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My most Anticipated games of 2019!

Games of 2019 on my list:

  • Dying Light 2 (PC)
  • DOOM: Eternal (PC)
  • Crackdown 3 (PC)
  • Code Vein (PC)
  • The Last of Us 2 (PS4 exclusive & if it's releasing in 2019)
  • Resident Evil 2 remake (PC)
  • Anthem (PC)
  • Skull & Bones (PC)
  • Ghost Of Tsushima (PS4 exclusive)
  • Cyberpunk 2077 (PC and I'll put it if were lucky to see it release in 2019)
  • The Talos Principle 2 (PC)
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 (PS4)
  • Jump Force (PS4 Exclusive)
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch exclusive)
  • Metroid Prime 4 (Switch exclusive)
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms (PC Exclusive)
  • Control (PC)

Cuphead really does brings out the kid in you if you enjoy watching Cartoons made in 1930/40/50 styles. Nostalgia feel!

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At first, I wasn't sure if Cuphead could lives up to it's name in the name of paying homage to 1930 era where Cartoons was new to kids and even to Disney which in this game is based on. I'll say first that Cuphead is a good game! I've been enjoying it. The art style is there, it's something you gotta appreciate if you are that type of person who watches oldie cartoons like me. I grew up in the 90's, TV was steady growing, when it comes to channels, various channels were always airing 1930/40/50 cartoons, and if you are that person who watches old school cartoons from Disney, Woody Wood Pecker, Popeye the Sailor Man, Felix the Cat, then you'll definitely feel right at home with Cuphead. All in all, I'm really enjoying Cuphead, it's my Indie game of the year! One thing I like to mention, Cuphead also shares some of the cartoons stuff if you watch "Who Frame Roger Rabbit" movie, just wanted to point that out if you never watch old school 1930 cartoons but ended up watching Who Frame Roger Rabbit is a nice start from there.

Cuphead is only $20, not too shabby I say, it's on Xbox One/Steam/GoG so if you enjoy those old cartoons as a kid, you won't be disappointed playing Cuphead. Be warned, the game is hard but NOT Battletoads hard! Just be patience and good reflex is the key.

Kudos to Studio MDHR for this amazing achievement making of Cuphead:

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Who is Doctor Strange? (From Marvel)

It's been a very long time I write a blog, it's strange I'm doing one today now but anyways, ever since the tease trailer release a few days ago, everyone's been asking who exactly who/what is Doctor Strange? Before we get into that, let's look at the tease trailer first shall we:

Now that you watch the trailer, it's time for the breakdown:

Stephen Strange was one of the best surgeons known to man, and he knew it. He was arrogant, and never bothered with any relgions or magic of any kind. He was sure of his skills and a doctor, and wanted to spend the rest of life doing it. He wasn't in it to save lives; he did it because he loved it. Because of this selfishness, he often pushed loved ones away. His heart was cold, and he liked it that way.

One fateful day, he was in a horrific car accident. He survived, but his hands were rendered useless. His life as a doctor was done for. He was distraught, and as far as he was concerned, he had no purpose in life.

He searched the globe, hoping to find a cure for his hands, but all avenues ended up fruitless. He had lost hope. He was grasping for anything to get his old life back.

Eventually, he heard of a place, a place where the people there could fix his hands. But when he got there, they offered him something different: to teach him the ways of the mystic arts. At first, he refused, but after seeing the magic before his eyes, he accepted.

Though his hands never fully healed, he became one of the most gifted sorcerers in history, even quickly surpassing his assigned instructor and fellow student, Baron Mordo.

There's a bunch of other stuff, but to conclude, here are some key points:

  • Baron Mordo (the dude with the sword) becomes jealous of Strange, and their relationship just gets worse from there...
  • The bald woman is The Ancient One, and holds the title Sorcerer Supreme, and is the one who offers to teach Strange.
  • The "alternate realities" are not like different versions of yourself or whatever like the multiverse. Think of them more like the realms from the Thor movies (so what you're seeing when they jump from New York to India in the trailer is only for effect, and they're just different points in Strange's journey). However, in order to enter these dimensions, you must be in the form of an Astral Projection...
  • Which is what Strange becomes when he gets the "soul knocked out of him" in the trailer.
  • It is Doctor Strange's destiny to become the new Sorcerer Supreme, but at great costs...

Which I'm sure we'll find out about in the movie! Hope this helped, and made everything seem a bit less...Strange. ;D

That's it about him for now until the movie release this November. I may not be a huge fan of Dr. Strange, but I have seen him in other Marvel cartoons when I was a kid to at least understand the character.

