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I have been playing League of legends for the pass few months. I didn't had time to post anything. I haven't been doing anything at all and i might try to catch up to the modern gamespot.


It'sa new game i got :P

Haven't finish update yet :( but i wanted to know if anyone has played it yet?

Alien Swarm

This game has one awesome gameplay. I have seen a lot of videos of it but never tryed it.. But then a friend told me about it and i had all the means to play it... Started it and loved it more :D Now i have like 49 or 48 achievements :) and i am level 3... I got promoted like five times... :D It's a top veiw game but it's like a updated top veiw, I can't explaining it but it's awesome. The first stage is easy but when you reach the second stage it gets a little tuff.. It's an normal game. You can change the level. It have easy, normal, hard, insane, brutal.. I am not explaining it well but, It's a great game. It is a steam game and have a lot of categories.

One of the best gun in the game :P.. The flameThrower.

The second stage in the game :D You go down this long elevator. It's one of the most exciting stage :D

Being a special weapons person is not my ****but it's okay :P

This is weird

I loged on this morning to see a terms of use violation - warning in my indox... I don't know how i get it or why i got it... But gamespot is not keep track of anything these days :(

I am back on. 61%

It have been like a month since i have been gone, i think i am over exaggerating a bit, i think it's more like two weeks i have been gone. But that doesn't matter now. I AM BACK!!!!!! :D

No more fun.

School is starting back, and I am not in the mood to go back to that horrible place again. I need to take a transfer, ahahaha Help me noooooo, please note, I don't really need help, I need to share up a bit. Do you have problems at your school, that you want to share.

Hi dudes/dudettes See ya

Well I wouldn't be on gamespot, because me and my family had a huge fight, so I am off of gamespot for a while well see you dudettes/dudes sometime next month.

Medal Of Honor Allied Assault

I have been thinking about a new blog for a while now, and I finaly made one about medal of honor, so now youmay be thinking about what am about to blog about, i will be talking about my gameplay and multiplayer experience, so let me start with the single player, I've been playing this game for a stort period of time so I don't no much, well let us begin, So I start off in a army truck of some kind, and we were talking about the mission in a soft tone, then we reach the check point where we have to get in to the base, but it didn't work and our comrades had died at the explogon, so captain told us to getout ofthe truck, I can't explane properly so to be continuedsome time next month, but don't forget to reload your weapon in medal of honor allied assault, check your corners and always move like a team never move alone.

I'm not sure if I may bring out a new part soon so please don't wait for one at this moment.

This is mission one pic

This how it starts up, but this is spanish

Multiplayer action

well I don't have much to say about MP because I'm always geting high ping, so let me talk about the basic thing,

When you are playing MP you have to move about a lot because people don't care they will kill you so fast you wont even get a chance to click your mouse, and I'm not lying so shoot first altought they move left to right and shoot you, do the shame thing and come first like me, I've post a blog about it already I've made 320 something kills, well that warp things up.

I had a cool year

This year has been great for me, I've found new friend on gamespot and they are allawesome, My life is geting more and more interesting very day, so I thank youallforbeing myfriends on gamespot andfor your kindness and friendlyness, and have a great life, my game had sky rocked I now have73 games on myDesktop and I only install five of them, I can't wait for two thousand and eleven, games are cool andfascinating and I am trying to collect all ofthe games from around the world a bit to much isn't itbut that's what i'm going to do. I think I change sentences to fast.

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