About darthcobain17

My attitude towards video games is pretty simple. It is more important for a game to be fun and play well than it is for it to have the greatest graphics in the world, play more like a movie than a game, or be released on the latest and greatest system, etc. In fact, as I get older I find the better games are actually on the older systems, the ones I grew up playing. Games today are overly complicated, you spend more time pissing around or watching cutscenes than you do actually playing, it’s just a much more hollow experience. The games I enjoy most are usually based around my main pop culture obsessions such as Star Wars, Transformers, G.I. Joe, TMNT, Harry Potter, etc., or my great love of hockey. I am very loyal to Nintendo, I have all of their systems except the newest Wii U, and I find that they take a lot of shit from complete dorks that think Xbox is the be all and end all of the gaming world, when all Xbox really is is a computer in disguise, with a crappy game library and a tendency to end up not working a day after the warranty expires. Nintendo is the main player behind the video game revolution, and I was a kid licking my chops when it all started to happen. I also do enjoy PlayStation a lot though, too. Video games forever!!

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