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PS4 vs PC in HD?!?

So since getting my PS4 I had to keep it upstairs in the living room cus i dont hav an hd connector...and i thought, wouldnt it be cool to compare the two (PC and Ps4) on HD. Then I thought nah, after stumbling on this video....

Thats rayman 2 at 60fps on HD. Then I thought, wait...I was tricked. HD just makes graphics look cleaner. I hav a small HD, and its def differnt. So maybe I will give it a try, and compare these2 games which are installed...injustice and dcuo the hd and ps4 version then take some cam pics when available. So I might update this blog later. To show you why HD enhances games, whether its PS4 or fucking dreamcast! I will be using a Sony HD monitor at 60 inches. I recorded with PS3 without a capture card on facebook, so I think i will just use a way to record if possible.

Here are the systems that I will use if the tv becomes readily available for the day:

ps4, PC, xbox 360 and dreamcast. Xbox 360 and dreamcast will just confirm my sources, that they infact just make games larger with polygons. But PS4 and PC will be interesting in the account of a 2010 PC beating a 2014 ps4 in graphics. Hence the real goal is to make sure that we understand aesthetics correctly. Anyways i think the guy was using DVI imput, or some sort of none pixel scaler, no scales at a low res. I don't think most hds use 480p without scaling, but some are out there. Imagine not scaling a lower res, basically its 640x480 or 480p at 480p...you get a really crisp picture like the guy in this video up here.

Games tested...

warframe...ps4 wins, environment is larger, effects are the same. Ps4 has more polygons...PC runs smoother on loading screens. But come on, small environments means you lose.

DCUO...uh no imagine ps3 with high frame rate and nice effects...PC looses bad here. Characters are tiny. A lighter tone, just like in warframe even at 1900. IDK imagine a Wii U instead of xbox one. Thats wat a PC is.

Injustice...still notice slowdown on ps4, but its not a big deal. Its like a little bump on a super move....and i dont even know if ps4 pro eliminates this. I heard its different, but research also says its different. https://www.polygon.com/2016/10/21/13358416/ps4-pro-extra-ram-memory...They added a gig of dram making the 8 gigs of ram totally fluid..this would eliminate the slowdown on these games.

Warthunder...didnt test...not even going to take video clips...we know PS4 has won, not going to take screens, nope. All those PC nuts on youtube better stop lying, look really closely at why PC doesnt hav a video card that does 1 billion polygons and does only 800 million...look closely and see why xbox one can only do 700 million. This test is over.

-However, its a trick, like the ps2 gimmick. PS2 claimed u know like 333 million, but the processing power was likened to 70 million. Basically, here are rounded figures. People claim xbox 360 is better than ps3, but ps3 has larger environments, which means greater polygon counts. Bumpmapping is not Polygon counts, thats why like Dreamcast will look better than ps2, or xb 360 will look better than ps3. Sony uses the vetrix system.

Rounded figures with peak graphics and effects

*6th gen

DC 3-7 m pps

Ps2 30m pps

GC 80m pps

XB 100m pps

*7th gen

Wii 225m pps

Xb360 300m pps

Ps3 500m pps

*8th gen

Wii U 700m pps

PC 800m pps

Xb1 1b pps

Ps4 2 billion pps (1.6 billion)

CGI's toy story 6-12 billion

All consoles tested are used with Componenent/HD. Dreamcast is tested with 480p HD not scaled. A 480p HD tv, not 720p hd tv. Ps4 pro and XB one S are not tested because they use extra ram to avoid jumps in frame rate. What is called slow down, they are using O/S ram ie a console uses O/S and GPU ram, so they split that. My PC uses O/S ram not GPU ram. All games do HDDR.

*Updated cus my last post was not internet sourced by the company, it was only third party sourced. All sources are based on teh companies.

Controllers: Well this is easy, you know how gamecube had its really good 80m pps system, but then ruined it with a cter. Well, ps4 did too...not completly, like it can do flight games like 3do people...so...but the cter itself is made for larger hands, lets just say its long, bringing the xb and xb s cter at a forfront in tech, esp the xb 360, with its 360 degree js turns that do not stop. The 360 is made for small hands, and caliburated for that fact. Which leads me to believe xbox one cters are good too. Like the xb s cter for flight sims, and 360 cter. Ps4 is still good, but be warned you will be really bad at every first person shooter unless you want sprained wrists, and mass concentration in fps, not flight games. Flight games are a cake walk for the ps4 cter. Like its DVI imput puts it ahead of the rest, its cter, does something unique with flight games, that I only had experienced with the dreamcast and xb s cter. But mind you, it is not universal, like the xbox 360 cter, or wat i call god of all controlllers.

IMHO As you can see, no console can actually go backwards in time and with effects ps2 was only doing 30 million polygons per second...it had an advantage over gc cus it was dvd and had ram. But with effects its 30million not 66million. Gamecube was 70-80 million by nintendo sources. The internet, and google search, and its research are wrong. It needs to be outsourced for lying. Gamecube was 80m pps. Dreamcast overall wins though, its gen gap from 100,000 and 300,000 pps is nearly 4 times greater then n64s 100k, ps1s 300k and saturns 150k. What bumpmapping does is a layer of polygons, that layer is an additional surface, and ps2's vetrix graphics never did that. Hence Dreamcast had severe pop-up problems. Ps2's graphics are dark because it uses vetrix, a vector based system that uses triangles instead of polygons. It basically maps triangles to become a polygon, and thats why, MHO, 4 triangles can not consitute as a polygon ie the ridiculous 66 or idk 300 million pps figure. Hence the japanese are very smart and ahead of the game. Except, triangles are polygons and a lot of them can make polygons appear smoother or deeper ie the deep color effect. Sony is like the alien console technology that is different from everyone else. Yet it does not like bumpmapping so its competitor such as gamecube at 8x dreamcast at 2x, xbox at 4x and any other console or pc will hurt them in this category. They are using flat narrow triangles and not normal thick ones. So they need to use more, but that results in flatter textures. Why are their textures so flat? Because the competitors are using perfect triangles not vector based graphics. A flat triangle will take more triangles to make a simple full triangle. Therefore ps4 will look more rich, but at a price of more polygons hence Sony can say 66 million when reality its close to 30million. Although PCs do look more clean, ps4 is clearly the winner, and it should be stated, PS4 master race. They did a smart move, and nearly doubled the vector system count to compete with xbox one. And yet our best PC cards can only compete with 800 million triangles and infact beat ps4 to some degree, but with a really good eye, the environment and characters will be smaller. Say ps2 does 66 million triangles we bring that down to 30 million. Yet Ps4 does 1.6 million. We can't bring it down because it has a faster processor and the triangles use that process fluidly. Ps2 can't or it will go under 30 fps and that would be cheating. The problem with saying that gc is 12 million pps, is that objects need 8x bump mapping, that means the figure of 12m is infact 80million. This is a result of most games such as the resident evil series, where the objects like cabinets are not flat textures as with the Ps2. The objects are fully 3d. Ps2 told everyone there system was over-powered, whilst Nintendo told everyone it was underpowered. Yet Sony used all the polygons for the environment in previous systems and still failed against nintendo's gamecube.

