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@j2zon2591: octocore, ps4 is octocore meaning 8 in german.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geMXAkDi6jw I wish you were telling the truth, but yes consoles do that.

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oh i get it, wikipedia is blocking kids via the header on incoming connections at their corporation. They don't like kids because a lot of them were vandalizing the internet a few years back on their website. No wikipedia for you. No cheap resource. haha. I think this is unfair, if its a direct block someone within their company can target ip addresses. I think nazisfing the internet is bad, but communism is worst imho.

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I can't load wikipedia, yet it loads on my pc. I tried hideme.be, and it works, loads fine. Yet, the website doesn't load. Has anyone else had this problem. Just curious if they think that its unsafe or something.

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All 3 are the same actually. Google chrome is a preferred gaming browser, and it has its own temp folder. It also has 3 bots. However it crashes in Netflix, youtube. IE doesn't load pages all the time. Firefox randomly crashes due to vertical sync issues on graphics cards nowadays. You can surf porn on chrome the best. Google chrome is the safest, Ie the most stable and firefox the fastest.

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@TheHighWind: I use mozilla for lots of windows&bookmarks and risky webpages, however ie is more stable. I use IE mostly for netflix, youtube or long use. Since it performs better I chose IE.

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I know there has been lots of topics on this, just wanted to clarify an old topic found here http://www.gamespot.com/forums/system-wars-314159282/read-polygon-count-25520209/:

Xbox360 Maximum polygon count: 500 million triangles per second

Answer: Correct

PS3 Maximum polygon count: 333.3 million polygons per second (1 billion vertices per second / 3 vertices per tirangle)NOT OFFICAL BY SONY

Answer: Incorrect around 275pps peak

Xbox Maximum polygon count: 100 million polygons per sec

Answer: Incorrect around 75m pps peak

Wii Maximum polygon count: No Info I think between 60/75 million polygons per sec

Answer: 100m pps peak

PS2 Maximum polygon count : 66 million polygons per sec

Answer: correct and incorrect, most games with particle effects are 20m pps peak, around 66 mpps

Gamecube Maximum polygon count : 12 million per sec

Answer: correct, around 12 m pps peak

Console you missed:

Ps4 1 billion pps

Xb1 770m pps

PC 785m pps

Wii U 550m pps


Answer: 7m pps peak

Old consoles (since dreamcast there has been a 700 percent technological jump in the videogame industry)

N64: 120k pps, ps1 370k pps, saturn 100k pps


1996 CGI - Toy story 2 billion pps

Toy story 2 4 billion pps

Toy story 2 wins with Toy story in second place and ps4 in 3rd, however it all depends ie sixth gen consoles to me are all the same technologically due to bump mapping being invented. Dc is 2x bump mapping, ps2 is vector based, whilst gc is 8x and xb 4x. Yet GC doesn't hold a lot of data. GC, DC and Xbox 360 are the only streaming consoles I know due to videoram and directly streaming off the disc functions. Pc can do large environments, ps4 cant due to ram

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Is it just me or does a colt 45 randomly appear while playing the game, it happened to me twice already when i did not have the weapon.

Also the game is perfect but I noticed they mess'd up a little on the online mode, it ruins the immersion a bit, even more so when you join a game realizing you skipped 2 or 3 parts, having to start over cus that guy just runs off or have someone skip cutscenes while trying to listen to them. Online mode is good but for side quests only imho.

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Anyone whom says dreamcast is a fifth gen console is highly mistaken btw. The first console to translate pc games perfectly and outdo the pc/arcade market in specs during its first gen of games would not make it a fifth gen console. Besides that, the powervr is like a precursor to the ati card.

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After playing I realized how kiddy and arcady the gamecube system was. You can't hold the control well, you have small 1 sided discs and you even have shitty arcady or what should be third-party b rated nintendo games such as mario world. After playing it, it just seemed like wii was good for nintendo. Besides only using rogue squadron as an excuse, there really is none. See the following:

I was playing games from Japan like Giant Gram 2000 3, Macross M3, and even Gundam DX, a direct gamecube port and thought how shitty the system must be. People keep complaining that Dreamcast has no sports games besides football, but i played J-league the sequel to 90 minutes and it was great. It was a combination of the arcady games like virtual striker 2 and sports jam with easy ea fifa sports-like soccer gameplay@60 fps. IDK really, but gamecube doesnt even have any flightsims i don't think. Even if it has a racer, its just a ps2 port not using the unique realtime sim function at the time via the dreamcast clock settings. I actually like ps2 now because it is the easiest for hacking games...gamecube though, seems like it tried to pull off a sega vs nintendo war and failed. It only won in one category and thats specs, thats cus sega copied the katana board to the 'T' and lost money doing it. But the ATI is actually an SH4 running with higher vram imho...so not really. Ever notice those pauses on skies of arcadia or sonic adventure for gamecube btw? We all know Dreamcast used Direct x 6 and even windows CE via the Power Vr2 making it almost equal interms of bumpmapping to gamecube via 2x vs 8x bump-mapping which streamed from the disc and not the motherboard ram. That's not a developer issue, its cus it couldnt be done.