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My impression on the current generation

I'll start by saying that I have a Xbox360 and a PS3.

I have played many many games on both system since 2007 and I'm kind of sad of what games have became. With all the powerful hardware we have today, the most important thing for developpers are : graphics. It seems every thing else is washed away in the benefit of the "Oh so wonderful" graphics.

Oh yes, I know some wonderful game and many that I really like and I will talk about that latter, for now, let's talk about sad things that I noted.

Many great series like Grand Theif Auto, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid etc, had awesome installement in the past but it is very sad what they have became now on the PS3/XBOX360 ... Devil May Cry 4 is pretty lame compared to DMC 3. Where's the story ? Where's the frenetic action ? Same thing happened with Final Fantasy 13. 12 was meh and this one is really mehhhh. A boring story, boring combat system, no mini game. No nothing ... But it as wonderful graphics. Metal Gear Solid 4 ... I know this game always had very complex story and long cinematics but if you play the game withtout watching any movies ... you get a 5h games ... with cinematics: 20h and of cours it has wonderful graphics.

Other games are stupidly short. KillZone 2, Heavy Rain cometo mind. Nice game, very entertaining with wonderful graphics ... but are stupidly short.

Is it all games have to really offert nowaday ? Wonderful graphics and nothing else ? It seems so from many games that are acclaim like the best of the best.

I said that I'll talk a little about games that at least have something to offer. Gears Of War 1 and 2, Halo 3, Fallout 3, Burnout paradise come to my mind. The story mode last at least 15h hours. You can replay those game many times and nothing will be the same.

I know many of you won't think the same as me. These are the exemple IMO. Your's can be different but the core of the message remain the same.