Conclusion 1: Yet in the end, ps4 won, sony knew exactly what they were doing by using triangles instead of polygons, resulting in sharper graphics so they just had to use a lot more triangles to perform this goal. The PS4 has sharper graphics then my dx11 radeon card that outputs graphics on hdmi. Both were tested on HDMI and Ps4 seems to be sharper whilst PC colors softer. As well most of the games are smaller, the environments are smaller (and not farther) in PC giving us a good estimate of PC graphics capability to only 800 million pps, rather than 1.6 billion. However PC is cleaner, and the effects at times can outweigh PS4 as well as the framrate. On HDMI and warframe I did not see any difference besides for the general size of the environment. Same with warthunder. On games such as Injustice and DCUO there are big differences, the characters are smaller as if it was a 7th gen port.

About SPECS:

About: PCs are usually weaker than consoles because the processing power of the gpu, or a stand alone card has to equate to the same power as a console's motherboard. Hence consoles are made with easy acess to the gpu, which is infact working with the cpu or central processing unit. An APU can't do that because the cpu isnt made for graphics. Niether can a CPU, because its built for external applications, yet console CPUs are made only for graphics. So PCs can be faster technically, but not better in graphics. If you got the most powerful APU or GPU on the market against a standard PS4, it would have an advantage do to terraflops or transfer between cpu and gpu. Terraflops became present in the Dreamcast, and were called GFLOPS. This equates to much faster graphical data being transfered from GPU to CPU. If PCs used terraflops for unified ram between processers, business applications would have severe performance issues due to the system's o/s only built for gaming. The fastest APU on the market, does not have the ability to compete with a standard PS4 because the data transfer between terraflops is gained through accessing data from its CPU only for games. We also think it might be a developer issue. The devs on consoles are usually better, therefore games like driveclub wont be appearing on PC anytime soon. If the terraflops are different than a GPU then you will severly lose in performance. If the terraflops are the same so what? No one owns PC based APUs and devs only make games for graphics cards. Therefore a higher polygon count. If the polygon count used all the ram of a GPU and not CPU it would severly lack in polygonal performance. Unfortunetly this is the case for PC. Unfortunetly this is the case for PC, where the console has greater access to unified ram, and greater data transfer than a PC.


Incorrect analysis

-Excuse me my useless virus scanner needs updating.

Conclusion 2: PS whats the first PC, a magnovox oddyssey...and whats the last console on the market? A ps4 with a 1.6b pps count due to its Radeon, RAm, O/s, dev and CPU working side-by-side to produce it. You can't stream ram correctly on a PC therefore the pps will be higher on pc unless its an APU with correct software, and my theory is ps4 has 8 gpus working in sync with its cpu because its an APU and the terraflops dont change via the mb. The gpu and cpu are better linked on consoles through the centralization of the industry and dev not utilizing APUs in PCs. Without the O/s, you can only do 800m pps instead of 1.6b. Thats wat the dev might want for its user base. PCs have registries and that takes up lots of resource. But yes, PCs could technically do 1.6 b pps if someone makes that game. The standard userbase though, and all the games are 800m pps. Besides Ps4 has 8core cpu and 18 core gpu which is not on the market yet for pcs. PCs only have 8-16 core cpu 4 core gpus. Ps4 also has 64 bit computations on its gpu whilst PCs only have 2 therefore enabling higher pps. Ps4 also has a higher dedicated 20gb pipeline that bypasses the memory, PCs have done this with the soyo board where all the data is loaded at once. And cache is a big problem on PCs. Finally, the Ps4 is simply built with a GPU ontop of a CPU whilst a standard PC APU would have its processors at different locations for cache control.

How to reinvent PCs: When the Soyo board was introduced into the market it loaded really slow but it was unique, it had bypassed cache to use wide pipelines effectively, although this was the dreamcast era and it was only using 1.5 gflops (giving an est it mightve been 2 or 3 idr), it loaded the o/s after like 3-5 minutes, and it never had loading times for its programs. I thought that was interesting, yet people hated this board becuase of the slow loading times. It had wide pipelines though, and these pipelines bypassed the cache. My theory is make PCs that bypass the cache to enable them to compete with consoles using 20gb/s pipelines.

Ps4 update: Pay for PsPlus?

I recently obtained a Ps4 with a psplus account, and I want to give an honest opinion as to why I bought it. As you know, I have a moped, a taotao and an electromagnetic one, I also have a really fast PC (icore 3, 1gb vg ram, 8gb win7), but I opted to instead of upgrding, buy a PS4. Why? Why not upgrd a card to 4gb? Well most game makers now make cards that are way higher, and use at least 8core processing to compete with the Ps4. They never go too far though, because not lots of people are going to buy a 16core PC. So wats the best solution? Buy the console. It will have everything a PC has, with subtle differences in res. And thats wat I did. However, my account is borrowed and limited ie its free, so I got someone to log on to his psplus account and handed me a dozen installed games for me to play games. I do have an account, but its primarily locked cus Im not going to pay the psplus. If you have an xbox 360 account or watever, id rec to get a friend to log on his account. Sure, he may log you out at times, but for online play, this is a good idea. Let's do the math:

Icore 7 400 dollars

4gb card no wow 8gb card 300-600 dollars...vs...

ps4 200 dollars with a free psplus account.

Lets see wat ps4 can do that PC cant, well theres driveclub like graphics...PC hasnt done that yet. Def get the ps4. Get a friend to use your ps4. If you want to keep things cheap ofcourse. Dev never go beyond 8core anyways, they hav to earn profit, you hav to buy the game...ps4 it is.

Consoles and PCs are like comparing graphics..its all about the aesthetics

Say you have bf3 and bf bc 2. We can say bc 2 was harder to level, has less elements, smaller stages, but was more destructive, and the cheese factor was abundant. The game was more drawn to an arcade like feel, whilst bf3 was more drawn to a sim-like feel. Hence, this was not the case with bf3, it went for realism. Bf4 took it further, it went into an actual real world city environment. Overall though, bf3 also made the speed like environement. Its faster and I would choose that. As for ps4, its like an xbox 360 with high fps, and more noticable elemental effects. I was impressed when 360 came out with moto gp, and im impressed with ps4 as well. I have noticed that the games are more well built somtimes...like dcuo is clearly better than the pc/ps3 version. So no matter wat pc you get, its still gonna suck. However, I also noticed the textures are sharper than PC. Like, to a certain extent. Like I don't want to gosh Ps4, but pc has elemental effects that Ps4 doesnt, ie cod black ops ii...is better on pc. However, I do notice one thing...if ps4 wants to do elemental effects it will...and it will destroy the competition doing it. The cter is a sad kick in the face for me...its like a flightstick or somthing. Its worst than pc's xbox s cter i use. The long sticks are harder to obtain a skill by. ie its a pro gamer console cus of long sticks? No cus it will eventually hurt your thumb, and maybe make u a really good sniper...idk. Xb 360 is def the best in the cter department. With xbox s on pc second, and ps4 third. I think these 2nd and 3rd cters...arent that good for one thing. Fighting games, whilst xbox 360 seems universal. I have basically seen wat i needed to see...aesthetics on ps4 done better than the competition, and aesthetics on PC done better than the competition. And im still confused about the hardware part, ie warthunder on PC will be better, even dc universe's injustice, which u can probably pick up for 5 dollars during the holidays...but...even on a dualcore 1gb ram 8gb ram it will be better...yet this system cant play gta v. Lets just say PCs are strange. They require certain parts for that game that you want, whilst ps4 is all there. In the end they are all the same, and dreamcast 2 i mean xbox 360 is still more fun, and easier to use technically.

