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I don't know

What is going on ?

Recently DLC have become very bad. I never bought a DLC, ever. But now you have to pay for everything and many stupid stuff at that. Unlock lternate costumes, unlock new playing mode, etc.

One day we will have to pay to see the end !!! Seriously it is bad ... very bad.

I remember in the past ... Resident Evil : you finish the game under 5h you got a nice gun, you didn't save once and you got a nicer gun !!! etc or Tekken where full of caracter that you had to unlock by finishing the game with everyone ... now you pay for all of that !!!

It make me sad ... also, few games are fun enough to finish it again just for fun not for the Acheivements/Trophies.

If thing got worst ... I think it will be my last video game consol