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I want an Atheism holiday

im serious, i think we deserve a holiday.

i do celebrate christmas with my family but we;re not really religious about it. (well my grandparents are and aunts/uncles)

but like a christmas tree, there should be an atheism jar of nothing.

it's kinda stupid, but it would be a good holiday :P

thanks for reading about my odd thoughts-munchlax99 :)

So I watched the entire MW3 campaign on youtube yesterday...

...and it was surprisingly amazing :D

the couple twists in the middle completely blew me away.

the ending was bad ass, but it didn't answer all the questions

[spoiler] like is captain price a hero again? [/spoiler]

so it might have been better than cod4's story, it was a lot better than mw2's story :P

i wasn't expecting to be so good haha :D

anyway thanks for reading,


Good Bye Xbox Live

yup i finally canceled my box live subscription, and it will turn silver next month after my 1 month thing ends :P

if you are my friend on live, feel free to add me on PSN--FlyingFlyersFan5

thanjs for reading-munchlax99 :)

I'm getting Battlefield 3 for free (kinda)


im going to trade in ncaa football 12 and madden 12 to best buy for a pre-order on battlefield 3, i even get like 2 bucks on top of that :P

ncaa football 12 was a great game but i played through 3 dynasty seasons and a full road to glory, so i pretty beat it to the core :)

and madden 12 was just so shallow, franchise mode is fun, but superstar mode is so bad!!!

so yea, its goona be good, DAY 1 BF3 :D


Easy answer in the Battlefield 3--Modern Warfare 3 debate

Get both

:shock: wait, he said "both", that doesn't even make sense!!!

anyway, that's my solution. I already know Battlefield 3 will be a better game, but one thing MW3 has is, it's just plain fun. there's so many noobs in it, which makes it pretty easy :P

and i love battlefield with all my heart, so im defintely getting that :D

im sick of people debating over the two, yes i know MW3 will probably suck, but its going to be hella fun, especially with friends :)

but also guess what comes in between the two

:shock: How the hell will i be able to get all 3 and find time to play all 3???

it sucks to be a gamer :cry:


(this was a weird blog post, anyway thanks for reading :D)