun magical experience to me!
4. Splinter Cell Conviction-I miss Sam.
5. DJ Hero-A dream became a reality.
6. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker-Finally some co-op?
7. Metal Gear Solid: Rising
8. New Super Mario Brothers Wii-Hey, I have a lot of Nintendo fanboy friends.
9. Halo 3: ODST-While still overrated, I like the Halo Universe, and it's becoming more established for me.
10. Star Wars: Old Republic-An MMO I think I'll like!?
11. God of War 3-Dude, it's God of War!?
12. Final Fantasy XIII-I like the characters and the gameplay looks amazing.
13. Mass Effect 2-New party members and story!

Here are some games I think the world would be better without:

2. Mario Galaxy 2-You mean Mario Galaxy with Yoshi right?
3. Alan Wake-I was very interested in this game until I saw it in action.
4. MAG-I was excited about this game until I realized no one is going to take it seriously. Also, it looks just too generic.
5. Resident Evil PSP-Resident Evil on PSP? GOD NO! Think of the controls...
6. Lost Planet 2-I hated the first one, I know I'll hate this one as well.
7. Dead Rising 2-I'm still trying to figure out why they are making this.

And just as a rant, I think the world would be WAY better without, Fire Emblem: DS. It's the worst port to a game I have ever played, it's rushed, boring and sloppy. The game is pure stupidity and craps on one of the greatest franchises on Earth.

Yes,Duke Still Has It

Yup,I'm thinking that Duke Nukem 3D on the Xbox Live Arcade is my favorite Arcade game to date on the system.

I played it on the N64 long ago with a pack of my friends,so I miss the Z trigger.But man this game is good and was brought over well to the arcade.No glitches,the graphics are nice for an old game and the menus are nice and organized.Here are some more pros for Duke Nukem 3D:

+Amazing Price,10$;look at what you're getting.
+User Clips in an Arcade game.REAL nice for when you own or have a wtf moment.
+8 Player co-op!Take a break from fighting eachother and drink some beers and remember the amazing time you guys had together playing this c lassic FPS that owns Halo.
+IT'S online!Wow,this sounds like a full game deal.Duke online,that's something I never imagined as an eight year old.
+Long Single Player.The single player will take you a good long while to complete,and there's a rewind time feature if you die!
+Duke's best one-liners return.Your ass your face,what's the difference?It's time to kick some ass and chew bubble gum...AND I'm all outta gum!
+Excellent sound track.

So overall,if you like FPS at all,check this game out now,it's one of the best investments you will make on Live.

Small Car Wreck...

I was driving with my Mom all over the place today,I got a haircut,we went to get my brothers glasses fixed,and then we went to Red Apple.And I parked just fine,but instead of pushing the breaks after I parked I pushed the gas again and scratched a guys car paint near the front of his car.It wasn't bad at all though.

But our car on the other hand.I broke the left mirror,and a smaller window was broken.

So ya,I got owned today.:(

Top Ten Games of All Time #9

Yes,I love San Andreas more than GTAIV!It's got more to do,better characters(ok a special someone is better than all of them but still),funnier story and just a very good atmosphere.I enjoyed the soundtrack a lot,I don't recommend rap to anyone because the lyrics can be offensive and vulgar but I love old school g-funk like Dre and Ice Cube and there was even a time Snoop was good.It was real hard to pick the best one out of all of them I enjoyed GTA3-IV very much,but this one holds a special place in my heart as being the most enjoyable.Why?Simply because I liked the story the most and the awesome drive by missions.I felt like a real gangster when I played this game.I loved Ryder,Big Smoke,CJ and the Truth a lot.They were so funny,and so realistic.I really cared about most of the characters in this game,something the other GTAs have failed to do for me.

Anyways regardless if GTAIV is the best,San Andreas is still my favorite and it earns #9 in my greatest games of all time.

O,and remember something I'm not saying these are flat out the best games of all time.But there my own personal picks for the greatest to me.If Vice City is better than San Andreas to you,fine so be it.

And if you want a hint at number 8.Fill in the blanks.

"I'M STILL IN A DREAM _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _!"

E3 Press Report Card

Man the Press Conferences sure were disappointing this year!Microsoft kinda stood out from the bunch,Sony did ok and Nintendo performed terribly.



They showed nothing really to new on the game front.But they showed a lot of neat features for Live and they stole another exclusive.Big surprise?Not really.



A terrible,terrible job.No great titles this year at all,and Nintendo will not appeal to the Hardcore audience at all from that.Animal Crossing 2 is the best game mentioned there and that should tell you something.No appearance from Zelda or Mario.Totally disappointing,and almost embarrassing.



We have basically scene most of what they shown,it wasn't bad though.And honestly.....The only surprising thing at that was the video market,and being able to download videos and keep them instead of just rentals.I think everyone expected God of War 3.And there was no surprise FFVII remake trailer like I expected there to be.

Overall Grade: