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Holy .... Persona4 Golden

Last night I just finished Persona4 Golden on PSVita. What an awesome japanease RPG. But the final ... man ... it just leaves me with a : What the **** this is ???

***Spoiler alert, you've been warned***

I can't beleive they finished the game like that ... Nanako still at the hospital for like 3 months, Namatame not really in prison and never faced himself, and us ... we quite Inaba !!! I was like ... nah serisouly ? I thought we forged bond that couldn't be broken and now we love that place and bla bla bla ... on top of that you may have a girlfriend ... yeah that was wierd to say the least. Also the fog never lifted again ... I was like ... the fog is so thick this is because the shadow of Namatame is too powerful and some TV creature will come in the real world and we will have to beat him for good this time but no ... and Teddie return into the TV world and no one tried to see him one last time ? and this is what save Nanako ??? I still haven't digested the final of this game.

***End of the spoiler***

It is still one of my top 10 game of all time but that final just make me want more and understand some unanswered questions !!! For now I'll let Persona4 take rest and I will continue my negleted Soul Sacrifice and I'll try to platinum Bioshock Infinite and maybe Ni No Kuni.