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My Favorite video games of all time

Yeah I now I don't blog a lot here and I don't talk a lot on the forum and stuff like that, I don't even know if I still have friend who follow my stuff. But anyway I want to post about that ... my favorite game of all time.

First it is ... Mega Man 2 and 3. Yes both of them together. First two games that I finished during my NES days. I still play those game to this day.

I have to say, Mario World, that game was really awesome. A big map with theme that you can navigate and it introduce the Yoshi and many new monsters. The music was also very cool.

Final Fantasy VI ... need I say more ? Oh yes ? well the story was really interesting and very deep, all the caracters were important and unique. Also, I think they had a lot of great idea that were only limited by the power of the SNES. In this game, you could found a truly mean, bad guy. Kefka.

Final Fantasy VII, the first Final Fantasy that I finished. ( I went back to FF6 few years latter when the released it on PS1 ) The story was nice and the infamous scene where Aeris ( Aerith ) die. Also Sephiroth wasn't a 100% bad guy. I thought it was very interesting to have a bad guy that could be also see as a good guy and kind of blurr the line between the two.

Final Fantasy Tactics. Yes the version of the PS1 ( now avalaible on PS store ). One of the greatest game I ever played. The story was awesome, very deep, very compelling. The fingting was also super deep, you had to check everything before casting a spell or learn how to use ability like Jump to hit your enemy each time. Also the music was super nice, they don,t make music like that anymore.

Okami, yeah Okami. Very nice like action/adventure game. The visual are really artistic, remiscent of ancient chinease art or how their caligraphy looks. The story was wierd a little , because at start you have a foe and then you discover that their is a bigger monster in reallity but the game play, the music, the artistic visual was so awesome. There was also a lot of cool stuff to discovers in the game like new ability that isn't listed ( rain, more powerful slash, create fire with the infinite symbol etc ).

God Of War 3. I have all the other GOW, but the 3rd was so nice. The power of the PS3 helped a lot to have gigantic monsters on screen and how can we forget the awsomeness of the intro level where you fight again Poseidon in his God form on the head of Gaïa while she struggle to fight with water snake/horse from Poseidon. And also, how he kills every God during the game, it feels very powerful and he seems so pissed off. There also a scene where Hera insult Pandora infront of Kratos and we can see his rage on his face and just kill Hera of pure rage/hate.

Mortal Kombat, the Xbox360/PS3 version and also the MK2 version. Why ? because those two games just changed everything. MK2 was the most violent game when it cames out and it was a nice breath of fresh air from all the Street Fighter clone. Also the possibility of killing our opponent ... like it should be at the end of a combat. The new version did the same thing. Even if Street Fighter IV was nice, it miss the satisfaction MK give, also I think they did a better job for offline player and didn't screw people of DLC.

Star Craft ... what a nice RTS game. no other RTS kept me interested for so long, I still played the orginal before the 2 came out. I think the new SC put some more life in this genre that seem to die with all the FPS that come out now.