Windows 10 Review for Dummies

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After all these years, and growing up with Windows 3.1, I have seen an entire evolution of computers and software. Touch screens and large resolutions were a pipe dream just 15 years ago. Now it's the norm. Going from a Packard Bell (yes, before HP) that couldn't run 3D Ultra Mini Golf and saving Paint pictures on floppies, to Windows 98 and creating embarrassing songs on the Midi Keyboard, and finally getting 300kbp/s DSL so I can watch Backstreet Boys music videos in "300K". Yeah, the K meant something else back then.

Going from that to Windows 2000 and XP and playing Half-Life 2 for the first time using a weird piece of shitty software called Steam. Something that pissed people off when they had to install it and just wanted to play Half-Life. From using an ATI (before AMD bought them) Xpress 200 on-board chip and struggling to play HL2. Going from Windows 7 and the first DirectX 11 GPUs and dual-core CPUs rolling into games like Crysis and Microsoft Flight Simulator X to quad-core CPUs and GPUs that are thousands of times more powerful than that first computer I had. Now we're at Windows 10. What a journey.

Windows has had its ups and downs, but Windows 10 is finally another up for Microsoft. With a monster of a new strategy (and a risky one) as well as lessons learned from Windows 8 and Vista, Microsoft has released the next best OS around. Taking the fundamentals from Windows 7 and fusing it with the cutting edge technology of Windows 8 allowed Microsoft to create the ultimate operating system that will finally kick-start and entire new generation of OS from here on out. There are millions of people on the fence with Windows 10, but I jumped in on day one like 15 million other people and here's why.

More Automated Installation...for Dummies

Windows 10 now reassures you that you can be lazy and not touch a goddamn thing and it will do everything for you. How freaking convenient! Now with most people who have the attention span of a goat, Microsoft realized no one will wait around 90 minutes to check for new installation progress and click through menus. It will tell you things like "Sit back and relax", "Just a few more things", "Almost Done", "Wrapping things up". All things that impatient people love hearing. I'm not one to complain. If I can install Windows from here on out without touching a damn thing I'm fine with it. Just watch a big white circle fill up and your PC restart a few times. Pretty painless and simple. The initial setup is as easy as setting up your phone. Want to know why Windows 10 is a lot like a phone? Because everyone has one! Why not make it look like something 5 billion people already use everyday? Or we can act like neanderthals and demand something that was practical 20 years ago. Your choice.

Windows 10 Leaves the Keepsies Game

Hate Windows 10 with a passion? Is the simplicity too much for you to adjust to and you want to go back to dozens of windows and menus? Just go into settings and roll back to your previous OS. No keepsies, Microsoft promises. Want to go back to Windows 8 and torture yourself? Go back to tablet mode. Microsoft won't keep it from you. They promise.

Underneath it All, It's Still Windows 7

Don't be scared, it's okay, come out and play. Underneath the shiny new exterior is Windows 7 almost exactly as you left it. Power users can still find their tweaking options where they want them in control panel. All Windows operations from Windows XP onward are still here. I promise, right where you left them. Of course they are under a shiny new skin, but it's just one button click away from seeing that all too familiar panel or list of settings you are used to. Don't want to use apps from the app store? Fine, go ahead and install your programs like normal. Want just a basic boring start menu? Go ahead, just right click on the task bar like you have for the past 12 years and customize your start menu. Want to change your default apps and what starts with Windows? Go ahead and do it the long boring way as Microsoft now knows what was a pain in the ass to change and what wasn't. You can do it the long way, but Windows 10 makes things easier for you unless you're a it the old way.

Windows 8 Without the Windows 8

While Windows 10 looks like an overhauled Windows 8, it's not Windows 8 at all and never will be. The start menu and task bar are a shiny new black and the start menu now acts as normal plus Live Tiles. Honestly these are great and they are customizable. Like tiles but not alive? Kill them dead and turn it off. Want them smaller? Go ahead, or you can super size them. Want to know what the weather is like? Pin it as a Live Tile and every time you open your start menu and you can see the weather. Want a picture of a giant boob on your start menu...go ahead, why not. Don't like going outside and forgot what hemisphere you live on?! It's just a click away! Why does this matter and why should you care? Because you can do that now, that's the beauty of harnessing more advanced UIs. Did you want the Windows 8 task bar but Windows 7 desktop? That's default now. If you loved Windows 8 for some unknown reason turn on tablet mode and you can join the other 10 people who also enjoy it.