What about the O/S again? Why would steam be bad?

Psplus vs Xbox gold vs Steam rant..

Steam can be bad LIKE EVERY internet program outthere, if you don't lock your permissions, sometimes you forget or sometimes its in system32 instead of user apps. I get it...okay you can use apps....make things crash, give malware watever, but im just going to block permissions on your dumb ass then set no signature mode. Last time I executed a virus via EXE was well....never.

Well unfort, i misworded how steam is bad...its infact good. I just hadnt played it for a month and forgot signatures was not disabled...so I thought the crash was...you know...steam related...ie faster pc means maybe it runs. Thats not true, if i chose xb gold, psplus or steam...id go with xb gold. But in reality all is the same, and although steam doesnt give you free mainstream games...you do get free games in general and 5 dollar deals seasonally. PCs are just generally bad for making an o/s 100 dollars instead of like 40 or even 60...but don't get me wrong. PCs have steam, and that's free. Psplus and xb gold is not. It would make sense if windows o/s was like 60 dollars flat. Steam is free, it doesnt give you any games. But idk, 100 dollars for a lifetime vs 60 dollars a year and the choice is infact yours to make. IMHO you get locked out of a lot of features on ps4, without psplus...whilst on xb live you do not. So the choice is indeed yours...but im not going to lie, you could have a 70 inch hd tv with just a dreamcast. And id say good choice..but to take it further and put even a psone or n64 on it, would be ridiculously dumb because those systems don't work well with HD or Component. Although ps2 and dc had shown lots of AA problems...they worked well...trees looked like trees, you know etc etc. Cars looked like cars, and even though Nintendo's dogs pulled off quasi dreamcast graphics (without the environment ofcourse), there would be a lack of bumpmapping...which is very important. Before veering to far away from traffic, i do want to say one thing...PCs can also minimize multiple games, and even though they dont have that art style done fluidly like the ps4, its still hard to beat. IDC, really. Steam may fail with signatures, if steam still fails you need to reinstall your video drivers because it is likely you had malware at one time or another and it may have come from ATI itself. That's why I reinstall with no signature mode.

The Truth: Its in the interface, Capability vs functionality

The truth is it goes like this in simplicity and user friendly use. Xbox live for 360 is the best, with ps4 second and PC 3rd. However, in user functionality its The opposite, hence you can't put 360 in standby mode and cont. the game. In PC you can even minimize the windows of various games, putting it in front of ps4 for that. However, Ps4 seems faster. It seems to minimize games at ease giving it a close run. With PC though you can use other programs such as google earth, and photoshop, so in the social media aspect, PC is a natural. Ps4 also never encounters maintenance issues. Yet its ridiculous that youtube needs a game to close. Hence strategy guides is sometimes helpful. PC is regarded the same way, and I think it has an app interface, except it fails against PS4 in quick access for apps, or sign ins on windows 7. On windows 8-10 idk, its better. In the long run PC wins in apps, yet ps4 still remains the superior technology because environment proceeds effects.

Xbox 360 apps do crash a lot for me sometimes. Yet its at best the games fault or the app sux. It will use all its storage space, and Ps4 won't. It may effect gameplay, requiring you to reinstall on updates. However, all in all, Xbox 360 wins cus its the most comfortable interface and you can fit like 20 games on a 120 gb hd, whilst on ps4 its most likely you will fit 4 or 5 on a 400 gb. If a PC is 400gb, it most likely is the best. However, you will encounter reinstalling and deleting steam, and finding out steam doesn't work, 'for no reason' found. Sometimes steam may need to be 'reinstalled' The games will also crash 'for no reason' and update dashboards 'may not run'...This puts PC at second or third place, and xbox 360 at first. So in terms of interface, I would use Xbox live, the Psplus then Steam.

Server wise, its also the games fault. Some idiotic devs decide to make world wide servers. For instance on PC and Xbox 360 Gotham imposters will dc. Sometimes, it gets annoying, sometimes its unplayable. This is becus youre playing against someone from austrailia, or southern russia. Therefore European servers, and US servers are indeed helpful for gameplay. This also makes me ponder as to wat they do wrong. On Warthunder, and WOT they have world wide servers, and Warthunder is Crossplatform. As is DCUO. So I don't actually know why certain game servers suck. Gta v and certain other games are not too good, this might have to do with modders, or admins whom want payment for the game. I do infact put the NAT on. This might be the xbox 360's streaming ram capabilities. Not sure.

Game wise, PS4 gets the cake. Hence DCUO is A LOT better on ps4 then PC and Xb, and so is warthunder, and warframe. The environments of free-to-play games are slightly bigger. And this alone equates to higher polygon counts. Either Ps4 gets a better version, or the same version, I also notice slight scaling on paid for games, that have the environments larger such as battlefront 2, yet rare exceptions are xb1s metal gear solid v. Where PC and Xb1 take prescedence over Ps4 in effects by sacrificing Framerate and size of the environment. If Ps4 is on standby mode it can dl games, and so can xblive. PC can not making xbox live come in first to easy access, followed by the more complex psplus, and even more complex PC steam. Ofcourse, user functionality is in reverse here to interface design. The interface functionality use PC wins, however User functionality is best on xbox live. The capabilities is best on steam. Ps4 is always inbetween.

Icore 3 vs Icore 5 the truth..and

yet another thought provoking rant why specialized pcs win over pcs.

For years now i have an icore 3, and the pentium series doesn't let up. Its like PCs hav met the end. Since 2010 it has been released. But why did the reviews back in the day say hey, icore 3 is as fast as an icore 5. Well because they were lying. To sell somtheing cheaper. Icore 5s are quadcore. Icore 3s are dual core. Its like you own an xbox 360 and not a ps4, and u dont even know it. The difference is astounding because games tend to make the best out of the hardware. But in reality Icore 3 is much slower. You will encounter stuttering, you might not be able to play actual games like gta v. You might not even hav a good experience on those xbox 360 upgrded games. Its a lie, icore 3 is trash. The industry norm is an icore 5. But I stopped upgrading hardware and just stuck to consoles a while ago. I tell you why. Consoles are better. Even if You get an icore 5 with like 2gb videocards, theres that game that needs 3gb graphics. Although the cpu never changes, the graphics cards are essential. And wat if, you cant get your hands on windows 64, buy it for 100 bucks? But my console has a free o/s....and wtf is up with the games? Most pc only games hav, thats right, either boring people from 1998 (yes ut still has servers), or their servers are empty...ie console to pc games. The hardware glitches...like i cant even use my xbox s cter without a usb hardware error. Yes consoles might hav gay as modders, or thos e stupid ass network errors from their shitty streaming ram capability...but in the end. They are more simple, easier to access netflix and more fun. PCs are clearly made for work. And that work is roughly 100 dollar upgrades every few months for that newer video card. To bad the icore 3 users im going to say this in your face. Your 200 dollar ps4, or xbox one...yes it beat you. Youre playing games with an xbox 360 sixth gen console. The games will def stutter and the fps will be really bad. Icore 3s do stutter though. Its time to make a special upgrad to that 4 gb videocard with a copy of gta v u rich fuckface. Specialized computers rule. When dreamcast cured the industry from cardboard graphics of the psone, and n64 blocks i new this. That was my first console and it ate the industry alive. Beating the arcade and PC for a time. But wait...theres more. Psone was so junk that people cant admit, tekken 3 for the arcade had better graphics. If you look closely, not only was the res missing...but the backgrounds as well. And the characters were much smaller. It was a good version though, but didnt go above pc or arcade. And most of its racing games are cardboard. Consoles rule nuff said...

but after dreamcast ofcourse is when the real 3d came to being.

