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Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS

These games are probably my most anticipated 3DS and Wii U games as of date. Seriously, this will be the first Smash Bros game in high defenition (Wii U) and the first portable Smash Bros game (3DS) ever. But the question is, how will it look and how well will the gameplay be? Regardless of those and other questions gamers might have, I personally have faith that these two titles will be a (smash) hit with both consoles. There are rumors out there of what the 3DS and Wii U versions will be like, but again, rumors.

Also, it's been at least 3 years since the new Smash Bros game was announced back at E3 2010, and for gamers, that can be torture, especially when the director of Smash Bros was in the middle of making Kid Icarus: Uprising (which is a fun game, btw). Still, I suppose we can wait a little longer. My guess is that it will be ready by Holiday 2013 at the earliest, but we can only hope.

Anyway, what would you like to see in the next Smash Bros game?

smash bros universe

New Mario & Zelda Games For Wii U

Obviously, Nintendo is going to make a new Zelda and Mario for the Wii U console, and so out of curiosity, I was wondering what you would like to see in these next iterations? (Graphics, gameplay, story, etc.)

zelda wii u

fire mario

What Do You Think Of PlayStation Home?

What I like about PS Home is the avatar creator and being able to walk around a virtual space with other PS3 users, but the thing I really hate the most about it is the long load times... it takes anywhere between 5-10 minutes to load up and sometimes it takes longer than that! :evil:Anyway, if you've ever used PS Home, what are your thoughts on it?

ps home logo

ps home

Dragon's Dogma - Thus Far...

Hey everyone! I recently purchased Dragon's Dogma for my PS3 and as of late, I've clocked in about 10 hours of playtime. The game is really fun and engaging - frustrating and annoying sometimes, but not so much as to cause me to sell it. It's a good 'frustrating' and 'annoying' mainly because it's a challenge that I've not encountered in a game for quite some while, i.e. character dies due to overwhelming enemy presence while traveling the land of Gransys, having to run on foot everywhere, etc. Other than those and a few other technical 'issues', DD has great combat, imposing enemies and bosses, beautiful scenery, cool weapons and armor, and the story itself is pretty original, too. There's a sense of adventure while traveling with your pawns, and you really feel like a team when defeating a group of harpies or goblins (or a chimera). Overall, if you like medieval-type RPGs that involve slaying legendary monsters, I highly recommend this game.

dragons dogma cyclops

Cheap Blu-ray Covers

These cheap-a$$ covers should explain for themselves...

spider man blu ray

spider man blu ray 2

spider man blu ray 3

Not to mention the cheap 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' Blu-ray covers that I saw at Wal-Mart the other day, but I couldn't find the images online so if you want to see what those look like, visit your local Wal-Mart. What do you think of these covers? Could you do a better job on them?

Monster Hunter or Dragon's Dogma?

I can see quite a few similarities between the Monster Hunter series and Capcom's newest series, Dragon's Dogma - you fight gigantic monsters, you customize your characters, you go on lengthy quests, gather herbs, etc. To me, I feel like Dragon's Dogma is just Monster Hunter on steroids, which is a good thing! And since we all know that the Wii got Monster Hunter Tri, Capcom gave us 360/PS3 owners something even better, I believe, which is Dragon's Dogma. So which series do you prefer? MH or DD? Are you looking forward to seeing what Capcom does with their sequel to DD?

monster hunter pic

dragons dogma

The Dark Knights Rises... is WHAT!?

In light of the third and final movie to the Batman Begins trilogy, many people out there are saying that The Dark Knight Rises should be rated 'R' and that it is laced with 'evil' and is thus not right to see it... I've read quite a bit of reviews on the film and honestly, it sounds like it does have a bit more grittiness to it than The Dark Knight did - oh, and don't forget the ever-popular Rush Limbaugh and his conspiracy theory on the Bane character - how it's tied in with the political race and what-not. (Whatever:roll: )

So anyway, if you have seen the movie, what are your thoughts on it? Is it too violent to be rated PG-13? Did it have any 'horror' scenes in it? Do you think it is 'evil' as some fanatics say?

New Game.

After doing some research, I finally decided on getting this driving game:

burnout paradise ps3

It's a really fun, open-world driving game. Crash, race, escape, smash, and cruise your way to endless fun in over 75 different vehicles from bikes to cop cars. Even after 5 years this game still looks good. Two thumbs up.

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