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Apps Make Life Easier...Seriously

While some people may call them "lazy", apps on your smartphone are wonderful. Can you imagine your phone only having a web browser and having to go every single website through that? Well it's more practical on a PC, but why can't we use apps too? Just want to surf YouTube for a few hours? Get one of the non-official YouTube apps and it's its own thing. How about just shopping on eBay or Amazon for a while? Download the apps. It's just like on your phone naysayer, just like that. Click install and it installs just like on a phone. No pop-ups, no pre-reqs to install, no .NET Framework, no run time files either. Don't want it anymore? Just click uninstall in the start menu or Apps & Features (the new Program Features) and you're done. Want to use just the browser still and not be hip and cool? Do it.

All the Tweaks Under Less Clicks

You know the settings on your phone? Windows 10's most basic functions and settings are now condensed under a settings window just like a phone. Stop whining, once you use it it becomes a pacifier and you're fine. Click settings in the start menu and you are introduced to all those pesky things that took hours to do and multiple windows to click through. System Settings has all your Windows Updates, Windows Defender, Add/Remove Programs, Notifications, Power Settings. Holy ****, yeah it's all there now under one roof. Thought that would never happen did you? It's amazing! How about all your device crap? Bluetooth, printers, scanners, webcams, typing, auto play all under one tab. Just click the device and choose what you want to do with it. Wait. AutoPlay?! Wasn't that something you had to go into 8 different windows before to get too? It's right here in this devices tab? Wow! Personalization, accounts, ease of access, privacy. All these settings that took multiple windows to open are now under one single window. It's a freaking miracle! Oh, yeah and you sign into your Microsoft account to sync all this stuff for if you ever re-format. Yeah, that happened too.

Action Center Is Back Like a Crappy Ex That Turned Around

Remember Action Center? That annoying flag that wouldn't stop telling you things you don't care about? Now it tells you things you need to know and comes in handy. Remember all those apps I was talking about? Action Center is now your notification hub like on your phone. Think of this as your pull down menu. Email alerts from the new email app, Windows Updates, notes, reminders, it's all here. The new Action Center notification pop-up is also overhauled and is now a nice little square box that blends in with the OS and is not annoying ever. Think of it as a pop up notification on your phone. Simple and elegant yet very useful. I'm also talking about every single pop-up that used to appear in that damn corner. New devices being installed, errors, windows update notifications, EVERYTHING.

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Windows Explorer is Now and Adventure...and Includes All Gear

Windows Explorer finally has all those options that required right clicks and scrolling through settings menus all at the very tippy top of the window. It's a brand new menu bar that includes things like delete, rename, move to, copy to, properties, select all, invert selection (!), pin to quick access (!), and...SHARING! Holy freaking hell, no more uploading to PhotoBucket and then linking to your social media. Oh yeah, and the view tab has all your viewing needs. Columns, size all columns to fit screen, file name extensions check box. What?! That was hidden in the explorer settings that required an online tutorial to figure out. It's a check box now at the top? Man did they think of everything? Apparently, they did.

More Desktops, Fewer Monitors

Or more desktops with more monitors. Why not right? Have 18 projects going at once and don't want to close anything out? Microsoft decided to actually use RAM for something useful and the old Show Desktop button has transformed and evolved. Working in Photoshop with 25 reference windows open in your browser? Want to go back to editing videos and ripping YouTube videos to make a "Top 10" list? Create a new desktop so you don't have to close your Photoshop crap. Have two monitors? Now you can have 4 desktops, have three monitors? Learn algebra.

Keyboard Shortcut Fetishists Are Now Welcome

One of those one handed guys who doesn't like clicking? There are dozens of new keyboard shortcuts from Windows Key+This to Shift+Alt+That. For virtual desktops to selecting text and opening apps. Enjoy... I guess.

Xbox is Now a Parasite

Just kidding, but not really. Xbox is now an integrated part of Windows 10, which is cool, but for the millions of Xbox owners, myself included, it's only good for one thing: Video capturing. For the first time Windows now includes video capturing software, so you can stop pirating Fraps now. For Xbox owners you can do a lot of cool do Xbox things on Windows. Right on.

Windows Media Player Still Sucks

That's about it, moving on.

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Cortana. Like a Kitana But More Corn.

More like Siri with less Apple. Or more Google with less Now. It's really a personal assistant right on your desktop. No more moving your hand 2 feet to your phone. You can now search for restaurants, get told to get your ass to work, and drive times. You can even save maps offline! Great for when you have a laptop and no wi-fi and get lost on treadmills. Voice recognition works with a simple "Hey, Cortana!" I'm sure Halo players have wanted to say that for years! It's a great new way to get all your travel needs in one spot.​Gone is Internet Explorer! Wooo! Party! Kind of...Microsoft Edge is an honorable change from such a terrible piece of software. It's well...edgier. In more than one way. The UI has sharp edges and the boxes have edges. You can open new tabs and write notes right on the web page and send it to your phone via Cortana. I hope Master Chief knows this is going on.'s good for people who loved IE or didn't have a preference. If you're an old guy who just watches porn or a hipster, this is perfect for you. It doesn't have the options that Chrome and Firefox have which is what Microsoft really needs to wake up too, but the mobile integration and cleaner design is a much welcome change.

