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Liste of game

Right now I'm playing :

Ni No Kuni ( yeah I want that damn platinum )

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 ( as a fan of Naruto I really like it )

Persona 4 Golden ( on the Vita and it is really fun )

Little Big Planet Vita ( I finished it and I like to play a game from time to time )

Assassin's Creed Liberation Vita ( still unsure about this one ... but it came with my Vita so )

I'm looking forward to :

Bioshock Infinite on the PS3 or maybe on the Vita, I'll see first if I like it enough to buy and play it.

Last Of Us on the PS3

Lego Batman 2 on the Vita

Disgaia 3 on the Vita

I saw another game that coming at the end of april for the Vita that look like Demon Soul, I'll look into that too.

But for right now I'll at leas finish Persona4 on the Vita and Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm3 before buying anything else. I know myself, I'll have to almost to completely finish 100% those game before moving on.