GT7 vs Forza 7 vs Driveclub

Update: More rants...about ps4's unbeatable driveclub. Comparing forza with gt series or driveclub is like comparing day to night, or dcuo to gta v. Gta v rears towards realism in graphics. DCUO rears towards animation. Its that simple. Test drive le mans for dreamcast reared towards realism. Realism beats cartoony graphics is wat people usually say. But its more gameplay and customization. Graphics are better for preference. Realism just mimicks the environment. As a matter of fact, gt 7 wont beat driveclub. But its a larger game, and its a matter of car enthusiasts, taking their hobby too far. I am a bit of an electric car enthusiast myself, and would love to see an electric car game of some sort. Having modded an electromagnetic pulse circuit and calling it the Hammer as a moped. I take interest in what a battery can do. Especially if electric cars are electric recharging cars, or like my circuit, recharge as you go. Psone is like 911, the buildings were very unstable and narrow against wide with grid like squares as support like all buildings. But less support as it moved back and forth in the wind equals a great view and postcard! Something an architect should avoid, if expecting a nuclear bomb pr terrorist attack.

Here's a link to why dreamcast is still the best.

And yes Ps4's octocore does seem good but PCs can do something like 16 core. And the problem with PCs is no one knows how to make a game that suits PC hardware. I mean yes, the console ports are a given, and u probably do get true 4k but com' on. The graphics just like look bigger. And then they make sure it only runs on a PC 3 years older than yours. PC games are there in hardware, just not in games. They need a graphical game like driveclub to show us, that it outperforms consoles. Youll get these advantages with PCs, the best port, the best graphics, the best res and fps but not the exclusive games. PC needs a game that was made on PC first, like in the 90s with its fps lineups.

O/S consoles vs PCs:

Okay, so say we get windows 7 for free, well it should come with its own gaming o/s but does not. Instead we get shit, a poft called steam, and its third party networking. Steam, is known to do the following with out permanent fixes. A.) be constantly busy via steamhelper or something B.) crash the store app where u dl games C.) hav really bad performance issues that result on poor gameplay. Consoles hav something called an O/S that does the exact same thing, and even more, for free and doesn't trash your PC's performance. Oh wait, but theres safe mode, no you mfers of the only good game u ever made, halflife, have crash mode but i call it app money making mode. Get a life. I dont like APP MODE. Say its just a hardware issue, and my PC is 2011 watever. So wat, now let me play battlefield 3 in peace, not battle field i need a new processor, and 4gb video card. Say if it is me not remembering wat i locked in security settings. That long list in services. Well thats me being a dumb ass, thats cus i forgot wat i locked. Thats probably it actually. But com 'on, steam crashes anyways& why hav 2 users on network, why hav unknown users...so i can be spyed on and fuked with viruses, fuk no welcome to north korea. Anyways, steam requires no signatures and only windows 8 has that, try to clean the apps as much as possible, it still won't work. You need to put no signatures on all the time for steam. Its a good app, but signatures are sometimes required to run or install programs. So it becomes a....duhduhduhduhduh..maintenance nusance.

I haven't even seen a PC game that doesn't look like this on consoles. The exact same as the console version but with idk, higher fps and better res.

Why PCs are PC's of Shit Vlog 2 million...its not my problem its theirs

I just want to update a short vlog as to why PCs are PC's of shit. Ever since I got my Nat server up, there has been absolutely no problems on my console....but hmmmm....the PC tends to crash. The servers go out. They want you to delete 'cache' or make sure to config that appdata. Its a temp fix but it always comes back. Through cryptcache. PCs are pOS of shit. I recently bought dcuo for 15 dollars a month, and it crashed immediately, no wait here. This is becuase of registries under 3rd party control. Cryptcache and registries can make you PC very unstable. PCs will always be second to console because of this. Nothing else. It simply never even worked for the consumer. Consoles do.

Q&A Why does my console work so well? Is it becus your PC is a PC of shit, here I always have the given 8 processes running without third party support, yet somehow, through the registry, dashboard settings are tend to be controlled. Games will not work at times. Sometimes with 3rd party software u get really bad glitches. Is this true?

Microsoft Bill gates: Well uh well oohhh 3rd party er privatize uhhh revenue revenue.

Why is Steam such a backwards POS, it takes 30 megabytes of resources, it also crashes games...and its deals are shit...who wants a 5 dollar game from 2011 anyways?

Microsoft Bill gates: Welllll um we made XBOX, and uh it seemed to work...but ERRRRR computers i need maintenance ok....Computers are a broken car that u constantly are fixing...but it stays broken....the broken gets fixed, duh.

Why am I wasting my time, I should be working on surfing the internet. Computers are only good for that. But becus the internet is a lying POS with only utube as entertainment. I dont really see it. I dont see the usefulness of games on computers.

Microsoft Bill gates: Welll ummm we made Xbox fo r that. XBOX is not a computer. HMMMMM. Computers are developer tools, we make the game and IT gets aestetically better on a console anwyays.

So I dont know who is infiltrating my PC via 3rd party sources.

Microsoft: uh....since the 70s we made it so u cant know. Its hash, cryptcache and maybe a really bad platform. You know for money revenue, third party companies. They can make your PC run bad. DATS why north korea has its own operating system, cus we suck the cocks of strangers to get off.

Very well, I only bought Xbox cus it WORKS....HELLO DUMBASS. Why give me a fast quad core on purpose....its not LIKE THE PROCESSOR IS EVEN POWERFUl. HOW COME CONSOLES HAVE POWERFUL PROCESSORS WIERD> Like not GPUs but CPUS. isnt that too strange? I mean you hav COCK SUCKERS and CRIMINALS playing around with C++ in games. In zerohour we hav nobodies that cheat, then we hav the same people in DCUO. Thats wierd heres a video cocksucker. And they claim to no t cheat.. HAHA never caught a cheater on a console BTW. And why is the console version always better...i mean did you see Assasins creed III on Console much? Oh I paid 15 dollars for this POS, xbox is 40 dolalrs a year mfer....Now that i am dissapointed with my service, i hav to 5 finger discount the money i lost back.

The POS here in this video is collecting money after like an hour, whilst my money is gone almost instantaneously. Are you saying this people dont need their own hitler?

Microsoft: oh uh interview cut cut CUT

So are you saying that this week (not month), you installed the aswidsagenta.exe ISNT A virus on my PC? Or is it just gamebooster? Even unactivated will hav data intrusion...iobit spyware? and claimed to be the avast company..hence it was hidden in startup...meaning encryption keys or registries, or something we DONT UNDERSTAND>.. Shouldnt this behavior be illegal? GAMEBOOSTER AND THE IOBIT COMPANY?


Anyways I thought about it again, and here's a simplified non-egoistic answer as to why PCs act like they do:

Why do PCs act as they do?

