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Wonder Woman - Your Thoughts?

I think the plot was kind of typical and predictable but the journey from point A to point B was incredibly enjoyable. Filled with both comedic and heartfelt moments, It was a very satisfying experience story wise. I think a big reason why is because of the serious chemistry between the leads Gadot and Pine. The best moments of the movie involved the two of them - A highlight would definitely be the best scene of film which features the two leads traveling by boat. It's an improvised scene and shows the genuine chemistry that the two have together and it got a huge laugh in the theater when it happened.

I also loved the journey of Diana as a character. It's clear from the beginning that she is an intelligent and strong woman, She doesn't follow the typical troupe of "Hero from a strange land not use to how the real world works". She is actually quite disgusted with how people are treated and doesn't understand how humans can treat each other like that. I think the big take away from her character development is that every other character doesn't really get the same love. Pine gets a good story arc but the other side characters are really just that - side characters. We are given a little backstory on them but they aren't major players, They're just along for the ride.

The villains were enjoyable enough in this movie but it was easy to tell from the jump that there was a real mastermind behind it all that was pulling the strings. It was no surprise when the twist came because everyone was expecting it. Also, I am a bit disappointed that David Thewlis wasn't given more screen time. He's such a great actor and I felt his presence was kind of wasted as he really only appeared at the climax of the film. And speaking of the ending, It was kind of anti-climactic. We all knew what was gonna happen in the end, It was kind of predictable and I don't think it wow'd anyone else in the theater.

I do wanna tip my hat off the director of this film Patty Jenkins. She truly brought this film to life and made a huge hit not just for the DCEU but for women everywhere. You have a talented female director leading the first big female lead blockbuster that just so happens to be a superhero film, Which is a genre entirely dominated by men. Wonder Woman, I feel, is gonna be the template for every female lead superhero film that comes out. But enough of my rambling, What do you guys think?

Suicide Squad - Your thoughts?

The plot was really generic. Introduced to all characters who then face a villain in the immediate area and save the day unexpectedly. Aside from Deadshot and Harley Quinn, Everyone only has a brief 2-3 minute introduction and that's that. DS and HQ are the only ones with any real backstory and development through out the movie. Everyone else is really on the back burner and it's a disappointment because there are plenty of other interesting characters on the squad that deserve their chance to shine.

Humor was awkwardly added in through out the movie and it's pretty obvious that was from the re-shoots as they don't really fit the flow of the movie. The biggest complaint for BvS was that it was too serious and clearly, Suicide Squad was written as a more serious movie but was changed in order to address the criticism. I think if they went into it with more of a comedy vibe that it probably would have been a much funnier and thought out film but that wasn't the case here. I was not really satisfied with the action scenes either. They were pretty basic and lackluster.

Now as for the cast. Will Smith does well as Deadshot, although I wasn't much of a fan of how the character was written. We are far too sympathetic with him and he's a villain, He's a cold blooded assassin. I wish they changed that. I loved Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, She was definitely the best part of the film and is a perfect fit for the character. The rest of the squad does good enough but again, We see so little of them that it's sort of hard to judge them properly. And the same applies for Jared Leto as the Joker. At times, I wasn't really a fan and at other times, I loved him. He has problem 15 mins of screen time through out the film and it's just too hard to really criticize him when we see so little of him. And that's a huge disappointment because in every trailer, He is a huge feature and most of his scenes featured in said trailers don't even appear in film. Viola Davis killed it as Amanda Waller, She's a great addition to the DCEU. The one person I wasn't really satisfied with is Joel Kinnaman. I like him as an actor but it's such a type-cast character for him and Rick Flag was so poorly written. It's just hard getting behind him knowing that we could have had someone like Tom Hardy in his place.

All in all, I wasn't much of a fan. The parts were far greater than the sum.

Batman vs Superman Ultimate Edition: Does it make the movie better?

The biggest issue with the theatrical cut of the film is that there wasn't much content. There was a lot of time jumps and skips. A lot of story lines introduced but not really explored. All to cut it down to a watchable run time for your average movie-goer. Now let's breakdown what the ultimate edition adds and see if it helps the film as a whole.

Subplot in Africa is explored more:

We see a little bit more depth here. The under cover agent who dies to protect Lois is given a name...Jimmy Olsen, A nice nod to the character who is Superman's best friend in the comics. We see a new female character added as well who seems to be a mole planted by Lex to help turn people against Superman. She testifies to the senate and blames him for the death of her "family" in the attacks he is believed to be responsible for.

Superman is more human:

My biggest issue with the film when I first saw it was the lack of Superman. We pretty much just saw him pose and use his powers. Throw in the occasional one liner and that's it. We didn't see any more depth or exploration from him as a character, It might as well have just been a Batman film. In the ultimate cut, We see him investigate this bat vigilante of Gotham as Clark Kent. We see him interact with more people and actually be human. It was nice to see that and it was something that definitely should have been in the original cut of the film. It made the character feel a lot less wooden and a lot more real.

Aside from that, We have a few small filler scenes that don't really amount of much and that's it. Now as to how I'd rate it. When I first saw the film, I gave it a 7 out of 10 despite it's flaws. I am gonna stick with that score. The ultimate cut helps explain a couple of plot lines better and explores Superman's character depth a bit more but nothing major is really added. The ultimate cut helps make sense of things that may have confused you in the theatrical cut but doesn't really improve the film as a whole.