Microsoft Just Got Edgier

Yeah, a free Microsoft product. Who would have thought? It's a revolutionary strategy that Microsoft is taking a serious risk on. Free for a whole year? Damn. Where's the money coming from? Bill Gates ass, but that's besides the point. If you have Windows 7 or 8 you get this great piece of software for free forever. Your current key just converts over to Windows 10. Hell, even pirates get it for free. You're welcome.

Bottom Line...It's Freaking Free

Yeah, a free Microsoft product. Who would have thought? It's a revolutionary strategy that Microsoft is taking a serious risk on. Free for a whole year? Damn. Where's the money coming from? Bill Gates ass, but that's besides the point. If you have Windows 7 or 8 you get this great piece of software for free forever. Your current key just converts over to Windows 10. Hell, even pirates get it for free. You're welcome.

My Hentai List

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You guest it, I'm a Hentai guy and I have no shame of telling that to anyone. It's what I am and I find Hentai to be sooo much fun to watch then Porn itself. I don't like Porn, it's boring to me. Well anyways, this is the Hentai list I currently own and this Blog is for those of you out there are interested what kind of Hentai to get into, this is it.

  1. Milk Money
  2. Bible Black series
  3. Boobilicious
  4. Busty Mounds
  5. Cool Device
  6. Hentaipazoola
  7. Kamyla series
  8. Milk Junkies
  9. Menage a Twins
  10. Sexual Education
  11. Titty Titty Bang Bang
  12. Viper GTS
  13. Wife-Swap Diaries

My favorites are:

  1. Milk Money
  2. Hentapazoonla
  3. Wife-Swap Diaries.

And there you have it, if you have any questions, feel free to PM whatever you'll like.

Note: This Blog will be added if I buy anymore Hentai and will add to list.

Old Before There Times

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Bloodborne's apparently successful launch (see note below) has yielded two interesting points, for me. One is that it's being hailed as the PS4's savior (see note below) and the other is that it seems to have serious technical problems. Conversations erupting around previous games regarding lowered resolutions, trailers containing content not in the final game, downgrades, PR speak about 'cinematic' presentation and so on are nothing new. Fountains of lies have erupted about the new consoles and have kept giving generously even as individual wellsprings went dry. Remember all that talk about 4K gaming? Well, forget all about that because they were never offering that. It never happened and if you don't shut up about it, you'll find out what happened to Nikolai Yezhov.

One complaint deals with lengthy load times which are, in part, an optimization issue but the actual bandwidth for data is in some areas very narrow on both the PS4 and the XBOne. Both stock hard drives operate at 5400RPM and both use the SATA 2 interface. Hard drives store data on magnetic platters so 5400RPM (which is very low for gaming) basically means every time the software calls up information which requires active seeking (hunting around the platter for the relevant bit of information), latency will creep in more heavily than if the platters were spinning faster. The SATA 2 interface is limited to a 300MB-per-second bandwidth which is a problem when you consider the size of contemporary game files. The problem comes together in that the files may not be organized to limit seeking or limit the amount of seeking needed. It's probably too late to fix the root cause of the problem. It would require an overhaul of the file structure. The reason such a bad compromise was struck will be discussed below.

Another is frame rate which proper performance optimization can mitigate but there are serious bottlenecks in the PS4 and XBOne which will make it difficult. Both use one type of memory for all tasks. The PS4 uses GDDR5, which is commonly used in video cards while the XBOne uses DDR3 which is used as system memory in PCs. They're actually quite different; the DDR and GDDR specs are tailored to the needs of their particular tasks. DDR3 memory has a comparatively low clock speed and low address latency. It's meant to accomplish small tasks in rapid succession. GDDR memory, by contrast, has very high clock speeds but high address latency. Used in their specialized ways the trade-offs for both are completely acceptable - DDR3 isn't as fast as GDDR5, but it doesn't need to be. The address latency is higher on GDDR5 but it's an acceptable trade off due to the way information runs through it. The problem, really, is that each console uses one type of memory for everything. So each has weaknesses the mirror image of the other.

These consoles were not built for power. They were built to turn profit per unit sold. Unified memory pools can, on paper, be smaller while remaining sufficient. A slower hard drive with a slower interface cuts down on operating heat which in turn removes the need for a more involved cooling solution. This, in turn, drives costs down. The consoles are underpowered in ways which cannot be fixed and will only get more troublesome as time goes on. They were rushed to market and short-term profitability was the only thing which really mattered; both consoles were, initially, sold at a profit. Given the combination of rush to market with little to no third party support and the weakness of the systems one must consider the possibility this was a deliberate move. The libraries are still anemic and major titles which haven't already been delayed to 2016 are clearly at risk. It's looking like the only winner of this console generation will be AMD.