Good quesetion, icore 4 from reviews is faster that i7s, so idk. The idea is to tweak your pc, if u run gameboosters, or dont know how to clean appdata, u can gaurantee a slower pc. I have DC Universe Online working at 1024p with steam but my 1gb graphics card wont handle the game at a higher res. It has 8gb ram on paetool. It will randomly freeze, and thats no ones fault but technology that is not fast or good enough. PCs usually hav only 8 processes, and steam alone takes 80mbs but this doesnt slow ur PC. Its unknown third parties which have access to your dll files, through this they can encrypt your PC to their liking using metatags or hash data such as in cryptcache. If you don't know wat a PC is, don't use it. Remember those trees outside your window are probably not even 100 years old. Thats how old a forest gets. During ww2 and now they probably died and regrew. Technology can be the same way. It will regrow in a different manner.

Then wat u do is never buy a pos PC game again becus it randomly freezes even then, even with all graphics turned down. But you know code? Do you honestly want to play with that asshole who works as a modder at the dcuo office with gear that has damage level in idk DAMAGE=99999 line? and 15 level armor? okaayyy guy, gets killed on level 15 in one hit...interesting. PCS SUK. People who code for PCs SUK (not consoles)...and some people in third world countries picking fleas off of dogs work harder then you. BTW did anyone ever notice PCs and their flat ass graphics on nvidia and ati cards? Is it just me, or is the volumetric design gone? There is some lack of processing power for those effects indef. BTW IMAGINE GETTING A CAR, AND NEEDING TO TWEAK THAT CAR, TIGHTEN ITS BOLTS, INFLATE ITS TIRE, AND NOT FIX ITS FUEL LEAK EVERY DAY. THER E NOW YOU HAV A PC with REGISTRY STANDBY MODE. DOESNT WORK. erher c++ instability problems in games, daily maintenance step 5,000 that wont be figured out.

Solution to DCUO freezes on highend systems?!?: Dont minimize its window, don't use steam, use 1080p and at times try to limit standby mode without defrag. BUT THIS STILL DOESNT WORK...so I explored further options:

I remember reading an article by microsoft saying win7 32bit does not work with 8gigs of ram...unfort they are correct. The games that i play inparticular only dcuo does not crash with 4gb mode. 8gb mode works, but there is no difference on a highend system. All the resources go to the card. So my final option is just use 4gb mode. That will save a crash or two and you will notice no difference. So in this way, yes PCs DO infact work. They are better then consoles even. But config them is very very annoying.

Update: DOH?!? Nothing seemed to change, my pc kept crashing, it kept going into the solitaire effect. My theory, its that intel makes its mbs incompatible with ati radeon cards and PCs in general, are defective via registry, etc. Never had I have problems that occur this frequently with the...MOTHERBOARD? Next time id skip out on that PC VIDEOCARD?!?, and get a game console. Esp if you buy from a scammer like the whole ebay company or some people i might know. Hell even my dreamcast is still running like day one. Pt is your PC is probably 50-75 percent unstable, and i do nt rec games played more than a few hours.

Octocore vs Quadcore?

Some last thoughts...

I also noticed PCs at 1gb quadcore are not as fast as ps4, actually my pc requires a 2gb videocard. But why does dcuo run faster? Well it was built on PC first, and they decided to port it. Ports are always bad. WHY THE FUK DO YOU EVEN HAV SIGNATURE MODES AND VIRUS PROTECTOR?

My interpertation on experience with Videogames while growing up..and another Dreamcast vs Emu rant

There is something about the hair glowing on lower res that make the game more appealing on DC. It almost shines.
There is something about the hair glowing on lower res that make the game more appealing on DC. It almost shines.

Basically, I'm your average middle-age guy. I own dreamcast, xbox 360, and hav a basic room setup. I also hav a PC thats a quadcore (that's my ps4)...anyways. My private life consists of a comic book collection from those days, a few mopeds, some fish as pets. I dont like driving, like I hate being on the road for a long period of time. I always looked at videogames through a developers point of view, if the first version of that game comes out on that console or PC, its most likely going to be the best, unless they change the version completly in graphics. Those comparison videos are good to look for kinks, but its all there. My first console I ever bought was 32x, and the genesis wasn't even mine. However, I did start playing ps1 like graphics way before it came out..as early as 93. I also was the kid at the dentist office, wanting to go, becus it had NES. The fact is 32x was my first console, and I was at best, absent during the tough old-school gamer 2d platform days. I played arcade, maybe but that wasnt 2d. I was playing a 486dx2 atleast 2 years before the psone came out. And becus of its 66mhz instead of 33 (even dx4s with 8gb had 33, ie doom at 15fps uggghh) and this granted me the ability to play games like doom and descent, whilst still mildly interested in duke nukem and commander keen. The good games in 1993-94 ie terminal velocity, could and did outdo 3d0, jaguar and psone even. My first real console that I bought though was in college, and it was..yes..you said it, the revolutionary dreamcast. Although I dont like flightsims too much, I was good at it. Iron aces was too hard, warthunder, overg...those games I can play. But I hav a hard time with shooters and 2d platformers ie raptor call of the shadows is hard to me. Even today, people complain about console wars, but in reality...they should be calling it version wars. Like wat version of game is best. I was however, on my family computer, and yes I was the kid who went to his friends house to take part in wolfenstein 3d to control the movement. However, only until 2014 did I own a gaming computer that was good. Since then I had a quasi-good computer that ran c&czerohour well. But I didn't run well...computers are hell in terms of maintenance....and I still think they are trash in that regard to the console. The first ever 3d game I played at my friends house was nascar 98, and I would run backwards on the track just to crash. It was for 8gb p1 computers, maybe even a 486dx4 could handle it, idk. These people that run 3rd party o/s's need a lesson or two on how a console's o/s runs smoothly. Why becus the prostitutes back door is open, and yes...their lies third party affiliates, including those whom run your own virus scans. I only own a computer, to play but I dont play play. Becus its more of a social media machine with 'dumb' vulnerabilities...and wat does that mean? Its their for profit gain. Consoles are not. The first time I saw the dreamcast, I noted the graphics on games like le mans, and sonic could never be done on a PC...I soon found out I was right. The bumpmapping and lighting is verry rare. It uses a technology called powervr2, and even PC emulators today can not fully mimick it. Since the rise of the internet, the PC has gone backwards in the industry, whilst the consoles had remained to go forward. Microsoft did do one thing correct, they made the xbox 360, and some say this console is the dreamcast 2, or a worthy successer. But The dreamcast has bump mapping that it can not do. It has a glowing effect due to the power vr's AM2 adapted technology. They basically, did not cheat, they ran the cpu board without manipulating it to the console, this bankrupted sega. The real truth is PCs cannot do graphics that are not nvidia or ati. Proof is they can not emulate the dreamcast or Ps2, which are hybrids of these cards, accurately. You will not find a ps2 emulator on PC, or an accurate dreamcast one. However, I may infact be wrong about this when I wrote it before, because PS2 and Dreamcast have been well emulated hence dreamcast must be an early version of the ATI graphics card, and Ps2, of the Nvidia graphics card, but I standby the fact that the first version of every game is always the best..unless they make a new version of that game for now.

So basically, consoles have an edge over PC, one such game is the squaresoft game Life is wierd, which looks incredible. BUT PCs can do that. And infact even if the registry b reaks easily from standbymode, apps, malware, third party software, you name it...it can be repaired within an hour using the free tweaking.com's repair tool. It can infact remove the malware instantaneously. I still stand by the best version being the first version of the game. Unless its changed like drastically.

Are Configuring Nat servers worth it?!? I say Yes, Def...

