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2012 Gaming

Been catching up to alot of games, cant wait for september to arrive. At the moment its counter strike, waiting on tekken tag tournament 2. Soon Black ops 2, MOH:warfighter, playstation all stars, assassins creed 3...so much stuff! Playing now : Battlefield 3

Oh snaps its 2011

hey guys another year has gone again...it flies by quickly. But so far i have been so n so.. and the games so far being played is Marvel vs Capcom3 , Little big planet 2, and Black ops I ranked #2 in Mvc3 leaderboards which is alright :) Not much is going on new this year but i hope more things come by and keep the gamers more busy Be back soon and enjoy guys.

another year has come and almost gone

a great year its been, a few new surprises but also too long, i cant wait to play Call of duty: black ops this year i have been on and off, mostly on anime, games have been tekken 6, monster hunter tri, Mw2 little big planet 2 caught my eye but it was delayed. hope to return to blog again, taking more months again gahhh

Achievements Of the Year

Became the number 1 player in Mgo for 6months. Tournament Champs with my team Mind Games for anniversary tournament. Ranked 3rd , 4th , 7th place in time attack,Survival and was one of the top 20 players of tekken for a few days. Tekken tournament champion for the launch on Halloween. Being in the spotlight even for a moment is refreshing because you know you was there to do it.

Call of Duty:MW2

Game is amazing , and with 16 maps..wow. I'm having fun, the story is kinda short around 5 hrs in my opinion but its great and am enjoying it. See you guys on the Psn.

Fall Gaming

Tekken 6 , its been a blast though a bit annoying at times lol.. I want to learn these moves already and be prooo D: i did manage to win a tournament on oct.31 ... just lol is enough ^_^ waiting on call of duty ..cya laterz


Well I'm back kinda. Its been a long time , trying to keep myself buzy the rest of the year. Currently playing tekken6 and kinda addictive. Metal gear online...i havent been on it for a week since then but being in the top again was cool. I can't wait for call of duty modern warfare2. Uncharted 2 is very fun and to those interested i recommend it. Hope im active more on the forums.But if anything my psn is David_OS and also xYour-Ambitionx Thank you for your time and see ya later.

2009 yooo

Its been too long ,sorry guys if i havent been around , though thats all gunna change lol ... Currently im pwning on mgo ... known in the game as..... Thunderboltz , yes the very same from DDC usually i play for fun , laughing my ass off tk'in sometimes. Killzone 2 , dang cant wait playing my Pokemans on the ds, and Castlevania hit me up with a message or comment the blog, if anything trade, battle , whatever. have a gud day

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Smash code: DDC-5241-1575-7338 anyone care to brawl, ill brawl lol its still been a while been buzy wit skool , n crap like dat but im still alive =D

wow wow lol

its really been a long time hasnt it, i been changing alot, as i dont have the time for games as much as i use to before. but trying my best for things to work out fine, looking forward for supersmash bros brawl, metal gear solid 4 im currently playing call of duty 4:modern warfare, but thats it for now, happy new years to everyone, its gonna be a good one
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