RIP Ralph Baer (1922-2014)

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I really, really hate writing obits. I really do. But I take it as a personal honor to be able to say good things about the men and women I respect, whether in this industry or just in my life, and Ralph Baer is the reason all of this exists in the first place. He’s not nearly as well known as he deserves to be, which is why it brings me some pleasure in being able to talk about him.

His story of coming to the US to escape Nazi Germany during World War II, coming up with the idea of playing games on a television set and bringing it to fruition, and essentially creating the video game as we call it today is entirely unmatched in this industry. This is the guy that developed, for the first time, the ability to play a game on a television set in your home. He did that. And it wasn’t as if he was a one-hit wonder, either; you ever played a game with a light gun? He made that too, which was created with the first console (which he himself made), the Brown Box, and later released with the Magnavox Odyssey.

Ever played the electronic game Simon? He made that too. By the time he died he had well over 100 patents in his name, developing games and technologies we still play with today. He was not only an engineering genius, but a gamer, and one that developed for us what we’re here for now. Nolan Bushnell and Atari may be better known for kickstarting this industry into what it is today, but without the Odyssey, there would be no Pong. And without the Brown Box, there would be no Odyssey. And without Ralph Baer and the stray thought of “what else can you do with a TV set in your house?” in the early 1960s, there would be no Brown Box to evolve into the Odyssey.

The argument could be made that these things would’ve come anyway, that somebody else would’ve made and monetize them. But what happened was, he did. Without Ralph Baer, who knows what we’d be doing right now (maybe reading or something, it wouldn’t be quite as much fun).

Thank you, Mr. Baer. I will, unlike the later stages of Simon, always remember you.

Wish List for Fallout 4

So I promised that list and here it is. It's late and it's not as thorough as I'd hoped. I also wish I had images handy to illustrate every point where helpful. So, in no particular order - a subjective set of desired features for Fallout 4:

Things to keep or expand from previous games

- No level scaling

This may be a controversial choice but the avoidance of level scaling gave a sense of reality to encounter design for New Vegas that Fallout 3 lacked. While 3's scaling model fixed the broken systems of Oblivion, it did not fit well with the setting; it was simply too gentle on the player for an unsanitary environment filled with monsters and wild animals hell-bent on murdering anything which crossed their path.

- The Damage Threshold system from New Vegas

It made the use of such things as armor-piercing ammo an important choice and the need for alternatives (such as the Piercing Strike and Shotgun Surgeon perks or the creation of Max Charge ammo for energy weapons) for various builds increased variety while maintaining viability of player choice.

- Dynamic encounters from 1, 2, and 3

The occasional attacks by Talon Company, Rangers and contract killers were not hand-placed but actually handled dynamically. It was very impressive and the stilted, predictable arrival of various death squads by passing obvious cell border checks in New Vegas was never quite to the same standard. Occasionally getting intercepted by raiders, pressgangs, Enclave patrols, the bridge from Monty Python's The Holy Grail, packs of mutants and so on added variety, life, excitement and danger to 1 and 2's overworld travel and it was, again, done dynamically.

- Survival Features

It does not automatically increase 'difficulty' nor is it necessarily about creating a 'post-apocalyptic feel' (Fallout was never really a post-apocalyptic series but post-post-apocalyptic), but it always does ground the player's relationship with the character and the environment that much more. They should perhaps still be optional but something as severe as survival requirements seen in jSawyer should be available for those who want it.

- Environmental variety

3 boasted an elaborate (though apparently somewhat artistically liberated) reconstruction of much of Washington DC's underground rail network. It also had rolling hills, the remains of small towns, blasted out ruins, vaults, post-war settlements and so on. This, combined with good use of geometry to hide LOD noise and long distance Z fighting, resulted in a world much more interesting to explore and simply poke around in than New Vegas' Mojave desert.

- Environmental coherence

What New Vegas lacked in variety it made up for, some might say more than made up for, in sheer intelligence. While bland the Mojave makes sense. Its environments are realistic and believable. The intelligence comes in caring enough about that to bother and respecting the player enough to assume they would care too. The next game need not sacrifice good spatial design or interesting concepts to get it. It requires an attention to detail both local and global; each area has to naturally make sense and all the areas in the game have to relate to each other properly.