So I finally managed to try to configure my server without, you know the router access password...chu...anyways. I found out a great improvement in the gameplay on most games, the servers on gta v never dc. The Halo 4 game I sold because of server problems, would probably not either. The WOT servers don't have menu glitches. I figured it had to do with my xbox 360, and streaming problems, hence its an old model. Or maybe streaming ram Idk. Anyways, the games with lots of players online would always be unfavorable because the environment lagged out. Until now, the nat servers infact fix this issue 100 percent. Because the gay empire made this cool thing where they can destroy the reputation of hackers. Any unknown devices that you call up on your website watever will be identified. So that game that holds like 50-100 players or so on a server will be identified. Since PCs don't need this and consoles do, its highly beneficial, just like my PC virus removal tutorial down below (I MEAN HELLO, DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GO TO THE PC REPAIR SHOP EVERY so AND so months FOR PC SCAM REPAIR?). Anyways, the Nat servers are useful, rec, and don't always require a router log on. These tools should be automated in the router. Just change you know, gateway, subnet etc a little with like adding the number 10 i guess. Works much better then a google DNS even. Great performance hike, downplayed publicity, all your games will run much more fluidly. Tell your parents to do it for you if you have not accessed a way to your router. GL. Down below is a test on two games which I noticed.

No Nat configs or unknown devices to even the GOOGLE dns change solution:

GTA V: constant server to room dcs, fps drops, bad pings, bad contact. Bad streaming.

WOT: constant menu glitches, room glitches, games are entered poorly. Bad reinstalls.

Halo 4: Large room dcs, bad sniping pings, ingeneral random logoffs.

Nat servers:

GTA V: no server dcs, higher fps or streaming. Higher 3 mb ratios. Greater pings.

WOT: Good contact, great pings, no menu problems, no update problems.

Halo 4: No large room server glitches, DCs, or bad pings. No bad sniping pings

Here's a tutorial on xbox 360 Nat settings

(Minus the video promoting NAT with 48 year old middle age guys whom think servers are 'cool' and had gotten 'in' by promoting how NAT was defeating hackers instead of improving gameplay performance)

Anyways to avoid making a tutorial here, subnet numbers are usually google's 8888 8884 and this will slow down games like cod bo2. The lag will still be there after manually using the IPs config numbers. You need to set automatic, then copy the subnet manually to Use the subnet's second # on your browser that was automatic. Or you simply won't log on at times with the console. Don't even bother with google's subnet. Its slow. Don't call. The point being, both google and your device will have bad DNS which can lead to DCs. Its not necessary a moderate NAT or Open NAT. The Cable company only allows one port selection per device and usually they are all moderate. However an UNKNOWN device will lead to dcs on servers, mainly because the device is an unknown, and is routed to a poor server.

Anyhow, if you can get into the your mom's router or watever, enable port forwarding and plug in these numbers (88, 3074, 53, 80) with the device labeled as 'other'...make sure to copy the IP from the console and not the actual device list. On games like COD BO 2 you will COD the NAt server status as 'OPEN'. That's good. Each number is an account on port forwarding with your device's IP, name it XBOX or seomthing. No lags, no server dcs. It will be valuble, but I doubt kids will care. One thing is known though, the ping tool on games is an illusion, it doesn't actually mean you have a good connection like you do with your PC. Basically, ignore filling out the IP6 addy. Just make sure IP4 is the console.

8GB vs 4 GB windows 7 32bit PAE tool: the war conts.

Basically, ive been using 8gb for a year or two now. The only problem i found is that it doesnt like browsers too much. It always crashes the browser. I reverted back to 4gb to finally get the notion of why dev abandoned going for that in the first place. 8 GB simply does not work well with browsers on windows 7 but if u play games or use browsers less, then it is def rec. Which makes sense in a way, the video graphics driver is already a whopping 1gb. Thats 5 gb already. The games will run faster with 9 gb but will crash browsers UNLESS you dont mind casual maintenance on registry repair (casually meaning monthly-to-yearly, depending if u like the flickering effect).

How to fix:

DONT DELETE ANYTHING IN ROAMING, just the Crypt folder under Microsoft in appdata or it will crash PAE tool 8gb. Everything happens in APPDATA but ROAMING controls the user icons and desktop. Go ahead and delete that in your virus scanner's crypt asap. Delete everything in local, and localow...cus thats low. Leave out what you can't delete in local and localow.

More reasons why PCs suk BALLs in terms of maintenance:

As I noticed a library computer being used run so smoothly I wondered how, so I managed to locate my malware blinking effect. I had a forfiles deletion list of over 100 entries on apps, you can find these entries using programs like ccleaner. I then got annoyed at not finding the PUP, so my videodrivers cont. to blink every now and then. I deleted windows live apps...I then noticed that putting permissions in registry folders such as WINSAT was a bad idea. Good idea for the computer lab, becus nothing gets in or out, but bad idea for computers at home. It will disable your o/s's gaming card. So I fixed that using the program tweaking.com made for free. It also found apps, but it also made me realize that PCs are naturally faulty. The PUP can get into winsat, and you will never know...and no clearing videocache wont do shit. You have one option, live with the malware or reformat so u can get the malware back. Try tweaking.com's repair tool..it works great, but I gaurantee you, it won't last forever. As for my fulltime maintenance job, I don't get paid for here's wat I hav to say CONSOLES RULE, and I think XBOX 360's game life is strange, kicks PC out of the water. The truth is computers have standby mode issues, where the registry gets damaged over time if you use standby mode. This may be prevented by discheduling tasks. However, you have to be pretty stupid to have an irq conflict with 2 or 3 different malware scanners. Disable anything in task scheduler, even if it is a malware scanner.

Overtime this does not prevent registry curroption. Computers just suck, esp for games.....THE REGISTRY SIZE IS TOO LARGE. So I managed to lock all services under my username only. Basically about zero users whom buy computers out there will know about 10 percent of the o/s. Yes windows 7 is the best o/s out yet...but a user won't think about irq unless they grew up with computers in the modem 56k days. IRq blue screens occur with windows registry being curropted. After its curropted one needs to uninstall the pci bus driver in device manager. It basically reinstalls all the drivers on your pc without reformating or reinstalling windows. But how would the average person even go about doing that? As a matter of fact the virus scanner will create video card glitches, to irq errors. Esp if you repair your system without reinstalling. I don't even use virus scanners becus they create a major performance loss on any pc.

Controller war! Which one is best?!? Xbox 36o of course...and another PC/ console rant.

No Caption Provided
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Well, I technically only own 3 systems, PC, xbox 360 and dreamcast. Dreamcast always hurts my wrists, and my PC's xbox S cter is overall good in flying games and esp in dcuo...but it bruises your thumbs esp your bottom thumb. xbox 360 seems to be the winner, even if my hands are kind of small, and at times aiming is difficult. I have had no problems with my hands on this particular brand of controller. However the vibration without a rechargable battery pack that lasts long (hi ps4, ps3)....I think they are called corded...I yearn for the dreamcast in vibrational functionality, dreamcast's sega jump pack infact has the right vibrational gimick. Xbox 360 is = to it, but a little lesspowerful on most games. Personally, I think I shot this targeted review pointblank range so it does not come back. But in the end, they are all the same. Xb cter S works great for wt via xpadder. Check out my youtube channel dcshooters to dl the drivers.

