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#1 Dauntless56
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The game progresses very slowly compared to other games like it. People get "zone locked" and often there is nothing to be done. That means instead of reaching certain levels and opening up new land, there's a glitch and you are unable to use that land. This really hampers you. If you buy in-game currency, it will take 4 - 8 months for the in-game ruby cutter to make it all available to you. The game is littered with clickable boxes that will make you spend rubies {super rare to get free rubies}, if you put a finger wrong.

The game is glitchy and I have a year old, very fast pc. It lags badly, the ship battles are horrendously glitchy.

I asked a mod about buying rubies to speed up the game play, they told me I should and never mentioned the 8 month wait to use the large bag of rubies.

It's a waste of time and money playing this game when there are other games, set up better, better detail in the animations and don't have the "bugs".