- New Vegas' version of SPECIAL, traits included

In New Vegas all the attributes mattered more than in 3. Charisma is still mainly a dump stat no matter the player build but that can be changed with some modification in a future game. The value of the stats themselves carried weight above and beyond adjusting various skills. Most weapons have a strength requirement and significant penalties to their effectiveness incur in not meeting it. Extreme options such as miniguns, the Fat Man, super sledge hammers, and anti materiel rifles have hefty strength requirements to go along with steep skill requirements (every single item mentioned above required 100 points in the relevant skill to use effectively) to force a player to commit to non-reversible choices and even reversible but difficult ones about loadout. But please remove the New Vegas version of Skilled or replace it with something similar to 1 and 2. In New Vegas it's broke as a joke; the only reason to not take it is for the self-imposed challenge.

- Weapon modifications, ammo crafting, etc.

The modification system gave some low-tier weapons longer viability than they would otherwise have (9mm pistols are excellent varmint guns, the Laser Rifle can do significant damage against most anything) and ammo crafting made a variety of equipment more functional than it otherwise would have been. Additional crafting setups (such as gunsmithing) would further embellish it.

- Sighting systems

Something along the lines of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with tools such as sight adjustment to compensate for bullet drop at long distances. It could also be an optional feature but it would be nice.

- The faction and karma systems

Providing a 2-dimensional reputation by having a personal renown or infamy for past deeds plus a set of variable attitudes regarding the player's relationship with various groups provides the possibility for many other interesting setups and makes for a more involved playthrough. New Vegas contained content which the player can only experience on multiple playthroughs; it was locked off for believable and logical reasons and it amounted, in total, to more content than was found in 3's main quest.

Things to toss/make optional

- Color washes

Whether the green wash in 3 or the orange and brown washes in New Vegas they are generally an eyesore and serve to pointlessly obscure the often excellent visual design in both games.

- Forced tutorials

There are something in excess of ten million people who have played this game or something enough like it (TES III-V) that making the tutorial optional would not be a bad idea as these same millions will be the majority of Fallout 4's players. Fallout 3's PC users can always install the Wanderer's Edition mod for alternating starts or just skipping the entire prologue, but the tutorials being optional is more than a convenience to longtime players - it's a gesture of respect to every player's intelligence.

- Pre-order DLCs

The pre-order equipment packs for New Vegas didn't really add anything to it but more bugs that could not be fixed by the developer or the publisher due to the file structure. One thing jSawyer.esp did was remove the packs from the player's possession at the start and seed them into various places in the game world. This was a definite improvement and the whole preorder DLC thing was just sleazy.

- The PipBoy 3000 Glove

Some of the most popular mods for 3 and New Vegas involve removing the Pipboy glove (to fix armor textures) and replacing the wrist-mounted computer with a handheld model. It would be a very nice option (or even a mechanically significant choice within the game, e.g. the PipBoy 3000 cannot be used with heavy armors but has other useful features someone not concerned about wearing Power Armor might want more) for the player to have out of the box.

Things to add

- An overhauled difficulty option

Likely an impractical idea but if increased difficulty did not simply buff enemies and/or nerf the player but actually changed how encounters worked altogether it would make playthroughs on different difficulties that much more compelling. Imagine, for example, a Talon Company encounter in 3 but on Hard they provide each other covering fire (which is much more lethal so the player is therefore encouraged to take cover or at least maneuver) so shorter-range combatants (grenadiers and melee) can get in range more easily.

What if Death Claws hunted in packs? What if Raiders appeared as roving bands as well as holding specific locations? What if on Hard all the Very Easy and Easy locks were removed so the player had to invest, heavily, in Lockpicking to get anything? What if the player got fewer perks and a lower level cap? What if firing off even a single shot while in a downtown area surrounded by hostiles of various types carried enormous consequences due to the sound revealing the player's position? What if a lot of things were not so much scaled as rethought in changing the difficulty? Learning to play it on Very Hard would be a very different beast than even Normal. Again it is a highly impractical suggestion but it would be a nice idea.

- Masters and Plug-ins clean on delivery

This is more of a PC-centric issue but the .esm (master) and .esp (plugin) files arriving without any dirty edits would make the implementation of mods and DLC that much simpler and more stable. It would also remove the cleaning step for end users which would make more advanced modding setups more accessible.

- Everything in Peter Thoman's PC Gamer article

Peter "Durante" Thoman (best known for GeDoSaTo and DSFix) lays out a list of features for PC gameshere and it would be just dandy if the PC version of every multiplatform game and every PC exclusive had all of them.

- Better UV mapping

Even with hi resolution texture packs installed Skyrim looks muddy but mods which fix the UV mapping of those textures onto models fix the issue without affecting framerate at all. The information is there; it's just used inefficiently.

