Games I've Played

Game Release Date GameSpot Score Deactivated-58bd60b980002's Score

Borderlands 2


Dragon's Crown

If you happen to have played D&D as a kid with home made dongeon ( liked draw on a cardboard ) with painted figures ... this game capture that feeling of playing a D&D games quite well.


Killzone: Mercenary

I really liked Killzone on the PS3 and I gave that game a shot. I lonly finished the first mission. as a shooter on the go, I don't think there is something better.


LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

Cute and fun little game that I must say I much prefert that game over Super Mario. To me the last good Super Mario was Super Mario World. This game is just fun and a lot more fun with someone else. The music is great and the little caracters are cute.


Persona 4: The Golden

This game is definitively in my very short list of greatest game of all time. Trully a masterpiece. If you love RPG, you must play that.



Cute and charming little game ¸. the voice acting is just perfect and the music is also very good. I think this is a great game to play with your kids


Soul Sacrifice

Quite interesting game where you choose if you sacrifice or save monsters. If you like awesome music, big ugly monsters and cooperative multiplayer, it is for you.


Tales of Xillia

Good game, a little rough, it does feel like a PS2 games with HD graphic. Good game over all if you are into RPG