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Completitionnist update

I seriously never did that before ... but why not !

Rightnow I'm playing Ni No Kuni and I really enjoy it. I've sinked 16h into it and the journey is just starting to be really fun. Now that I can capture my own Familliar ( aka Pokémon ) the game is a little more dynamic and right now I have to take a boat for the next island. The only complain I could do is : it is kind of a steap difficulty because the 4 first bosses were a joke but I got a Nightmare and this one was a real pain to beat. So I wonder how much time it will take me to finish the game and having 100% trophies and completition.

I miss one trophy for Braid that I want to get ... the speed run-ish thing. I did replay the game before I got Ni No Kuni but I didn't tried to do the speed run.

I also miss only 6 trophies for Fallout 3 to have 100%, I miss the one for level 8 - 14 - 20 Evil and Neutral. Yeah I have everything else except the alien audio log and the 100 steel ingot in the DLC. So the platinium isn't that far away.

I also think about completing at 100% Heavy Rain. I never touched it after I first beat it... it was kind of a emotional adventure for me. But I've been think about that for a long long time.

I will most likely try to obtain the last trophy I miss in Flower ... the dreaded : make it to the city unscathered

Wish me luck !