- A Way to 'Write' Previous Games into the Current Game's Backstory

While importing saves as in The Witcher, Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age and Mass Effect is perhaps out of the question (except on PC with some kind of flag-check tool) it is still possible to do something similar to what Obsidian did in Knights of the Old Republic II with early dialog touching on key plot points in the previous game to effectively 'write' one's previous result into The Sith Lords' backstory. Being able to affirm a high-functioning independent ending for New Vegas with optimal endings for all four story DLCs (or even the secret ending for Dead Money nullifying all other possibilities) or to summarize how the Lone Wanderer left the Capital Wasteland before moving on would not only help to cement the new game's ties to the old ones, it would add the possibility of a variety of optional content that players may want to replay just to see.

Things to avoid where possible

- Large scale scripted setpieces

Bethesda's technology has not, from Morrowind on, gotten significantly better at handling them and the insistence on forcing the player to mostly spectate one at the beginning of Skyrim is, by far, the weakest aspect of the entire game. The systems used don't work very well to support it so even though it's about a dragon inadvertently saving the player's life while trying to kill them it is also very boring. To put it another way - the sequence five minutes after the game starts where the unarmed and helpless player must desperately flee for their life from one of the most dangerous creatures in the game who is there to kill them personally is more boring than managing inventory.

- Sequences in which the player is reduced to a passive spectator and/or robbed of agency

Any situation in an open-world/sandbox RPG where the player is suddenly deprived of character control that they may witness some animated spectacle or watch some important event as dictated by the developer breaks the relationship the player has with the game. To the extent that either 3 or New Vegas had done so it was always contextually justified. Anything of that nature coming in now would be less than savory.

- A plot which makes no sense

Fallout 3 really does not get raked over the coals nearly as often or as severely as it deserves in the press for how utterly terrible its story was. It was completely broken - of the few characters who had any motivation at all for anything they did (James, Li, Lyons, Eden, Autumn) their actions made no damn sense: James and Li were both just as incompetent as Pinkerton said they were but there is no way to actually do anything about this, Lyons' desire to hold the purifier is pointless, Eden's plan is self-defeating and a bad recycle of elements of Fallout 1 and 2 and he should already know this as both sets of events occurred decades ago, Autumn has no reason to stop either James or the Lone Wanderer from doing exactly what they intend for he wants the exact same thing and knows it. And this did nothing to further their goals. While the only way to expect writing on par with New Vegas would be to farm the game out to Obsidian, and that's highly unlikely to ever happen again, Bethesda can still learn a few lessons from New Vegas' approach to writing.

- Making the protagonist 'the chosen one' in some sense

In Fallout 1 the Campbellian Hero's journey is brutally subverted while Fallout 2 starts jabbing at such standby RPG conceits right from the start and just keeps lacerating them throughout. Fallout 3's lone wanderer is such a stock 'chosen one' that it's downright absurd. Practically every checkbox for the trope and the flaws with the trope are checked without a single hint of irony in the third entry in a series which never played it straight.

Who The F*** is DaVillain?

Who is He?

DaVillain is an American guy who loves to play video games but he is not a fanboy [but doesn't love nor hate Microsoft] what's so ever but that may change in the upcoming years. He is a staunch Republican (registered), fiscal conservative and registered gun owner (NRA). He has no criminal record because he obeys the nation's laws - with the exception of a penchant for illegal street racing and sleeping too many hookers despite he is has a Baby Mama. He was born in New York but later raise in Atlanta GA. He is highly skilled with explosives, firearms, and is to be considered EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. He believes in using maximum force to solve problems. It can be easily seen in his choice of large, powerful SUV's or the cars he drives.


DaVillain is approximately 6'6 (~2 Meters) and weights 210 pounds - making him a formidable adversary. He has been trained in hand-to-hand combat and riflery by Valley Forge Military Academy and currently benchpresses 400 pounds at his local gymnasium.


As a small boy, DaVillain was interested in science and military/aviation. When he realized his dreams of becoming a nuclear physicist/ atomic weapons specialist and a NAVY pilot (after seeing Top Gun) were highly unlikely, he decided to work in the field of financial services but later, drops out for a good reason, reasons that we may never known. He has many hobbies including amateur shooting, illegal street racing and picking up woman with really big Tits. He also loves Anime/Hentai when the chicks have enormous Tits.


DaVillain is cool with the big 3 but he sees MS as a not so good gaming Co. but he may buy Xbox One when Halo 5 is or so he says, for now he owns: PC, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii U that are hook up in his gaming Basement Cave.

What's DaVillain gaming sites he goes to?