Consoles vs PC games

This weeks rant includes a small rant about computers being hefty, ie firefox cant have too many bookmarks on the menu bar or some sort of syncing problem will occur or c++ 2013 needs to be installed not 2012! However, I did some tests, and Firefox works fluidly with the menu bar off and bookmarks on. Sometimes you want to just play the game instead of syphon through the registry, delete remnances and then reinstall...which if you do inaccurately, the dashboard will still not be installed. Consoles bypass maintenance completly, and are good for that...and usually empty servers. I still play my PC though, like really...crossplatform for all games where are you? If you like social media, games, google earth, adobe ps yes go with PC...oh wait. But consoles usually do the games better, and more effectively and I've seen games like gta v being perfered on Xbox 360 against all competiting consoles. I don't really know. The interface and access to social media on consoles can be faster. The graphics ie i argued about this before, witcher 2 on xbox 360, can be more appealing. The way the graphics turn out can be better ie dreamcast's tony hawk 2 is more fun then the xbox 360's newer version imho. The graphics just flow well with the gameplay. Textures and lighting on certain graphics cards are also unique, hence PC can't do effects that ps4's driveclub can do. IF you ignore the maintenance issues and unstable bootup problems that PCs can't get rid of...and possibly a certain age group. Hence I can do this right now, turn off my pc during a boot process for an 8 hour repair job. Yes, I hav to research the boot screen's intro, I need another harddrive, I EVEN need windows xp (working) with that hard drive. Then I need a list of updates I 'like'...PCs suck in that way, and will always suck compared to market friendly consoles. A large portion of your audience is children, and that is something they DO NOT use. YET I can buy a nice 2013 PC at the same price of a new Ps4. YET AGAIN there is always maintenance issues. Just yesterday, I restumbled upon my app folder under user name (yes its invisible), and the junk on it is deplorable. From firefox, to netflix to idk wat...didnt need to be there. Nice is 8gb ram, radeon 5700hd, 100gb harddrive, icore3 quadcore processor. That will play any game. Its a tie. Go figure.

Anyways the process for casual maintenance on a PC is easy:

A Very short tutorial, annotations required. Anyways if your dashboard crashes often, or web browser seems slower, you have malware.

Complete malware removal below:

1.) Go to internet options in control panel, uncheck revocations, also there is an autoclean option for windows 7 atleast. Log onto safemode for sfc /scannow.

2.) Go to your user profile, type appdata...clean everything in that folder, back it up if you liek. Use unlocker for this. Limit Icon building on your desktop for memory.

3.) Use Spywareblaster to change your IE homepage, delete anything affected by malware ie videocard drivers may not work.

4.) Uninstall firefox ie delete profile in roaming, make sure only virus scanner for malware is installed. Backup bookmarks. Reinstall with no toolbars, check firefox settings, maybe uncheck ocsp. Check/ change security.msc on automated settings with your user logon ex network service is changed to local service. Leave local profile in firefox deleted (also in system32).

5.) Use adware cleaner to remove the infected homepage. Then jnk remover &rkill then boot with virus scan. Disable task scheduler functions incase of blue screen eg 3 dif scan bots may cause problems. If irq error still occurs uninstall PCI bus in device manager to have windows 7 reinstall all drivers& uninst/reinstall virus scanner.

6.) Make sure to use your weekly casual maintenance, you know like toolbar removal, cleaning programs, defrags and scans. Maybe check startup entries on CCleaner. If need be recheck for malware with adware cleaner, jrt removal etc.

7.) Windows 8&10 have permanent signature disable mode. Windows 7 doesnt. Disable Iobit uninstaller in msconfig, it contains spyware yet still can be used disabled. Start Windows 7 in signature disable mode to run virus affected programs. Disable Windows Search in services.

8.) Say the problem persists and ure trojan is a deadly vbs malware that curropts o/s files such as ntuser.dat or log2. Log on to admin, just manually delete anything your virus scanner finds. It will still work where as xp would not becuase user apps are located in 3 different places in 7. One place is under system32/config. Use hib if left off for a week, standby mode can get unstable.

9.) manually delete C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\CryptnetUrlCache & C:\Users\ga\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft\CryptnetUrlCache and task schedule an appcleanup.bat file with forfiles /p "C:\Users\USERNAME\Appdata\etc" /s /m *.* /c "cmd /c Del @path" /d -0 & for other appdata folder files.

forfiles /p "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Tmp" /s /m *.* /c "cmd /c Del @path" /d -0

save as .bat, schedule a task.

*change videocache location ie temp variables to tmp or !?! folder to delete via advanced settings under env variables del old tmp. Lock new folder in security via folder properties /security /edit permissions uncheck include inheritant objects. Lock appdata folders in sys32&user using this method.

-Make sure to put tasks on idle. It prevents malware to go through userapps.

PS if you do delete everything in appdata (not roaming, just local, localow) make sure youre familiar with changing the memorydump size to 256k. You will know its working if your PC boots much faster. Malware is well known to hide itself greatly in these folders. Hence this tutorial was made for testing spyware by downloading & executing viruses or going to virus prone webpages.

certutil -URLcache * delete Deletes Crypturlcache, crypto folders, signatures.


-Crypturl cache is why library computers work so well. Because either with smartcards or logins, they can control data flow. They don't use signatures. Also malware such as AVscanner is not detected by virus scans. Make an exe shortcut or DL the exe, because standby mode and restarts reintegrate the signatures in your browser over time. Sigs validate the site you want to 'call' they will reply whether it be for ads or other. Use task schedule to activate the DL file.

*ASC is data intrusion, it contains spyware or conflicts with virus scanners. For Web plugins and safe web browsers use virus scanner. Don't use gamebooster, it hijacks ur systemprofile. Disable all non-game rules in fw.

8gb Pae tool works well without gpu rendering on browsers, windows tweaking.com contains malware, i do a repair twice ie 2nd time with virus scan to catch it. This can avoid bootdisc repair.

DONT DELETE ANYTHING IN MICROSOFT ROAMING, Delete everything in local, roaming and localow. Your process manager should look like this http://bit.ly/2oipgCg with 1 taskhost process. Notice your pc will run much faster.

Malware gets bank accounts, desktop, emails, views, user accounts. It even gets info on your private life. Third party PC Apps ARE malware or slow ur pc. Ever get your res disabled? Wonder why the mouse cursor is broken? Its even in hardware malfunction.

Its tricky but your games that are dashboard compatible should work well...if youd really like to screw up, turn off your pc during bootup processes (all the updates that DO NOT avoid pae tool are found in this blog somewhere, Yep I SURE LIKE MY 8GB WIN32 x86)...or DO NOTHING, GET BOOTED FROM GAMES< GET CRASHES< SLOWED DOWN BROWSERS, REINSTALL BROKEN DASHBOARDS AND MORE FAKE HARDWARE FUNCTIONS. IDK...buy a console, turn it on, and play!

No really, if you do delete everything in Roaming, appdata etc. make sure youre familiar with changing the memorydump size to 256k. You will know its working if your PC boots at 56 seconds instead of like 2 minutes ie https://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/204214-dump-file-change-default-location.html. Malware is well known to hide itself greatly in these folders, and this might cause instability if you delete it all. No really the problem is a dashboard from a videogame you buy is infact like using internet explorer, or firefox...its its own webpage, and they can add any app! To even exe malware, hello...2005 ati video card drivers. Fairly unsafe.

Unsafe fonts just require you to show folders in organization tool, then to rename and reset the computer. Easy. This is a tactic that IOBIT the company uses or even WINDOWS UPDATE, they change your profile's iconbuild.db file (appdata>local a file called iconcache can be changed deleted, but uhoh its invisible, so u got to make it visible) so you won't be able to use your desktop to save files. This disables your desktop. If not iobit then spyware in general.

