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Kind of disapointed

I just saw and commented on the news that the next Splinter Cell won't have the torture QTE scene. I said that I think it was too much violence anyway. I don't mind violence, because in most game it is more like a mindless and over-the-top irrealistic violence. To me torture is anti-moral and is just too much. I don't like it in movies either.

When I commented, I was quickly labelled as an idiot who don't understand and want games to be censored. In the article, it is clearly stated that Ubisoft got negative feedback from the demo and decided to remove the QTE. No one forced them, they decided. I think they were right but some people seem so angry ... they say it is because it is like that in real life and it has to be in the game because you know ... it won,t be as fun if it isn,t realistic ... I don't know but I don't find it fun nor entertaining nor a necessity to show or act during a torture scene.

and sometime I wondered if those people just want to be able to torture in a game ... as if that little 40sec QTE will be the highlight of the game.

I don't know but sometime a little taste isn't a bad thing ... especially when it feels like the QTE is here only to shock.

anyway, as always, I'm the black sheep