DaVillain started on game revolution [] back in 2003 and has been there since until he come to Gamespot in 2011 and from there, he finally sign up and is now a member of GS. He finds GS to be the best game site he has been, great Community, great GS staff, good reviewing games and more. He also enjoys going to the forums then he do news articles. DaVillain barley goes to game revolution now as it is or so he says.

Where does DaVillain lives?

He is staying in Atlanta GA somewhere in Covington GA.

Why Sunset Overdrive Can Go Suck A Lemon.

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Yesterday, while cleaning up my media center, I found my copy of Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus, which I bought sometime before Christmas last year. I had been pretty excited about this game pre-release, what with it being the first "traditional", albeit shorter than usual, Ratchet & Clank game since A Crack In Time, but since I had just gotten a PS4 on launch and then left during the holidays, I pretty much forgot it even existed. But when I found it yesterday, the excitement came right back. Finally, a real Ratchet & Clank game to wash the awful taste of All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault out of my mouth. God those games were garbage.

I'm sorry to say, while Into The Nexus is much better than either of those games, it's still a massive disappointment. It's enough of a disappoint to kill any interest I might have had for any project of Insomniac's, including the much-hyped Sunset Overdrive.

Let's start by taking a look at what Into The Nexus does to disappoint me this much. First of all, the new control scheme is horrible. Prior games in the series used a very clever auto-aim system, in which you concentrated more on precise acrobatics rather than accurate aiming, essentially having the player focused on dodging the often ridiculous number of projectiles flying towards them, while the weapons themselves were very easy to use, with either large areas of effect or homing projectiles. In Into The Nexus, you have to aim the guns yourself like any other third-person shooter, but the camera needs to stay zoomed out because you still also need to jump around like crazy to avoid projectiles, which, of course, throws off your aim since the reticule stays in the middle of the screen.

So you end up either missing a lot and running out of ammo or alternating between shooting and dodging, which makes most of the tougher fights take way longer than they should. Most importantly, fighting large or airborne enemies makes you unable to see the ground properly, and since the ground is where most attacks are telegraphed, you'll often get hit by attacks you couldn't possibly have dodged. This doesn't make the game particularly hard - I still finished it in five hours on normal - just frustrating.

To make matters even worse, the story is an absolute cop-out. I was promised a conclusion to the Future arc, if not the definite ending of the series. Instead, I got the latter half of a game that doesn't exist. Why is Ratchet suddenly in charge of a prison ship? Who the **** is Vendra? What did she do? How did she get caught? If she's so dangerous, why are Ratchet, Clank, Cronk, Zephyr and the plumber the only personnel aboard the ship? And perhaps more importantly, when did the mother****ing Great Clock explode? After the intro, I expected a flashback to explain all of that, but nope. That's all you get. And the nature of the villains is explained about as much as ****ing Necron from Final Fantasy IX. Oh, and the lombaxes? Ratchet apparently just doesn't give a **** anymore. Apparently, neither does Insomniac.

But the worst thing is the laziness. You'd think that, making a five-hour game, they'd at least make every part of it unique. NOPE. All bosses, except for one in the middle and the final one, is copy-pasted three or four times. You'll fight the exact same enemies on each of the five planets. The nether mini-games with Clank and the anti-grav sections, both genuinely interesting additions to the game, just vanish around mid-game and only come back during the final boss, like they forgot that those mechanics were in the game halfway through development.

Since childhood, I have always been a huge fan of Insomniac. I basically learned English playing Spyro 2 and 3, Ratchet & Clank is the first PS2 game I bought on launch day, and is my favorite franchise on the system. Resistance and Tools of Destruction were among the first games I bought along with my PS3. But they've been slipping for years now. All 4 One was a travesty, not because it was different but because it was a buggy, unplayable mess, Full Frontal Assault had the same control issues as Into The Nexus and was largely boring, and Fuse was just uninspired, boring garbage. Even as I hated these games, I made excuses for Insomniac. It's okay if All 4 One is ****, they've never made a co-op game like this. It's fine if Full Frontal Assault is bland. Tower defense is just not my cup of tea. Overstrike looked really nice. Evil EA must have made them change it to that Fuse trash.

But now, with Into The Nexus, they go back to what they do best. What they've done flawlessly since 2002. And they still **** it up. What conclusion can I draw from this, other than all the actually talented people have left Insomniac some time after A Crack in Time and Resistance 3?

Now, I've seen the Sunset Overdrive videos. They do look really cool. But in a five minute video, so did Overstrike and Fuse. So did Into The Nexus. I want to be excited about Sunset like so many people are. I want to say "I'll buy an Xbox One just for Sunset." I also want to be excited for the Ratchet & Clank reboot on PS4. But I can't. Not anymore. Because Insomniac is making them.

And thinking that makes me so sad.

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