My Xbox cter Battery died again?!?

PS to recharge batteries on your cter (with a power meter), you can just use a standard milamp charger from a cellphone or foreign device, maybe an old sega genesis. The pos goes to the pos of an AA battery, the neg goes to a neg. Just sit and wait. However, I do use an MA fan for that because my amp charger is rated at 6 amps. It resulfates my larger 12 volt cells I use to a few mopeds I own (larger 12v cells take 48 hrs to recharge). A fan is always useful (+ goes to +terminal of aa, neg to like the 12 volt or grid's neg). It might also prevent the battery from exploding if you leave it on the grid. The powermeter of course tells you which is neg and pos. Lead acid batteries generally last 3-5 years, if they last a few months you are using them incorrectly even if its for an all-electric powered device.

Actually minor update, you need a 6amp 9 volt charger to serial connect with an 9volt ma charger. You just need a step up transformer so that the battery doesnt get hot while charging...but the higher the voltage, as long as your serial connected 9volt+9volt low ma charger can handle it, the better. Batteries cant get hot when charging. A 9volt battery alone won't work. Put twine it with a higher 6amp charger.

....as for the NAT servers, i think they don't effect most games. Maybe GTA V maybe not. Its rec to have them configured on your console.

Videos for this blog:

DCUO is Premium worth it?!?

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Why pay 15 dollars when you can pay 5? Well, IMHO, premium is only worth leveling gear for like 5 levels. Its def worth not getting kicked by these nazis. The fact is DCUO has free month currently, where you can level to 100. That's great. However, you will be spending lots of money on that game. Eveerything is paid for. I say just stick with the 5 dollar premium account....and although it is the internet its def worth it. Here you see Ice at level 100 with all the actual effects. I can def get to level 172 with Maxima. If anyone knows why DCUO works so well with DC characters, its because its owned by DC comics, not Marvel. JK, Marvels shehulk is now a name taken as well. Remember only use Is as Ls, 3s as Es ie Marvel5 Sh3Hulk works great. Enjoy this video link until this blog update is updated somehow. No its not worth it. Youre on a ps4 or xbox one it is. Basically, when you play a computer you need to delete server entries, registry entries etc etc just for playing one game. You will pay for the game, but they will hack the PC through files associated with the game. The terms in teh registry u want to hunt for on DCUO is DCUO, Daybreak, DC universe which will lead to over 60 names, and maybe even uninstall C++, becus on a COM-PUTE- RRRR you will infact hav maintenance issues to play a game you enjoy delay. Pls anyone i will trade my 500 dollar PC for a 100 dollar ps4...so over time the dashboard of DCUO will collect and create freezing and crashing garbage to an unplayable game. However, this is temp avoided sometimes. Anyone out there, pls hear my plea. Ever wonder why PC games have empty servers in the first place? Stick with the console version. When you own this revanue machine, its infact owning something society needs to work on, its called intrusion, or an intrusive service that which one pays for. This is just a theory though, but the graphics settings being too high in the game may infact crash the dashboard every now-and-then. To revive it you need to reinstall the full game by deleting all the remnance. I would say its not the registry, and its 'graphics' but I installed it and my user options were not saved. Then I cleaned the registry and the game's options were saved. There is also an apparent unknown user sig in firefox now too. Anyways what I noticed is the game is very tricky to configure anyways...and you want the fade option all the way down hence for the world to pop up as much as possible or the game will freeze on generic 2011-2013 videocards. Anyways even Dreamcast and xbox 360 can handle unreal graphics. Computers suck balls. Get a life. Chow!

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Anyways, here's two hourman's not too impressed with the first one. The classic one was easier. That one I forgot the chevron gloves and the size should be disputed. The other hourman is missing a belt, whilst redskull came in pretty well. Out of the 3 new characters I made, due to some errors...the red skull is my favorite &quickest to make. It feels the most like the redskull, small body, suit, a prefered rifle or dual pistols with gadgetry...with an optional military uniform in the future.

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No matter how much i played around with the new hourman he seems to not have changed a lot and even though he resembles the comics, his colorization options still remain explorable. The goal is to mold the character into the DCUO universe as best as possible for the most emersive gameplay. Things will be changed around, but if it looks and feels like the character you should be in luck. Try using brighter colors, and a less gritty feel. See also my previous dcuo posts. Also if you check out this blogspot, you will find more characters suitable for creation in the marvel universe.

Fighting games in general for me..and other games that suck due to difficulty.

Well, to be obvious, I don't like them. I never actually pull off the moves, and there is that ten percent chance my cheese moves get pulled off. Okay, so why do I not like pulling off a punt then like a,b,a,c kick kick punch for a combo? Because the brain works like this, you must infact learn the combo, and you sometimes expect to pull it off. On a side note, another game came to my list recently after I quit xbox live...(financial reasons)...anyways...the game is supermeat boy. In this walk through at precisely the idiot does a jesus type move where you walk on water at a certain time. He basically freezes in midair to avoid the blade. OKAY MAHN, GREAT WALKTHROUGH CUS I TRIED THAT PART 100 TIMES AND I GOT THIS FAR> IM NOT GOING TO HAVE THE ABILITY TO FREEZE IN MID AIR AND DROP DOWN BEFORE HITTING THE BLADE. AT THIS PART ON YOUR WALKTHROUGH< THAT's EXACTLY WAT U DID at 1:49:28. YOU USED BLACK MAGIC APPARENTLY, AND YES THE NEXT STAGE HE PLAYS I BEAT< SO HE WAS REAAAALLLY PRACTICING TO DO THAT> OKAY U FROZE YOUR CHARACTER BEFORE HITTING THE BLADE>THATS NOT A MOVE IN THE GAME> SUPER MEATBOY SUX. Anyways theres a freeze move apparently that can get me this far int he gaaame without using it.

Dreamcast FIX IT DAY...

I can't play tony hawk on dreamcast, its too hard either. Cramps my hand, but works good on certain games. I go back to my dreamcast every now and then, and heard of dream pi. Its basically buying the dreamcast broadband...it sure is expensive. 80 dollars. Anyways...good to see it back online. The rednecks are clearly not on alien front online like they were in 2001, they are in wots on xbox 360 ofcourse! No pun intended. Dreamcast day kicked off after a few months with the pins on the adapter not reading. Then the disc not reading. I just put 2 washers on the right side of the laser lens, and bent the pins for contact on the power supply. The disc's lens now reads perfectly, and the power is flowing through it. To find out, yes I still suck at tony hawk 1&2. Revisited virtual on, and looney toons space race which has major AA problems on HD. Well, atleast i fixed the vertical sync issue on firefox. I just let the signatures pass right through..u know, your pc monitor might blink or watever. Thats firefox background checking, autochecking sigs but esp just refreshing the firefox installation. Anyways, I think thats it.

PS I would never sell my dreamcast not for a 100 years...If a videogame crash occurred, actually...thats the console I would still be playing after 1999. PPS I dont suck at games though, WOT& DCUO are aced imho with GTA V not far behind....and yes for some ODD reason, I was reaaaaallly good at tony hawk back in the day, 1&2. That and Vigilante 8...hence Dreamcast was my first actual console I bought and did not sell, or get stolen. Once again, checkout my videogame channel on youtube at user/dcshooters. Thanx for playing.