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My 2014 Retrospective

I never played that many games in one years.

This years I played :

On PS3

  • Final Fantasy Lightning Returns : even thought the game had many problems with frame rate, I enjoyed it a lot and platinum it
  • Naruto Shippuden 3 : again another game that I platinumed and it wasn,t as fun as the previous entries but hey, with the story it couldn't be helped.
  • South Park The Stick Of Truth : As a fan of South Park, I had to play it and enjoyed it but it was so easy that once I finished it I immediatly sold it.
  • The Last Of Us : I finally gave up to the hype train as the PS4 version came out and played it. Outside of some beautiful graphics I didn't find the game enjoyable at all. if the story was the huge selling point of the game to me it got pretty boring and predictable, I prefer story telling in a JRPG. Never going to play another ND game.
  • Persona 2 : Interesting game that I haven't played before but after finishing P4G, I had to played previous entries. Cool game.

On 3DS

  • Zelda A Link Between World : I got a 3ds after selling my Vita and I got a brand new unsold Zelda themed 3DS and obviously this is the first game I played and enjoyed it a lot. I'm on my second playthrough and I hope to find every heart this time.
  • Pokémon X : This was my first Pokémon game ever and I liked it even though the story was ridiculous it is a lot of fun to find a Pokémon that will help you and build a good team. I've been interested in Pokémon after playng Ni No Kuni.
  • Bravely Default : I still haven't finished it but I'm somewhere in chap 5. Very good game but I had to take a break after going after the vampire asterisk...
  • Fire Emblem : Good game, really fun but I didn,t find it as deep as Final Fantasy Tactics on PSOne.
  • Super Mario 3D Land : This is the game that reminded me how much I love platformer and especially Mario games. I've been away for too long. I was super excited once I unlocked Luigi !
  • Final Fantasy Theatrythm Curtain Call : For a Final Fantasy fan this game is really cool and challeging !
  • Paper Mario Sticker Star : The music is super cool and the sticker fun to use but a huge disapointement in the story which used to be wacky and deep.
  • Persona Q : Finally a Persona game on a Nintendo system and it is very fun, all the caracters from P3 and P4G are here ! Yes even Marie-chan from P4G. I haven't played with the P3 perspective but from P4G they found a way to make that story Inside P4G story. I heard that this game play a lot like Etrian Odyssey and I think this will be my next purchaise for my 3DS.

On Wii U

  • Mario Kart 8 : Very good game, I love it so much ! I'm also very close to beat every challenges in the reverse mode, only one cup to go ! I Wonder if you unlock something for it ?
  • Super Mario 3D World : Very cool game and so much more than 3D Land but in different ways.
  • Bayonnetta 1&2 : I haven't played those game previously so it was all new to me. Quite good, somekind of Devil May Cry on steroid with a lot of sexy poses. I think I'll finish B1 soon and will see the awesomness of B2.
  • Super Smash Bros. : This is also the first time I play a Smash game and it was interesting and quite fun with a lot of people. I may find it a lot more fun and maybe a classic once I play it more.
  • The Legend Of Zelda : Wind Waker HD : I remember playing it on my GameCube but I never finished it. This is my chance and I'm looking for collecting all the heart and stuff but it can take a lot of time when you don't know where to look.
  • Capitain Toad : Very cool little game, I'm somewhere in Toadette chapter and it is really fun.

So all and all it was a good year for me, especially on the 3DS and Wii U side, on the PS3/Vita it was more of a disapointement outside of Lightning Returns. For next year it will mostly finishing all my games. I'm looking foward many Wii U and 3DS releases and only waiting for P5 for the PS3.