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@dreman999 said:

Dude the source of all this is the justice department.

...proceeds to quote CNN.

You would have been better off quoting buzzfeed or the guardian.

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@Gaming-Planet said:

I live in California.

I feel really underrepresented right now. He's treating us like we're the enemy.

Look at your seditious, ungovernable state.

I think the rest of the country just wishes you would secede already. You might eventually be forced to.

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I appreciate the effort you must have gone through to try to track down something resembling an official twitter decree in an attempt to prove me wrong.

However, that is not an official decree, which should be clear to you by this comment you yourself quoted:

White House officials and the Pentagon said at the time that his missives did not amount to formal U.S. government policy.

An official decree or order comes in the form of a signed executive order (policy document). This can't be done on twitter for obvious reasons.

President Donald Trump on Friday formally ordered the Department of Defense to reverse a 2016 order allowing transgender individuals to serve openly in the military.

The formal policy document comes a month after Trump surprised the Pentagon when he announced in a series of July 26 tweets that he would reverse the Obama-era policy change. The Pentagon pondered how to respond, and Secretary of Defense James Mattis said he was waiting to hear from the White House exactly how he should proceed

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There is so much misinformation here I don't know where to begin.

@Nuck81 said: In a disastrous blunder, manaforts lawyers failed to properly redact sensitive information on his recent court filing.

One of the charges is, providing polling data to the Kremlin.

False. There are no charges forthcoming in relation to this. Furthermore there is no mention of the word "Kremlin" nor is he accused of providing any information to them. More on this below.

The defense team says Mueller’s team has indicated that they will not pursue additional charges against Manafort.

@Nuck81 said: Manafort was providing Republican voter polling data to the Kremlin in order for them to specifically target certain demographics with customized propoganda in order to sway public opinion in favor of trump.

Patently false. Manafort provided polling data to an associate. That associate is alleged to have ties to Russian intelligence. That's all it is at this point.

They also do not speculate on what purpose this polling data intended to serve. That unfounded assertion was made by you alone and is provided without any evidence to support your conclusion.

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort shared polling data during the 2016 presidential campaign with an associate accused of having ties to Russian intelligence and lied to federal investigators about it, according to a court filing Tuesday.

@Nuck81 said: This propoganda came in the form of memes, social media bots, as well as Twitter and Facebook accounts.

This information is found nowhere in the article you quoted. You made it up. AKA lying and inventing information. You must be a journalist.

@Nuck81 said: Mueller has specific evidence and proof of collusion with Russia.

Yet another tinfoil hat fabrication stated nowhere in the material you sourced.

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@Serraph105 said:

There has been multiple occassions throughout Trump's presidency where he tweets an order or official decree without actually doing anything legally, mostly because he's a moron who thinks (or at least thought) that that's how things work. People didn't do what he said, and nothing actually happened.

Provide a single example of Trump issuing an official decree or order from his twitter account. Just one. Any one will do.

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@LJS9502_basic said:

@sn0man: I like how you troll when the facts show you lied. It's so pathetic.

What facts? All you contribute is meaningless, nonsensical drivel.

Go chew on some crayons.

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@LJS9502_basic said:

Because it's legal immigrants if you read the link. Funny that. It doesn't differentiate between legal children receiving benefits and immigrant parents not.

When you bring up paying for do know that those using aren't the ones paying for even if they are Americans. So why the double standards?

The first year of any president's term the debt has already been created by the prior president and as such it isn't fair to use that against the new president. Bush's last budget increased debt by 1.16 trillion. Obama had nothing to do with that.

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@Vaasman said:
The largest percentage of food stamp recipients in 2016 were White citizens.

I don't recall making any statements about what race uses how much welfare. I don't recall claiming any particular usage statistic whatsoever. How racist of you to make that leap.

But since you brought it up, a watered-down statistic from left leaning politifact finds 41 percent of immigrant households in California relied on welfare. It does not distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants (funny thing that).

I could care less if more Americans use welfare than immigrants, since Americans (of whatever race) are the ones paying for it, and it was designed to benefit less fortunate Americans. Instead it's being abused by immigrants.

The US debt was already over 10 trillion when Obama took office, and increased by less than 9 trillion. Though the largest by-dollar increase, this is a lower percentage increase than both Ronald Reagan, and his predecessor, George W. Bush.

Right. My bad. Bush doubled it. Then Barry doubled it again.

But don't try to use percentages to distract from the very plain and obvious fact that Obama increased the national debt by $9 Trillion - bringing it to ~$20 Trillion - which can, at this point, never be paid. You'll soon pay more in interest on that ridiculous debt than you do on the entire military budget.

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@Nuck81: muh russia collusion tho

Don't complain to me about debt while you insist on letting every third world scumbag on the planet in to the country to live off social assistance and food stamps

Also it went from about 5T to about 20T under Obama. Democrats hold the undisputed world record on creating country-destroying debt.

Stocks go up, stocks go down. DJIA is still well up overall - even from just 2 years ago - though down from its all time record breaking high under the watch of this administration.

Trump's economic record is one of vastly increased GDP growth, increased wages, massive increases in available job opportunities and an increase in household median income.

What else you got?