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help ! ! !

i've just transfered all my data from old to new xbox, all went well, only now i can't play online ? i'm signed into live and a gold member, no problems, just won't let me play online, just will not connect to anything, anyone got any ideas ???

games collection

wow i've expanded my 360 collection to gigantic proportions, at the time of writing this i have 89 games, yes that's right, eighty nine games, there's no secret, ebay people, ebay, the most ridiculous bargain i've had lately was FIFA 08 for £1.27 delivered, absolutley ridiculous, i would have been gutted to post away my footy game for £1.27 lol :lol:

4 pound 20 a game, seriously

just purchased Call of Juarez and Fight Night Round 3 at the bargain price of £4.20 each and delivered, ebay people, the place of the bargain game !

race pro !

race pro cover

just ordered RACE PRO from play.com for the bargain price of £7.99 delivered, looking forward to playing it !